Benefits of Becoming A TEFL Teacher


Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certification enables individuals to become English teachers within a standard period of training. With opportunities open in virtually every continent of the world, the demand for these English teachers is bigger than ever. If you would be interested in becoming a TEFL teacher, keep on reading.

Putting this in perspective, as of 2018, there are an estimated 1.5 billion English learners in the world, with a likelihood of hitting 2 billion by this year, 2020. This staggering data goes to prove how many opportunities are open to English teachers worldwide.

If you’re still doubtful of becoming a TEFL teacher, in this article, we explore the benefits of becoming one.

1-Ease of Practice

One of the limitations to practicing in many professions is the long path to qualification. With TEFL, tutors enjoy unique ease of practice. The first takeoff is that a bachelor’s degree is not needed in order to TEFL.

There are several options to explore in order to qualify for TEFL, which include online certifications and in-person training from a TEFL certified tutor. However, getting a TEFL certification online is the favored option among many people who are looking to get TEFL certified due to its self-paced structure.

2-Competitive Salaries and Flexible Work Hours

Have you ever wanted to dictate your own working hours without a stifling management breathing down your neck? You can accomplish that by becoming an English teacher.

Many individuals have been discouraged from taking up training for TEFL tutorship due to a lack of information. Globally, TEFL tutors can earn decent salaries with only 20 hours of work. This means that tutors can conveniently make some good money via English tutoring jobs.

Also, tutors are not under compulsion to have only one job. This inadvertently increases your earning potential.

3- Intriguing Job Locations and Convenient Remote Jobs

Teaching TEFL is a fabulous way to experience life in different geographical locations. It’s an established fact that English dominates the corporate world, and this makes it of high demand in various countries around the world. This ensures the promise of great work experience in various locations around the world where there are openings.

Also, there’s a new variation with TEFL tutoring that allows tutors to work remotely. This variation of TEFL offers tutors the opportunity to provide their services by leveraging the internet. This means that if you’re not so much of a fan of traveling to different locations, you can work in the comfort of your home or office at your current location.

4- More Class Diversity

This is one thing most teachers in other types of teaching jobs never get to experience. Most times, they’re usually tasked with teaching classes filled with similar demographics: same faces, backgrounds, cultures, etc. With TEFL, you have an extra edge, that is, the opportunity to interact and teach students from different countries of the world.

For instance, you might find yourself in a class filled with top-level executives from notable brands. The next day or session, you’re teaching a bunch of teenagers or first graders. This promises enough excitement on the job to look forward to. This proves to make a tutor more versatile over time.

5- International Certification

This is one great part of being a TEFL tutor that can’t be overlooked. Being a TEFL tutor requires training and confers you an internationally recognized certification. For example, English teachers with ESL certificates are a force to be reckoned with.

As an internationally certified TEFL teacher, you have an advantage over peers who don’t possess the same qualification. It gives a boost to your CV and opens you to even more opportunities. It also enhances your stand in the world of academics and opens doors to future opportunities.

6- High Level of Autonomy

Becoming a TEFL teacher gives you the advantage of choosing more than just your work schedule. You also have the autonomy to create a curriculum that’s well-suited to your teaching style and demands.

Although some organizations require you to follow specific reading materials, you have full autonomy to create your desired teaching style. With this teaching niche, you can explore and adopt new methods of teaching without any hassle. Mind you, this is only applicable as long as you meet the students’ or academy’s goals.


Becoming a TEFL teacher comes with a lot of benefits. With a rapidly expanding market for this industry, it’s fast becoming a great career option for many.

In order to become a certified TEFL tutor, you must be ready to put in the work. A standard training period for the TEFL online is said to take about 120 training hours or more.