Six Business Tools to Benefit Employers

business software

business software

With emerging technologies being created all the time to benefit businesses large and small, it’s difficult to keep up with the best value products.

Software solutions can streamline your workload and make a huge difference regarding efficiency and saving money in your day-to-day tasks. It makes investing in them well worth it should they suit your company.

This article will guide you through four such business tools; each one should bring some additional value to your company. Armed with these insights, you’ll be able to make the alterations and additions to your business that are sure to improve your operations.



Most business analysts believe that just as quickly as the email server replaced the fax machine, that soon the email server will be replaced by the more reliable instant messaging competitors in the market right now.

Not only are they more reliable, more secure, better designed and more user-friendly, but the instant messaging software for businesses is also remarkably cheap, given the fact that many instant messaging apps (WhatsApp, for example) are free to use.

Look into some of the best communicative platforms and save on efficiency by installing instant chat over email.


Adobe Suite

If your business has over a dozen employees, it’s generally recommended in this hyperconnected and digitally literate day and age that you should bring in the Adobe Suite on at least one of your computers.

By doing so, you’ll be able to produce a good deal of your promotional and marketing material in-house, which saves many thousands of dollars a year on your outsourcing these requirements to design consultancies.

Bring in an employee trained in InDesign or Illustrator, even Photoshop for product pictures, and you’ll be well on your way to a sleek, modern and good-value business model.


Human Resources

Getting the right amount of pay to all of your employees can be a significant time-wasting exercise, and if you don’t get it right, it can cause a lot of unneeded aggravation and annoyance within the ranks of your staff.

Instead of using more traditional methods of generating pay packets, it’s probably time you should modernize your HR set-up by bringing in some HR payroll software that’ll analyze each and every one of your staff members, and the time they spent at work each week or month, in order to deliver efficient and correct pay-slips on demand.


Cloud Computing

Instead of what’s been the norm of the last 25 years – an internal computer system with its servers and storage system – companies are translating their systems en masse to the new, efficient cloud storage offered by modern computing giants such as Apple and Microsoft.

What the cloud-enabled is a wholesale shift in the way your computers use their limited memories. It means all your systems will run faster, and your saved documents will be accessible to all in your company whether they’re in the office or working remotely from home.


Freelance/Subcontracting Software – Upwork

With the growing trend of companies looking for a unique set of skills to manage their business operations, freelancing and subcontracting have become a dominant trend among most employers.

Upwork is a perfect tool for entrepreneurs allowing them to hire per-project contractors and gifted individuals to meet looming deadlines and achieve challenging milestones.

Upwork includes the largest repository of Freelancers and professional contractors that you can search to find the best individuals as per your need. Additionally, you can create your own business profile, use it for business development and link up with potential partners & clients as well. It includes a comprehensive dashboard with a tracking tool to monitor your project’s performance and analyze your contracted work.


Management Software – OmniFocus

With an enterprise running at full peak, managing the daily operations and maintaining a healthy work/life balance can be challenging. Omnifocus is a brilliant application, which uses a three-pronged strategy focused on collecting, organizing and syncing.

The tool works by gathering all of your business data and to-do tasks including anything in the pipeline. Once you assimilate the information, the application organizes it into a more manageable, proactive structure that you can follow.

This enables you to stick to a meaningful schedule and meet your strategic goals and vital milestones in time. It also maintains a backup of your information and stores it in its cloud server for later retrieval. This you can access at any time from any location for a timely call to action.

These six business tools should help big or small companies on their way to optimize their output.

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