How To Find Happiness When The Economy Is Sinking

Many people are asking this question to themselves lately.  As the picture of the financial world goes into a depression, so do we.  This is why, now is the time, more than ever to learn that happiness comes from the inside, regardless of what is going on on the outside.

Would a large bank account make you happy if you were unhappy in the inside?  Probably not.  If you think long enough I am sure that you can find some examples of that.

As a matter of fact, truly happy people are happy for no outside reasons, they are happy from the inside, and they don’t find the need  to manipulate things around them to make them happy.

Unfortunately most people lack the ability to find happiness, therefore, their mind tend to register negativity rather then positivity.  Marci Shimoff, a writer about happiness says that in the course of a day if someone is given 10 compliments and one criticism, what that person will most likely retain at the end of the day is the criticism.

Happy people, on the contrary, tend to see things on the positive side.  Even something that may seem to be negative can been seen as a better and higher purpose.  Next time you face a challenge, take a moment to reflect of what better, higher purpose could the challenge you’re are facing have.

Something I was told a long time ago by my mentor and now are teaching myself is, avoid to listen to the news everyday.  Some people might argue that they need to know what is going on in the world.   Well, having a general idea of what is going on is plenty enough, you don’t need to go into the details.

Remember, you can’t change it, but you can change your subconscious mind for your own good and prosperity.  News broadcasts deliver mostly bad news, that is their job.  Your job is to be very cautious with how much of this poison for the mind you want to ingest.

Every negative thing that you hear or see has an effect on your mind and your subconscious mind.  The fact that you believe it or not to be the case doesn’t make any difference, because it just does.  In the same manner tht you can’t lose weight on bad, fat junk food, you can’t find happiness listening to the news.  Don’t nourish your brain with junk food.

Our next post will be talking about the steps you can take to replace the bad food from your mind to the good healthy one that will help you bring happiness to your inside and outside life.

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