Product Comparison: 4 Important Tools Your Business Needs

product comparison

Your small enterprise is just starting to take flight and business is booming. How you’re a bit concerned about your ability to keep up with the continual growth of your company.

Don’t worry, that initial intimidation before the expansion is very common. All you need to do is implement a system to streamline the process of your workflow. Of course,  you can’t just snap your fingers to achieve optimal productivity overnight. It will take time to complete the procedural overhaul.

Below are some examples of tools that you need to run your new start up in the right direction, but you will need to do your due diligence product comparison to pick the right one for your needs.

1. Email Tools

Email marketing can always be beneficial for any business because it helps you build up a massive list of targeted contacts and potential leads who might eventually become paying customers, subscribers, or brand ambassadors. 

However, conducting any serious email marketing campaign without an email marketing tool of some sort would be unnecessarily difficult. Check out PieSync’s blog which discusses the differences between Mailchimp vs Sendgrid, as those are two of the most popular software used by many successful business owners to reach out to their customers and potential customers on a regular basis. 

As for PieSync, it a tool that helps you sync all of your business devices and apps. synchronizing your customer data across your devices, and eliminate tedious back-office tasks to name a few of the things that are available to you.

2. Insurance Providers

Of course, running any kind of business without the proper insurance is never a good idea, so choosing a business insurance provider is a service comparison that most entrepreneurs will eventually have to make. 

The fastest course of action in this regard is to use an insurance comparison platform. this will allow you to get numerous quotes from multiple providers at the same time and helping you make a wise choice more rapidly. 

Using a site to centralize your search for business insurance won’t just make the task easier, it will also help you gain access to discounts because many providers understand that they have to compete for your business on these platforms. 

3. Accounting Software

If you are handling your accounting with a spreadsheet or other document until now, you might what to upgrade as time goes on. Eventually, you’re going to need a more robust solution as you scale up. 

One of the most common product comparisons of accounting software is Xero vs Quickbooks. However, Intuit has done a good job of establishing its Quicken and Quickbooks line of products as an industry leader, so the choice is often cut and dry for many entrepreneurs.

4. Cloud Storage

Any business that deals with data of any kind should strive to keep those files protected by backing them up to a synced databased in the cloud. Thus, choosing a cloud storage provider becomes an essential product comparison to conduct, as each provider will offer a variety of plans with different storage space and pricing schemes. There are dozens of top cloud storage sites to choose from, but the most common two-way comparison would be Google Drive vs Dropbox

Don’t Forget Marketing

Finally, another product comparison that every small business should conduct would be the selection of a marketing service. Handling your own marketing is an option, but if you really want professional results youl need to be willing to invest in spreading brand awareness and generating leads. Fortunately, those are usually worthy investments because they will directly contribute towards attracting more clients and customers. 

Marketing your business is making your business known to your target market, and that is vital for a business that still needs to bring in brand new customers or clients before the mouth ear has done its job.


Emailing tools, accounting software, storage cloud, and marketing methods are four items that you need to compare among providers to make sure that you are getting the best product for your business at the best possible price.