Blogging Evolution: Why Bloggers Need to Be Up to Date

blogging evolution

blogging evolution

Bloggers around the world all have one thing in common.

They think content is king.

There is no doubt that a successful blog needs to churn out original posts on a regular basis. Readers want an experience that blows their minds, and content hits the spot.

A visitor only has to laugh at a joke or agree with your point and they might be hooked.

However, people have bastardized the role of content in the past. Yes, it’s imperative to blogs and websites, but it isn’t the only important feature.

Any blogger that wants to increase their traffic and reduce bounce rate needs more than a few flowery articles.

You need to have a range of attributes that add value. Blogs that do this are the ones that stand out above the rest.

Blogs that do this are the ones that stand out above the rest.

So, instead of aiming for the king, aim for these desirable qualities too.

Here are a few items that you need to consider adding to your blog content if you need to sparkle more interest from your readers and potential clients or customers.



One of the reasons why content is taking a backseat is due to the advancement of technology.

In the past, all you had to do is write something and post it on your blog.

But times have changed and the internet world has evolved. Today in 2017 is a different game.

Now, a blogger can use post vines, self-made videos, and video links.

You should incorporate videos to take advantage of the change in the industry.

Readers, funnily enough, are sick and tired of reading. Instead, they want to sit and watch videos that make them laugh or think or require a reaction. People are too busy to dedicate time to reading blog posts. Instead, the audience wants spoon feeding to save time and energy. 

As YouTube get millions of hits a week, it’s worth considering. Whether you’re taking that train or not, keep in mine that is leaving and it’s rolling fast, so catch it while you can.


Social Media

Web browsers like to visit websites for the purpose of interacting with social media users.

Does that sound silly?

Regardless, it’s a fact.

Apps like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have blossomed so much that they dominate every part of the web.

The result is that the traditional interaction between sites and audiences has morphed into something new. Readers still want to be able to consume content, that’s irrefutable. However, they must be able to Tweet about it or link the content afterward.

Your blog must be social media friendly and link to the main social media platforms.



blogging evolution for success

Let’s get one thing straight – looks matter.

Whether you want to believe that or not is arbitrary.

Even if you don’t prescribe to this school of thought, the blogging world still turns. But, it will spin out of your reach if you don’t take care of your appearance. As an example, if you want to be professional, make sure your site looks professional.

Good web design services don’t have to be expensive, but it’s necessary for your professional appearance and for your potential customers or clients to take you seriously.

Also, keep in mind that your unique design will help your blog to stand out from the crowd.



If anything can claim to be the kingmaker, it is search engine optimization.

SEO is the technique of optimizing keywords and phrases for the sake of search engine rankings.

To be frank, a blog has to use popular terms to get on the first page of Google.

Without SEO it will be hard for people to find you even if you have what they’re looking for.

The sad truth is that not everyone has the same brainpower or money to compete. So, you need to find alternatives that level you up on the playing field. SEO is the ultimate leveler as it relates to everything calls the internet home. Take content as an example. A post might be incredibly powerful and succinct, but it won’t get any traction on its own.

Your content may be incredibly good, but it won’t get any traction of its own, it needs to include the right keywords at the right place and in the right amount.


Call To Action

I’m sure you’ve heard the term call to action before, but does it mean anything to you?

What is a call to action?

A call to action is when you are telling your blog visitor what you want them to do once they landed on your blog or once they finished reading your post.

As a matter of fact, calls to action should appear in several different places on your blog so each one of them can appeal to someone.

You might be shy to have a call to action that says ‘buy now’or ‘click here, but the truth of the matter is that they work. People might not be conscious of the fact, but stats show that they do respond well to calls to action.


Unique Selling Point

Entrepreneurs refer to this as a USP.

Every successful individual, corporation or website has a unique selling point.

The USP is what draws people to them in the first place, and it’s more important than ever.

Today, there is a lot of rehashing of ideas and concepts. From Hollywood to the World Wide Web, it’s happening on a constant basis, and it’s annoying audiences as they want to experience creativity.

What they don’t want is to see the same thing over and over.

Any blog that is unique already has the edge over the competition. Sure, the content might bear the brunt of the responsibility, but the theme has to run throughout the entire blog. Otherwise, one feature will be different and the rest will tow the industry line.  



The problem with a generic concept is that it is narrow-minded.

If you are stubbornly stuck in your static concept, it will prevent you to grow your business.

Your online business needs to evolve as the internet industry evolves.

For example, written content was the main and most popular information vehicle two to three years ago. In 2017, however, it’s video content and analytic software. A blog has to aim to evolve with the times, or it will die.

You don’t need to toss your blog though. Far from it, but you need to adapt to what works today, be flexible, and willing to try new things.

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