3 Ways to Motivate Your Employees

3 ways to motivate your employees

3 ways to motivate your employees

As a business owner, you likely know that your team is what makes or breaks the success of your business. When your employees are working hard to communicate and stay productive, your company thrives. When your employees struggle, your business is likely to struggle. If you’ve noticed that your employees are performing at lower levels than usual, here are a few simple yet effective tips for helping them stay motivated.



This might sound like common sense, but one of the most effective ways to keep your team members motivated and to check up on their personal and professional performance is to communicate with them frequently and directly. Whether you host weekly meetings where you hear from your entire team or prefer to meet with each of your employees one on one throughout the week, staying in constant contact with your team members is the best way to ensure that they are all aware of their responsibilities and have the motivation they need to remain productive in the office.


Be Flexible

While allowing for flexibility and offering to give your team more time off might seem counterproductive if you are wanting your team to work harder and stay on task, the truth is, that when employees have the flexibility to handle responsibilities in their life outside of work, they are likely to work harder while in the office.  Whether it’s offering time off to employees who need to undergo medical procedures like minimally invasive bunion surgery or allowing your team the flexibility to work from home once a week, speaking with team members about their scheduling needs will effectively help to motivate them.


Set a Good Example

If you want to inspire your employees to work harder, leading by example is important. If you show up to work in a bad mood, are unwilling to go out of your way to meet deadlines and goals, and are reluctant to stay productive, it is likely that your team will follow suit. Arriving at the office each day in a good mood, ready to work and collaborate with others, and always going the extra mile to complete projects and meet deadlines will inspire similar levels of productivity and professionalism in your team. Setting a good example for your employees is one of the most effective ways to motivate them to succeed.