What is the PMP Certification?

PMP certification

In this age, development is at a steady growth rate, all with the intention of making the world a better place. By checking around you are going to notice that there are many projects being undertaken. Be it road construction, dam sinking or even bringing up mega-skyscrapers.

For these projects to go on smoothly, there needs to be a leader on the forefront, one who is in charge of logistics and the workers’ welfare. This is the project manager.

The project manager has the key duties of planning, initiation and executing the project on top of being a supervisory figure. They ensures that the project goes on smoothly with minimal interference.

To get to this position, the project manager is going to need some qualifications so as to perform their duties professionally. 

What is the PMP Certification?

The project management professional certification (PMP) is an award that is presented by the project management institute. It has been widely acknowledged globally as the cream when it comes to certifications in the field of project management.

With this certification in your hands, you are certified among the best project managers having your skills endorsed by the project management institute. This guarantees you a higher cadre in this field which also comes with perks such as a handsome salary.

To get this certification, you need to have attend some classes for lectures and subsequently pass an exam.

The PMP Certification Exams

The project management professional certification exams are your gateway to getting this prestigious certification. The exams are considered to be extra hard and need you to be good in order to ace it.

To sit the exam you need to have cleared with your tutors by meeting the set requirements in fee payment as well as having satisfactorily attended all the classes. The exam is 4 hours long and consists of 200 questions.

To pass this exam, you need to have a score of at least 60.6%.

Training Providers

You can get the right project management professional training providers who will help you to ace your exam and get your certification. The training provider is just like the school that offers training on your path to earning this award. Among the key duties that the training providers offer are as follows.

  • Help In Covering The Project Management Professionals Handbook

The project management professionals’ handbook is like the syllabus of the project management professional. This handbook contains all the disciplines that you need to know before stepping into the project management field.

Covering this book on your own can prove to be such a hassle. Here is where the tutors from the training provision centers step in. They will help you cover the handbook and offer clarity to some hard to understand concepts.

  • Gives You The Basics Of The Exams

The training providers will also help you be better prepared for the exams. They’ll give you hints on what is tested and also how to conduct yourself in the exam center such as how to answer the questions.

  • Boost Your Eligibility To Sit The Exams

The training providers will help you with your eligibility to sit the PMP exams. Among the requirements is a high school diploma or a bachelor’s degree. In addition, you also need a 35 contact hour.

The training providers will help you meet the set target in the number of contact hours.

  • Get Sample Papers

Revising for this exam may prove to be hard. That’s why the training providers may come to your rescue with sample papers to HL you in your revision.

The sample paper gives you a glimpse of what is set and the overall structuring of the paper.

These are some of the duties that the training providers are going to offer you once you sign up with one.

What does the PMP Certification Cover

The project management professionals‘ certifications exam covers a lot of topics as they seek to test your proficiency in each of the disciplines of project management.

Among the areas that this training course will cover on your path to the certification, award are as follows.

  • Terminologies And Concepts

You are going to learn about the various terminologies and concepts in the project management field. This will help you get oriented into the field and get familiar with it.

  • Project Management Best Practice

You’ll also learn of the best practices in this field that you should assimilate into your team for proper service delivery.

  • Problem Solving

When dealing with a team, which is a common site in project management, problems are bound to arise occasionally. This makes problem-solving skills a must for good management of projects.

  • Communication

This is one of the key skills that you are going to attain while preparing to sit the exams. Communication is necessary so as to get your team on the move using the proper channels. With proper communication, you are guaranteed a smooth working environment with minimal hassles.

  • Budget And Financial Management

All projects need some sort of financial backing. This is why you have lessons in budgeting and financial management that will aid you in making sound financial decisions. This lesson also serves to give you some skills in financial discipline which is required for you to complete the project.

These are some of the areas that you will cover in the exam. Proficiency in these areas means that you are able to make sound decisions as a project leader that will ultimately see the project at hand completed without encountering any hassles.

Target Audience of the PMP Certification

The following are the group of people whom the PMP certification is targeted towards.

  • Team leaders.
  • Project coordinators.
  • Project sponsors.
  • Project analysts.
  • Project critics.
  • Project team members seeking a higher job cadre.

Benefits of the PMP Certification

The project management professional’s certification has various benefits which include the following.

  • Vast employment opportunities.
  • Handsome salaries accompanying the employment chances.
  • Possession of key skills in leadership that makes you able to make sound decisions.
  •  Gives you a better understanding of project management’s principles and key concepts.
  • With the certification, you are able to mentor and teach others that are in the same field as you.


With PMP certification, you become a member of the prestigious project management institute. As a member, you are considered an expert and it’s the stairway to success in the project management field.

There are many training providers that can help you get the right study material and also help you in the process of the certification exams. If you are a project manager, or in the field of project management, getting this certification is going to give you a bearing to your career success.

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  1. The biggest misconception about PMP is that it is all about theory. Those who have cleared the PMP examination can very well vouch that it’s all about practicality, it’s all about how a successful project manager will handle the situation you are handling right now. PMP teachings are purely based on successful practices being used across the world by the most successful project managers. As a PMP certified project manager the ability to handle the situations will be at par with the various successful project managers across the world. Two different PMP professionals in different parts of the world will handle a similar situation given to them in a similar fashion. This indicates that PMP is all about practicality and not theory. Thanks for writing for us. Keep it up

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