The Benefits of Earning Your MBA Online

Earning MBA Online

Earning MBA Online

A Master of Business Administration degree is a highly thought of qualification that opens career paths that you might not have imagined were possible.

Maybe you are already working in finance, accounting, or another profession and could take advantage of this qualification, helping you to progress further.

It could also be that you want to start a totally new career. You may be stopped from taking the plunge because of your work commitments and you cannot afford to have your current job suffer by losing time to attend university.

There is another option available these days which is earning your MBA online.


How Does It Work?

Even with an online MBA, you have the choice of whether to complete it as a full-time or part-time course. You can fit your study hours in to suit your own circumstances, making it flexible enough to suit most situations.

Apart from your own studies, you would have virtual meetings with tutors. This gives you the chance to discuss the work and ask any questions.  There are also usually weekly class meetings where you can get to know other students on the course and can collaborate on projects, helping each other along the way. It is not uncommon for students completing their MBA to swap emails and phone numbers, so they all have someone to turn to most of the time.

As an example, the This MBA UNC course consists of 66 credits and can generally be completed in 18 months to three years. Within this course are eight specialized areas that a student can choose from, depending on what their long-term goal is.


How Much Could You Earn With An MBA?

How much you earn once you have your MBA depends very much on which profession you decide to work in.

  • In the financial world, you would expect to be earning between $85,000 and $170,000, the higher salaries being as you progress up the ladder.
  • Demand for experts in international business has grown and is continuing to grow. This means that currently you could expect to earn somewhere around $100,00 but this is likely to increase as the jobs become harder to fill.
  • Although you do not need an MBA to enter the field of marketing, those that have this qualification will progress further and should expect a salary of at least $100,000.
  • If your MBA is in information technology, you could be heading towards a high-level career in IT and would earn around $100,000.

These are just a few examples of areas you could specialize in and the level of salary you could earn. Of course, the salaries offered can vary greatly, often depending on how desperate the employer is to have you on their payroll.


The Benefits of Studying for your MBA Online

Extreme flexibility is definitely a huge plus when you have to spend the next two to three years studying to acquire your MBA. Online courses offer you that flexibility.

If you are a morning person you could be ready to start your day in the wee hours and if you are a night person you could study all throughout the night. Either way, you’ve got your work done and nobody minds what you do, unlike when attending a school.

You’ll also have more flexibility to linger on what you need to spend more time on and rush what you’ve already got under your belt.

You also will have more time to do research right in the middle of a subject if you have to and get back to the course as soon as you’re done.

Nothing beats the flexibility of online studies.


Would an Online MBA Disqualify you in some Way?

Students at times may be put off from getting their MBA only because there would be such mention somewhere on their diploma.

If this is putting you off, don’t worry, there will be nothing on your certificate that shows how you earned your degree, and it is most unlikely that an employer will ask whether you earned your qualification online or by attending a physical building. If you want to progress your career, consider earning your MBA online.

So don’t worry about having gotten your MBA degree online versus having attended class in a physical school. Let not this be a stumbling block for you and it won’t be a stumbling block for anyone.


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