Take Your Business to a Whole New Level with this Pest Control Marketing Strategy Guide

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In 2018, the pest control industry surpassed $12.7 billion in revenue, making it a lucrative market for entrepreneurs to tap in. This is all thanks to warmer temperatures around the world and ever-growing population in urban areas. So the real question is, what is your pest control business doing in order to secure new clients in 2019? Are you following this business strategy guide?

Pest control is high in demand, especially if you operate in Newcastle. One look on search engine reveals hundreds of Newcastle termite inspection companies willing to help you get rid of the nuisance of having pesky little pests in your home.

Because every homeowner will require your services at least once in their lifetime, there is a huge surplus of pest control businesses. This also means more competition for you. When there is tight competition in a given industry, the only way to survive and secure new clients is to have a solid marketing strategy. If you have completely run out of pest control business marketing ideas, then don’t worry, you are not the only one.

The marketing of pest control businesses has significantly changed ever since social media and the World Wide Web became a popular space to promote oneself. To help you out with the new marketing dynamics of pest control businesses, we have listed down 3 great marketing ideas to boost your sales and secure more clients.

You Must Have Website

In order to survive in this competitive industry, your pest control business should have an amazing website. Majority of people looking for termite protection or cockroach exterminator in Newcastle use the internet to find an ideal company.

Your website should be easy to navigate and it should be very clear on the services you provide. You can also add various forms where people can ask for a quote from you. A subscription button should also be added on the website to make sure that a potential customer signs up on your mailing list before closing the window.

If you have already worked with clients in the past, make sure you have their testimonials posted on different pages of your website to show how well you have done in the past. A perfect example of this can be found on the Newcastle termite inspection website.

Create an Informative Blog

The modern consumer is driven by research. They will search for sources, research material, reviews, and a lot more information before working with a company. In fact, more than half of people coming to your website for your services will be coming after reading a blog post.

What if you provide a source of research on your own website? Have a very informative blog on your website ready to answer common problems people face with pests. Suggest them ways to counter pest infestation and give them reason enough to avail your services if nothing works.

Have a Powerful Social Media Presence

Although Facebook posts are not going to get you hundreds of clients every month, they will give you a good way to get engaged with various people. With good social media marketing, you can get in touch with potential customers through viral social media campaigns.

Post informative videos, written test, blog links, charts, information about insects, and be very open about your team on social media. If a customer knows who you are, they will likely hire you for their next pest control job. Social Media is all about creating and earning trust from people. This should be the goal of your pest control company.

Create a Flawless Email Marketing Strategy

The more you invest in email marketing, the more your business will grow. Email marketing is one of the most powerful and overlooked online marketing tools. With a flawless email marketing plan, you can attract new clients with offers, updates on your services, and generally keep them in a loop with what you are up to.

If potential clients keep receiving your emails, they are most likely going to remember you by name. Next time they are looking for Newcastle termite inspection services, your name will come naturally to them.

These powerful marketing strategies have been tried and tested by many top insect control companies around the world. As a modern pest control professional, you cannot hope to survive in this industry without implementing these key marketing elements and follow a good business strategy.

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