How to Staff for Your Blogging Business

blogging business

Blogging is a term that didn’t exist 20 years ago. As a matter of fact, the first bogging platform that allowed people to create “a blog” launched in August 1999. However, it was still going to be a few years for blogging business to take off and become what it is today.

But here we are 20 years later and the blogging business encompasses a whole new career that is having a huge impact on industries of all types.

Blogging is now a vital tool for businesses looking to expand their digital presence, playing a key part in the digital marketing campaigns and efforts. With that said, blogging isn’t everyone’s strong suit, which has prompted the rise of professional bloggers who can sweep and save the day if you will.

If you’ve been eyeing a career in blogging, and possibly dabbling in it for a few years, slowly building a name for yourself, then the time may be right to start your own contracting blogging business with a small staff of bloggers. But how do you find bloggers that are going to fill the gaps and really add to the company you are trying to build? These tips can help.

Look for Bloggers Who Are Established

Because you will be operating a small blogging business, at least at first, each and every employee is going to need to pull their weight and really add to the company. So, this isn’t likely the best time to give newbies a shot at writing. Instead look for bloggers who have experience and skills, who are already established with a robust portfolio.

Look at their writing records. Do they have an attractive, even entertaining, yet professional writing style? Do they write in such a way that’s easy to understand? Do they have proof that people appreciate their work? Those are good questions to ask yourself before you hire someone to join your team.

Are They Reliable?

It’s also important to look for bloggers who are reliable with their content. You want to know that they are going to produce high-quality unique content on a constant basis while adhering to deadlines. If you start making a habit of turning copy in late to your clients, you’re going to build a negative reputation for your company that will be very hard to overcome.

Providing high-quality content within the deadlines is the top job requirement that you should have in your list of qualifications for the job.

They Are Easy to Contact

If your bloggers work from home, it means that you won’t have control over the amount of time and discipline that they will put into the work.  Working in a remote environment has its benefits and challenges for both the employee and the employer, so you need to take those into consideration and be able to figure out what type of working schedule your future blogger has on a daily basis. For example, how many times a day do they check their emails? You need bloggers who are easy to contact and respond to you in a timely manner.

Pricing Matters

Then there is the issue of pricing – you are going to need to pay these bloggers for their work, so you need to know their rates are reasonable. Yet again, you need to remember that in the writing field price often goes with quality.

As you will discover if you’re not aware of this yet, the quality and price of bloggers vary on a large scale. The quality bloggers that you are looking for, as well as your budget, will determine what type of blogger you want to hire.

It May be Time to Create an HR Department

Keep in mind that as you expand and hire bloggers, there may come a time where you will require an HR department to do the job. Even if that means just one person that will act as your “department”, they can help with employee training, conflict resolution, and so forth. This is when an HR staffing agency can prove to be very useful so that you can skip the recruiting process altogether.

Take for example Interim HR Consulting, an HR recruiter that can provide you with qualified and experienced HR staff candidates. Choose from temporary or temporary to permanent staffing that meets your company’s specific HR needs. Even for a small blogging company such as yours, a dedicated HR representative can prove to be invaluable.

Hiring freelancers for your blogging business can be a challenge, but by following these simple tips that make sense can turn your hirings into successful stories.