5 Reasons to Consider Yoga Insurance

Yoga teachers and studios should have yoga teacher insurance for a variety of reasons.

Unfortunately, there are over 15 million lawsuits filed in the United States each year, and many of these are not based on actual carelessness.

Professional liability insurance is an investment that each instructor should consider to protect their career and the studio. Most teachers have great intentions when teaching, but unfortunately, you still have to protect yourself from any accidents.

Why exactly is this insurance important? Consider the following reasons:

1. SIips and Falls in the Classor Studio

Even when you’re careful, accidents can occur. If a student slips and suffers an injury, a lawsuit can occur. Even when the studio isn’t at fault, you can still be liable or face high legal fees. If you have yoga insurance, you’ll be covered in the case of accidents.

2. Liability from Adjustments or Alignments

The yoga studio can be held liable from any injuries that result from the practice of yoga.

Although most instructors carefully choose their sequences and offer modifications, injuries are always possible. The instructor or the studio could undergo a lawsuit. Additionally, a student could also claim that an instructor taught an incorrect pose or gave an inappropriate adjustment. Regardless of caution, this is a potential risk.

3. Low-Cost Insurance

Although liability insurance costs vary, the basic yoga teacher insurance coverage is usually less expensive than just a few hours’ consultations with a lawyer.

The hourly rate for lawyers is fairly high, so it’s much less costly to pay for yearly insurance.

Depending on the situation, you want to have the support and coverage you need. Even a single occurrence can make it well worth the cost.

4. You Can’t Purchase Coverage After Experiencing a Lawsuit

Sometimes studios or instructors want to wait until after they experience an incident to purchase coverage.

This solution may not be ideal though. While this type of lawsuit is not extremely common, you cannot purchase coverage until after the loss happens.

This means that preventative measure has to be taken for optimal protection. Having insurance can keep teachers and the studio safe before anything occurs.

5. Coverage Follows Instructors

If you are an individual yoga instructor, you want to be covered regardless of your studio location. With your personal liability insurance, you’ll be covered no matter where you teach. Studios will only be covered on their physical location.

However, it’s essential for studios that have instructors to make sure that they are covered when they’re in-house.

Although all studios and instructors should be cautious, they should keep in mind that their students’ choices cannot be completely controlled.

Regardless of how much training and preparation, it’s impossible to control students’ behaviors and choices during the classes completely.

How to Choose the Appropriate Yoga Teacher Insurance?

Now that you appreciate the importance of having yoga insurance, we feel obliged to take you through some of the considerations for choosing the best Yoga insurance.

Consider Insurance Rates

Just like with any other service, you need to compare the rates offered by various yoga teacher insurance providers. You’ll notice that the rates differ across the board.

However, the fact that a provider has high rates may not correlate to the kind of service that they offer. On the other hand, you should not consider the rates at the expense of the quality of service. 

There are various insurance price comparison websites that you can use to compare the rates of the different providers.

Are your services covered?

When you purchase the yoga teacher insurance, you need to ensure that the insurance covers the kind of yoga style that you teach. 

It may be a big blunder if you are offering out-of-the-box style only to discover that the type of style is not covered after an incident has occurred. Hence you need to establish upfront whether your yoga style is included.

Does the plan cover you everywhere?

You need to ensure that the insurance plan covers you no matter where you provide the yoga lessons. It would be a disaster for you to purchase insurance that’s limited to studio use while you offer your services in off-site workshops, at festivals, or in homes.

Final  Words

Although yoga is not a competitive activity, students may still push themselves too far.

In either case, don’t you want to keep yourself from harm? It’s important to make the essential investment in yoga liability insurance before you have a problem to secure the studio and teachers future so consider insurance.

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