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Carol Minarcik

Carol Minarcik (1)Working with sylviane Nuccio for almost a year and giving her many detailed articles to write has proven to me she is an awesome writer and well worth hiring her.

Her articles have produced allot of NEW traffic for my site.

Sylviane is very easy to work with and has shown professionalism and detailed efforts in every article she has ever written for me.

I would 100% recommend her for any article writing project you have.


Donna Merrill

Donna Merrill (1)

Sylviane Nuccio and I had started being blogging buddies. Over the past two years, I have gotten to know her though our Google Hangouts and Masterminds.

I follow her blog religiously because I’m a blogger, not a writer! Her blog posts have helped me so much with my writing skills. Plus, if I’m ever in a jam, I know I can call on Sylviane for advice.

When someone asks me “Do you know a really good writer?” I always say Sylvianne Nuccio! She is a true professional and quite a perfectionist when it comes to every detail. Sylviane knows the importance of getting a clear message across, with proper grammar, punctuation, and of course she is a stickler for proof reading.

I think what makes her an extra special writer is that she knows about self development. She can talk to a person and quickly understand what her client wants. Sylviane has that special gift!


Adrienne Smith

adrienne_smith (1)

Sylviane and I met through blogging a few years ago.  Because I enjoy building relationships it was easy for Sylviane and I to become fast friends.

I have a strict guest posting policy over at AdrienneSmith.net where it’s by invitation only.  I prefer asking my loyal readers to share their expertise with mine and it’s another way of introducing them to some new faces as well.  I approached Sylviane with an invitation and she graciously accepted.  Because she is an excellent writer I asked her if she would share a topic I am passionate about and it was very well received.

Since that time I have gone to her for advice and help with some wording for my opt-in boxes because that’s definitely not my strong point.

I have referred Sylviane’s writing skills to other blogging friends of mine because I trust her as a person and admire the work she does.  I am in the process as well of creating my own product and have already told Sylviane that I’m hiring her to write my sales copy.

Let the pros do what they do best right!  I’ll concentrate on the product itself.

Sylviane is a wonderful person who loves to help others.  I admire her as a person and the many hats she wears both online and offline.  I would highly recommend Sylviane for any writing assignments you may have.  You will always receive quality work.

Thanks for not only being my friend Sylviane but someone I can turn to when I need a word of advice and a critiquing of my work

Carol Lynn Rivera

carol-lynn-rivera (2)

I’ve been a regular reader of several of Sylviane’s blogs for more than a year now and I’m always impressed by what she has to say. She is a prolific writer and manages multiple blogs with ease.

I’ve enjoyed reading her writing blog, her personal development blog and her France travel and food blog – widely diverse topics but in Sylviane’s hands they all come to life in unique and exceptional ways.

I read hundreds of blogs and often complain about rehashed topics, shallow writing and poor delivery (lots of typos and bad grammar) but Sylviane is one of those rare people who offers something informative, entertaining and well-written every time. Whether she’s writing about the law of attraction or homemade rice and vegetables, she does it in a way that is engaging and focused on her audience.

Sylviane writes with authority, and proves that she knows what she’s talking about and has put in the time and research to make her topic the best it can be. If there’s one thing that distinguishes “people who write” from “writers”, it’s that writers know how to research, distill and present information to their audience in a way that’s both clear and interesting. Sylviane knows how to do this, no matter what she’s writing about, because she is not only a writer who understands writing but she understands her readers and knows how to make the connection.

I enjoy what Sylviane has to say, I like her style and after reading her blogs I always walk away with a new idea, a bit of inspiration or something actionable. She gives her readers a rare gift and I hope every one of them recognizes the amount of time and care she puts into every word!


DeeAnn Rice (1)DeeAnn Rice

I had worked on this sales page for months without getting anywhere. Then I met Sylviane Nuccio through Adrienne Smith.

Sylviane is a very busy lady. She has 3 blogs. She posts on each blog once a week, responds to all comments made on all of her blogs, comments on many other people’s blogs, is a freelance writer and works a full time job.

You can find Sylviane’s blog at  Sylviane Nuccio. If you have not been to Sylviane’s blog you should take a look. She always has really good and helpful posts.

When I found out Sylviane wrote sales pages for a living my first thought was to email her and ask if she could look at mine. I had been willing to pay someone to fix my sales page for a long time but that was part of the frustration. How did I find someone to pay? I did not know anyone who wrote sales pages except the couple of people who had already looked at it.

To my surprise before I even wrote my email to Sylviane, I received an email from her offering to help me with my sales page and asking me to send it to her. Adrienne had told Sylviane about my frustrations and Sylviane did not even wait for me to ask for help. All I could think is how great to have such good blogging friends who care about others so much.

Sylviane made my day and I actually smiled instead of pulling my hair out when she emailed me back after receiving my sales page. In her first reply back to me she said that from her first glance my sales page looked pretty good. How nice that was to hear. I knew there was going to be a lot wrong with my sales page and I would have plenty of work ahead of me to fix everything but Sylviane was so positive it really helped.

That was the beginning of a great relationship with Sylviane. I did have a lot of errors on my sales page and my wording left a lot to be desired. I had not created a sense of urgency or used emotional words and had numerous typos, punctuation and sentence structure mistakes. Definitely not a perfect sales page by any means. I had already been told that by others but Sylviane was the only one to tell me just what was wrong and how to fix it.

Sylviane went through my sales page multiple times. Each time she would send it to me so I could correct all of the mistakes. Then I would send it back and we would repeat the process. Finally all of the mistakes were fixed and my sales page had a sense of urgency as well as emotional words.

Sylviane saved my sales page and enabled me to move on with the launch of my product. I can never thank her enough for what she did for me. She is very good at what she does and that is writing professionally. The difference between Sylviane and other people is Sylviane does everything with care, grace, kindness and helpfulness.

Without Sylviane I probably would never have finished my product as I was at a dead end in the road until she came into my life.

I also want to point out that English is a second language for Sylviane. Her native language is French but she knows English better than most of us who speak English as our primary language. She knows grammar and how to effectively say something so it will make an impression on the person doing the reading.

I want to take this moment to thank Sylviane Nuccio for helping me with my sales page.

I also want to recommend Sylviane to anyone who needs help writing most anything.


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  1. Great testimonials Sylviane and I do hope that if anyone is in need for a copywriter that you’ll be the first person they come to. I think it would be a win/win for everyone involved.

    Thank you for including my testimonial and I hope that this helps with future projects. If anyone asks me who I recommend, I have it here in writing. 😉

    Adrienne invites you to read..How To Make A Good First ImpressionMy Profile

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