Want to be a Freelancer?

Maybe the word “free” in freelance is the first problem, causing a misleading air of flitting freedom, awesome independence, and surely a carefree lifestyle. 

Somehow, “freelance” seems to infer, “easy,” perhaps. But, if you work for yourself, you Read more

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Topic Clustering in Content Planning – Making the Most of It

Content. There are oceans of content coming in the form of text and visuals all over the web. Blog posts, articles, social media posts, forums… And each piece of content is a tiny ripple in those oceans – competing Read more

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5 Life-Saving Time Management Tips for Micro Businesses

As a micro-business owner employing 1- 3 people while scheduling clients’ appointments, time management is key to run your business smoothly and efficiently.

Efficient time management and scheduling can mean more productivity, less stress for you and your team, Read more

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