What is Diversity Management?

diversity management

diversity management

Everyone would like to work in a place where their diversity is accepted and welcomed.

With the increasingly diverse workforce today in the modern business world, diversity management is indispensable. By doing it right, organizations can achieve a significant edge over the ones that do it wrong and have a greater chance of growth. If you are a student, you must have studied various examples supporting this analysis.

In this article, we are going to discuss diversity management and its impact on the growth of organizations. It will help you understand the concept better. You’ll be better equipped to write an essay on this topic or you can get additional help at top custom essay writing services.

Diversity Management is not just the inclusion of a diverse workforce in the organization processes. It is the incorporation of the best ways to effectively manage a diverse workforce into the organization key strategies.

This would mean developing such a management system that creates an environment where all employees are able to effectively play their part. Putting efforts towards the growth of the business, focusing more on the similarities, celebrating the uniqueness of each individual and the fresh perspective they bring to the table are the keys to an effective diversity management.


Diversity Management is More than just Numbers of a Payroll

Diversity Management is no longer just about hiring a diverse set of individuals. For example, just because it hired a certain number of women to achieve gender equality, to be truly successful in diversity management an organization needs to incorporate it strategically into the business model.

For example, Walmart is famous for hiring a diverse workforce which is included in the company’s mission statement.

Have a diverse top-tier and middle-tier management. People at the lower level in the organization who belong to a diverse background will see it as a potential for growth for themselves.

This will not only promote inclusion with a top-down approach but also increase productivity. A business will be able to achieve goal congruence. Thus, the diverse workforce will be working towards achieving one common goal and focusing on personal and business growth.


Ways in Which Diversity Helps Business Succeed

  • Helps Beat the Competition. In the dynamic business world, it is hard to maintain a competitive edge. Having a diverse workforce, however, can help you achieve it and help you beat the competition. Organizations that practice diversity management at the workplace is known to be more successful than the ones that don’t. For example, hiring individuals who speak multiple languages and understand cross-culture business environment gives you an edge in the international market.


  • Increased Productivity. With businesses having a diverse workforce, employees tend to feel more motivated. They realize that the organization that they work for values their talent without focusing on their diversity. This creates a sense of loyalty in the individuals and motivates them to work harder. In this way, higher productivity at the workplace is achieved.


  • Brings a pool of talent. Hiring a diverse workforce means you pool together a diverse set of skills and talent. It provides a broader perspective on finding solutions to a problem at hand. Coming from different backgrounds individuals in a diverse workforce tend to have knowledge about a broader market and can help you achieve a bigger market share rather than just focusing on one segment.


Ways to Effectively Implement Diversity Management in Business

Now, let’s discuss ways in which the diversity is managed effectively to ensure that a business can truly benefit from it.

  • Keep a check and balance. It is a fact that whatever gets accounted for, gets done. You can introduce diversity management evaluation questionnaires to be filled out by employees to make sure that they are satisfied with the environment or whether they feel like people are biased towards them. Get the middle-tier management to prepare reports detailing the steps they have taken to apply diversity management effectively. Hold the individuals accountable which promotes a sense of responsibility in them.


  • Hold workshops and seminars. By holding workshops and seminars at the workplace that promote diversity, you teach the employees the cultural value of a diverse workforce and promote inclusion. Also taking part in an activity during a workshop improves team spirit and creates a sense of belonging among diverse employees. Even the top-tier managers should support such activities as it creates a sense of community within the organization where each individual’s diversity is celebrated and skills are values.


  • Hire a Diversity Management Officer. By hiring a Diversity Management Officer you give an authoritative voice to the diversity management strategies incorporated into the business plan. If you don’t have someone who oversees all the diversity management plan being carried out, it won’t work effectively on its own.

Having a diverse set of the workforce is not enough today. To make the most of every individual’s skill and talent you need to provide them with an environment that they can thrive in. Diversity Management will help you achieve that.


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