Eploring Lyon, The Second City Of France

Lyon is the second city of France and one of the oldest one of the country, it sites on two main French rivers, le Rhône and la Saône and it is where both rivers finally meet before falling into the Mediterranean sea.

Lyon was founded by the Romans over 2,000 years ago and the city has a very long history with its own “holiday” on December 8. On that day, all the stores and residences of the city and it region are lighting candles and lights which they put on the window sills in remembrance of the day when Lyon was spared from the plague when the whole country was dying from the terrible disease.

Lyon has been the main gateway between the north and the south in ancient times and is called the “beginning of the south”.  The sun  there is often shinning when it’s rainy and cold in the north.

Today Lyon is one of the most vital commercial and cultural centers of the country as well as the undisputed capital of French gastronomy. Most French people associate Lyon with good food. For this reason Lyon is nicknamed the “capital of gastronomy”. The city is packed with restaurants from bouchons (bistros specific to Lyon) to some of the most opulent tables of the country. The famous French chef Paul Bocuse owns several restaurants in Lyon.

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