How Taking a Temp Job Now Could Benefit You in the Future

benefits of temp jobs

benefits of temp jobs

These days many people prefer undertaking temporary jobs as opposed to permanent positions while they continue to gain experience and earn an income.

Businesses are also accommodating for this by providing more and more temp positions in the pursuit of being cautious while growing. This has resulted in temp jobs becoming rather popular, even overtaking permanent ones in certain sectors.

While there are some risks to consider, such as a lack of security and fewer benefits, the advantages and long-term gains obtained from taking a temp job usually outweigh these issues. It’s a balancing act and eventually, you’ll want to obtain a full-time position at your desired company, but in the short term, these positions are a great way to move forward.

That said, here are a couple of ways taking a temp job now can benefit you in the future.


It’s Gives you Work for the Time Being

If you had to accept a temp job because you couldn’t find any suitable permanent position at the moment, you took the right decision. It’s always better to accept a temporary position than not working at all.

The longer you’re unemployed, the less you will be able to fill the gap in your resume (CV).  And as you know, employers are more reluctant to hire someone who has been away from the workforce for a while, than someone who had to accept temporary and at times underpaid positions in order to stay active.


You Can Meet New People

While there are clear short-term benefits such as making new friends and getting helpful advice, there are also long-term benefits to meeting new people while working at your temporary job. Whether it be co-workers, managers or clients, these people could end up helping you in the future.

You’ll also have more references to put onto your CV, which is always a good thing. Be sure to socialize as much as you can while working at your temp job as every person you meet can become an opportunity further down the line.


More Travel Opportunities

These temporary positions could become rewarding if you excel and impress the right people. Certain companies may notice your efforts and offer higher paying positions in other parts of the country or even better, the world. This is the case in almost every industry, and modern sectors such as tech and programming often come with great travel opportunities.

Whether it be one of the countless temp job opportunities in London, or anywhere else in the world, there’s something for everyone. You can experience a new culture and obtain even more references for your resume (CV), as well as potentially opening up an opportunity to work permanently in your new location.


Superior Flexibility

Unlike permanent jobs which usually have set guidelines, times, salaries and promotion opportunities, temp jobs tend to be a lot more flexible and open to change. Being able to mold your job around your changing lifestyle and work at times that are better suited to you is a dream for many and shouldn’t be taken for granted.

You’re usually allowed to take breaks more often and at times that suit you. Many freelancers who have permanently broken free from the constraints of corporate work owe their decision to the freedom they felt when working at a temp job.


A Learning Experience

Your time as a temporary worker is best spent within industries that you haven’t worked in before. This is one of the most coveted advantages of working a temp job. By joining a company in an industry that you’re competent in, but not completely familiar with allows you to learn new skills and add even more to your work experience.

You could discover a new line of work that you enjoy more than the work you planned to do. This can further enrich your resume (CV) as employers can really appreciate someone who is willing to step out of their comfort zone.


Whether you’re looking for some work to keep you going, want to lengthen your resume (CV) or simply want to try something new, temp jobs are a great way to go. There’s very little that can compare to the benefits temping adds to your work life and you never know where it might lead.


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