8 Ways to Grow Your Business on Twitter

grow you business on Twitter

Social media is the biggest market digital marketing experts dive into to bring awareness to brands. Almost everyone is online. Therefore, this is the perfect place to pitch a product or grow your business. They are various social media platforms you can use to grow your business, but this article is going to concentrate of how you can grow your business on twitter.

Facebook may be the leading platform in social media with billions of monthly active users, followed by YouTube and WhatsApp, but Twitter is a huge one that shouldn’t be forgotten. But how can you grow your business on twitter if there are thousands of accounts you have to compete with? Is it still possible to make people notice you?

Growing a social media presence is not easy, but with patience, it’s possible. If you want to start using Twitter to promote your business, here are eight ways to help you with it.

1- Tweet Several Times a Day

The number of times you post in a day depends on the social media you use. Some require as little as once a day, while others need you to be aggressive when posting content.

Some social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram only requires about one to two posts in a day. More than that would make your account annoying. 

But if you do enjoy posting all the time, Twitter is the best platform to try, as it requires fresh updates. When using Twitter, you can tweet about ten times a day. Although some posts up to 15 but it’s safe to opt until ten.

You can post content like your products, link to a blog post, infographics, the latest news, or share somebody’s tweet.

Growing your business with Twitter offers you plenty of possibilities.

2- Use Hashtags

Hashtags are the key to getting the attention you need for your brand. It puts you in the spotlight and keeps you up with the trends. 

You can use hashtags related to your industry or popular event hashtags like #MondayMotivation or #TGIF.

Learning the art of using hashtags will bring your brand the exposure that you need. People can find you with hashtags. 

Adding one to two hashtags have a 21% higher engagement. If you want to get a lot of followers or you need people to discover you. But don’t go overboard by adding a lot of hashtags. Remember to keep it simple, one or two is enough.

3- Engage in the Community

If you want to catch people’s attention, you can’t just stand there watching others. You also have to be involved. If you want to bring more followers to your Twitter account, learn to engage with people. Practice retweeting, tagging, and replying to accounts.

Engaging with other accounts and your followers will make them see that you’re a person. You’re not a robot posting tweets only. You can retweet posts of your customers using your product to show them appreciation. You can create posts and tag companies you want to notice you.

Engaging in this pattern to grow your business with Twitter can increase the numbers of your followers.

4- User Visual Media

People are drawn to the use of social media because of its rich visual content. The more visual your content is, the more you can stop people from scrolling and get their attention.

You can include images with your text tweets, or you can experiment by posting infographics, videos, and memes.

Visual content has higher engagement than a text tweet.

5-  Monitor Your Account Performance

It’s not only about engaging and growing your followers that will help you in grow your business on Twitter. You need to see how your content is working out, and if it’s meeting your goal.

You can use Twitter Analytics to check out if your strategy is working. When it comes to social media analytics, the number of followers matters less as compared to the number of people who click on the link. You’ll know that your content is working when people engage with it.

6- Twitter Ads

If you want to gain followers quickly, venturing into paid ads can help build brand awareness. You can grow your followers in no time. You can pay to promote a specific tweet that will appear on people’s feed who are not following your account but are often engaging in a similar industry. 

7- Create Your Profile

Your profile tells your visitors about your brand and business, and where to go if they decide to purchase from you. Make sure that you have fully completed your profile with your profile picture, banner, website, and the description area.

You can use your logo for your profile pic and create an appealing banner.

Keeping your profile clean will say a lot about your brand. Make sure to add your brand’s style to your profile to give a personality your audiences can identify.

8- Use Pinned Tweet

Pinned tweet is the first tweet your visitors see when they take a peek on your profile. Therefore, make sure to pin a tweet that is interesting and will guarantee your potential followers that your content will add value to their lives.

You can pin your recent campaign or a blog post you have created that you aim to increase its traffic. Make sure to also regularly change your pinned tweet.

Other ways you can boost your business on Twitter:

  • Answer your DM from followers or customers
  • Make sure that you tweet at the best hours of the day. Look for hours that have high engagement.
  • Investigate what your competitors are doing. You can use tools to do some research about their techniques.
  • Monitor your brand. Find out what people are saying about your business. Respond to good reviews and solve problems.

Twitter is an excellent platform to grow your business and brand’s name. You can get followers and people to engage with your posts. You can couple your marketing strategy with the tips given above to soon see the result of your hard work.

Make sure to start your Twitter account now to help you grow your business.