Three Ways Custom Software Will Improve Your Business Practices

Entrepreneurs and small business owners have the tendency to do all the work when they’re first starting out. While this is impressive and commendable, too many refuse to surrender the work to others, even when it’s not their expertise.

Especially when it comes to software development for startups, people can spend thousands of dollars learning how to run that app, or learning HTML or WordPress, when that money could have gone into more important areas of their business.

Custom software is a powerful tool to improve your business, so it’s understandable that you would want to learn how to implement it. While education is key, you can also seek a website from Ideaction to take the pressure off having to learn software. Such places are happy to do it for you.

But why is custom software development so important?

We’ve come up with three ways it can differentiate your brand from the competition:


1- Getting an App

An app for your business can prove to be beneficial, especially if you’re in the service industry.

Many service providers don’t have a tangible product, and it can prove difficult to explain their service.

Whether it’s a daily reminder to do X or an app that gets people to work out, this is a simple way to advertise and convert for your business.

In order to create an app for your business, you might not want to try this on your own. Be sure to hire a software developer who is well versed both on Android and iOS.


2- Coding Your Website

Not super keen on all the templates out there? Or maybe you simply want something more customer and personal?

Indeed, more and more, websites are beginning to look the same.

The solution? Getting a customized site. Customized sites have many benefits, one being the ability to choose your colors and branding yourself.

Unless you are a developer yourself, hire a developer who knows to code.

They will work with you and suggest the proper elements such as color, wireframes, and pages for your new site. If you already have a look in mind, they will work with you to achieve your vision.


3- E-commerce on Your Site

A good software tool for your new site is the implementation of e-commerce.

While having an informational site is a great way to let people know what you do and who you are, converting is even more important.

You are in business for passion and funding, and e-commerce takes the work out of figuring out how to bill your clients.

Hiring a software company that is familiar with the implementation of e-commerce is key to the financial aspect of your business.


Don’t Know Where to Start?

If the three suggestions above sound great to you, but you don’t know where to start, you’re not alone.

Let’s say you simply have an idea and don’t know if it’s viable. Will it work? Will you be able to put it into action?

Some of the best software development companies out there help you validate your idea. Then, they’ll move on to designing your platforms, testing them, and making them live.

They’ll also work with you on the user experience to ensure the final recipient is getting the right outcome.


Services and Guarantees

When looking for a company that offers software development for startups, we recommend the two following tips:

  1. Ensure they have a money back guarantee. It all starts with an intangible idea after all. If your idea is not as developed as you indented, ask your developer about their guarantee and what it includes. The intention is to develop with you every step of the way, so a guarantee is usually unnecessary, but it’s better to be safe.
  2. Ask about their packages. Many companies offer tiered packages for entrepreneurial budgets. Whether the company is starting out or off the ground, developing companies will usually have some kind of tiered structure. Ask about their services and see how they fit your needs.


Key Takeaway

It’s important that you realize as early as possible in your business what you can do on your own and what you will need to hire professionals for.

A company who knows how to implement software development for startups can help you save time. They’ll take off the pressure of learning code, app building, etc. so that you can focus on your expertise.


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