Are You Still Trapped In The Belief That Poverty Is Virtuous?

We are at the threshold of a new year.  Many of us are making new resolutions at the beginning of a new year.   What is your new resolution for this new coming year?  Becoming more successful in business? Making more money? Create a better life for yourself?

This is all well and good, but have you checked what negative beliefs might still be trapped inside of you that would prevent you to attain such success?

Maybe you feel that you have no negative belief that would prevent you from being successful and wealthy, because you’ve learned about the subconscious mind, the law of attraction and even about beliefs themselves.  However, if you are like most people on the planet you have had beliefs and maybe still believe that poverty is virtuous while wealth is wicked.

Why do Most People Believe that Poverty is Virtuous?

Have you ever asked yourself why do most people believe that poverty is virtuous?  A worldwide spread reason is religion which has done a very good job at persuading people that it’s impossible to be rich and virtuous at the same time.

We are told, brainwashed everyday that spirituality doesn’t go well with money, but if you are poor, on the other hand, you have plenty of room for spiritual stuff and what is more, God might love you more for it, because you will have less thoughts about money and more thought about God.

If you are a religious person or if you have been attending any church in the past or present, you know that what I am saying is true.  I’ve heard that myself on a weekly basis for over 10 years when I was attending my church.  I heard it so much, I started to truly believing it; it became one of my beliefs.

Once a belief is strong enough it goes a step further, it becomes your subconscious belief.  When it reaches there it starts affecting your life.

When your subconscious belief is that poverty is virtuous and wealth is wicked, you will have a very hard time to ever becoming rich or even financially comfortable.  Your subconscious belief will make sure that you stay broke.  I can assure you of that!

Why are we Taught that Poverty is Virtuous?

There is no limit to how many lies we are told in our society.  Poverty being virtuous is is actually only one of them, but for the sake of this article, let’s focus on this.

1)      We are told that poverty is virtuous, firstly because we come from a misunderstanding of money, thinking that money is the evil thing that we just need to be able survive.  The less we have to deal with the evil thing, the better we will be.

2)      We are told that poverty is virtuous because it is easier to control poor people, than it is to control rich people.  A lot of the governments and religions of this world are about control.  Therefore, teaching the masses that poverty is virtuous has a lot to do with control.

Wherever you may travel in the world and whatever society you might study you will find that these are the two main reasons why we as “people”, “society” are taught that poverty is virtuous.

How Can you Find the Truth Within Yourself and Release the Lies Away?

As I mentioned above, I was myself a huge victim of such lie, I believed it and I even preached it to others.  I had totally been convinced that poverty was virtuous.  So, how did I get to change my mind and see things completely differently?

As humans, we have vibrations within us that are constantly trying to connect with our inner being. Those vibrations are “energy”.  It’s what some people call that little voice inside that is trying to tell us something.

Those vibrations are telling us when we are not in alignment with the laws of the universe.  They are telling us when we are going against the grain of the natural laws of the universe, so to speak.  The way it translates is that you start feeling unhappy, sad, and even depressed.  This is your vibrations/energy trying to tell you something.

When you are literally brainwashed into believing that being poor is good and “normal”, but your vibrations, your higher-self, is telling your different, it creates a “conflict”.  This vibration conflict with the lie you are told creates unhappiness, sadness and depression.

At this point we are miserable, but we don’t know why.  Unfortunately, most people who are at that point don’t have the right people around to help them to understand what’s wrong.  Most likely at that moment, people around you will have the exact same false beliefs you have.  This is why it’s usually the time you are told to take some prescription medicine.  I should know, I have been there and done that!

When do you Know that you are Ready for a Change of Belief?

You know that you are ready for a change of beliefs when that voice starts becoming so strong that you start asking yourself some questions.

We have a marvelous brain, and no matter how much we may be brain-washed with a false belief, we can also “react” to such lie and ask ourselves some fundamental questions.  Is this so?  Where does it come from? What is the basis of such belief?  If  it’s true, why am I feeling this way? Is what I see around me proving this belief true or false?

I can assure you that if you would start asking questions like these about each of the deep, dark, false belief you may have, would start receiving the answers to help you get rid of them.

Because I listened to that voice inside which was becoming louder and louder, I started asking myself those questions and more.  Then, I started answering them. The answers were clear and lifted me up from all my sadness and depression in a very short time.  It truly was a turning point for me.

I had released the negative energy that my false and negative beliefs about money were creating.  As I started to change my beliefs, I created a positive energy which left no room for negative feelings such as sadness, unhappiness or depression.

Put your Beliefs about Money to the Test

As this New Year begins, test your beliefs about money. Do not just believe them blindly.  Search for any beliefs that would be in opposition with your new goals of success.  Is there still beliefs in you that poverty is virtuous?

Many of such beliefs will be found deep down in your subconscious mind, but once you get there, you can also remove and replace them with positive, healthy beliefs.


What are you thoughts on the subject?  Please, express yourself below in the comment section!

14 thoughts on “Are You Still Trapped In The Belief That Poverty Is Virtuous?”

  1. What another great article, Sylviane. I have to admit that I know a lot of people who still believe that poverty is virtuous and I am sure that I might still do myself to some extent, but getting better and better by getting educated with self-development blogs like yours.

    Thanks again Sylviane 🙂

    1. Thank you Anthony for your nice comment as always. There is no shame in admitting that you still might have some residue beliefs that poverty is virtuous, we all do to some extent, we are just doing our best to get a belief that is thousands of years old out of our subconscious mind, it’s a process.

  2. Hi Sylviane,

    I think most of it stems from religious doctrine. They believe it because somewhere in the bible it says money is the root of all evil, or something similar. It also helps to make the poor be more wiling to accept that they are poor and not desire more money when they believe money is evil.

    Materialism is shunned by most spiritual and religious leaders; however, I don’t believe there is anything wrong with having material possessions as long as one understands that their acquired wealth/abundance isn’t what decides the identity of that person.
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    1. Hello Todd, nice meeting you here 🙂

      It is true that the Bible says that money is the root of all evil, but again that was a phrase coined by “someone” a “human being”, that is. While it can be true it’s not the “money” itself that is evil. Money is not anything. It’s the person in possession of it that might get carried away because of some deep issues.

      In such case, money just helped revealing the beast under the sheep like mask sooner rather than later.

      For those who want to to good or want to do bad, money certainly makes it easier, because it gives more power.

      I agree with you, money should never define who you are. Money is not a master, money is a servant.

    1. Fred, you exactly rounded up what I am talking about here. The outside usually matches the inside. If we are in alignment with the laws of the Universe we will match its abundant nature. Abundance includes money! Thanks for emphasizing this 🙂

  3. Oh Sylviane, I already have a similar topic I’ll be writing about in one of my posts on this as well.

    I guess it’s been like the last several months I had some major aha moments. I’m not sure if you really call them that or not but I just got really mad. Mad at myself for having these limiting beliefs because like you mentioned, this stuff is ingrained in us as children.

    Since I grew up with parents who lived through the depression, you can only imagine how budget conscious my Mom was and actually still is. Although I never really heard these things in church, it was instilled in me as a child that money doesn’t grow on trees and that I’ll never have anything in life unless I go to college. So since I didn’t go to college, you can imagine the thoughts that remained in my brain.

    I finally woke up one day and had a very serious talk with myself. Why can’t I have success? What really is holding me back? It was my thoughts because I remember what my Mom told me throughout my entire life. I had to work on getting rid of those thoughts once and for all. Oh how freeing it’s been too.

    I know this post will help others who have gone through similar things. We can do and have anything we want and nothing we’ve had ingrained in our brains since childhood can strop that. We just have to change those thoughts, that’s all.

    Thank you for this post Sylviane, I really enjoyed it. I hope you have a fabulous day now!

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    1. Hi Adrienne,

      I think we have some kind of telepathy going on between the two of us:) I write about a theme you are going to write about, and today I just read your blog post who is a bit similar to my blog post on my affiliate blog to be posted this evening!

      As much as we love our moms, it’s true that we have to delete a lot of the things they were saying and believing as we grew up.

      I feel fortunate, however, because I lived in a time where learning different was easier for me than it was for my mother being born 32 years before me.

      About the subject of money and abundance she actually learned more in the past 6-7 years than she ever did in her whole life. But, I don’t blame her, there was no such easy way to become knowledgeable about the law of attraction and the subconscious mind before the internet and it wasn’t as popular either.

      Thanks so much for passing by and for your comment, Adrienne, as always

  4. Hi Sylviane,

    Super insight into an interesting topic.

    I grew up Catholic. The nuns and priests drilled the virtues of poverty into us. Rich people were generally demonized. I had stuff to ID and release when it came to money for quite a while.

    The small still voice becomes louder as you beg for growth. For freedom. For prosperity. Learning to be still and listen to the cues helps me tune into abundance with greater ease. Plenty of meditation, affirmation and visualization usually follows up the cue/feeling that it’s time to remove another blockage, whether it’s in the money department or not.

    Thanks for sharing your insight Sylviane 🙂


    1. Hi Ryan!

      What a great insight comment you gave me here 🙂 I know what you mean about the Catholic religion and the their love of poverty. However, that’s not the only religion that teaches that, far from it.

      It’s great to see someone like you who has outgrown such false teaching, though, and seems to be doing quite well.

      I’ve seen your face in a lots of places before, but never on my blog. Thanks so much for passing by 🙂

  5. Hi Sylviane
    This is a great post and you bring up some great points. I think the subject of money is quite a complicated one and in turn, that leads to us having complicated relationships with money. Which in turn, prevents us from having more of it! While the push for money can lead to people doing bad things and turning into bad people, there are plenty of prosperous people out there doing good things with their prosperity and using it to help others. This is one of the sweeping generalizations that lead people to think wanting money is bad. Let’s face it, it cannot buy happiness, but it touches our lives in so many ways and having some definitely makes things easier and can create more peace of mind. Money in and of itself is not good or bad, that lies with the people who have it and how they use it and acquire it.
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    1. Hi Kelli,

      No, of course, money doesn’t buy happiness, because happiness is an inside job, and some very rich people are also very unhappy. However, if your mind is set right, money can improve your life a great deal indeed! Thanks for passing by and for your comment.

  6. from the standpoint of religion, the bible doesn’t say “money is the root of evil”. rather it says “the LOVE of money is the root of evil”. we generally begin to think that if one must be rich, then he must love money, therefore he can’t help having evil behind his actions.

    apart from that, the bible says “money answereth all things”. however, what Jesus said was you could use money to make friends. In my opinion, what good is it having all the money and not spending it on anyone.

    google these things i’ve said and you’ll find the exact quotations where they’re supposed to be in the bible. i can’t remember exactly. but being rich doesnt have to make any one wicked. it should even make a person more responsible towards people and spiritual things.
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    1. Hi Jovie,

      Yes, indeed, it’s not money that is the root of all evil, it’s the love of money that is. “money” has no feelings good or bad, however, the ones who love money the wrong way, meaning “people” can be the root of evil.

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