Tips to Boost Productivity During the COVID Pandemic

productivity during the COVID 19

In today’s times, the whole world has been facing workplace disruption due to COVID-19, which is seriously inevitable. Many business operations have been hanging in-between, while only some companies are preparing themselves for all kinds of future crises. They have taken decisions to shape workplace culture by implementing work from home initiatives to boost their productivity. While employees have adopted this new system and started to work regularly, it is a big responsibility for the companies to offer lucrative measures to boost productivity during the COVID pandemic.

Here are some ingenious tips to help employees in boosting productivity and keep them engaged while working remotely –

Keep Communicating with your Employees

Implement such steps wherein you can send urgent messages directly to all your employees within a short time. Make sure to abide in immediate action to deal with such critical matters. Let the preferred channels be transparent to help your employees act upon it in no time. Systems like automated emails and push buttons help you to reach out to your employees in the fastest time.

Reach Out Your employees No Mater where they are

With several facilities of being in contact, make sure that your employees are remaining productive during this COVID pandemic. No matter where they stay, try to reach out to them on an everyday basis so that they don’t feel isolated. Collaborate with a team and try to implement creative and innovative ideas to make their job a fun task.

Take your Internal & External Communications to the Next Level 

Prepare your employees by sharing your internal and external corporate matters transparently. Let them get to know your position so that they don’t feel left out. Do small talks through video content to boost and motivate your employees to reach their goals. During this pandemic, ask your employees to share their views on increasing productivity during the COVID pandemic. Ask them of strategies to improve internal communication and keep business running smoothly. This frank talk will empower your employees and make them responsible for their job work.

Build a Robust Virtual Workplace Infrastructure

While it is a difficult task to keep your employees working through the virtual workspace, tools like video conferencing apps are helping organizations to stay connected. Many companies have roped in new employees and collaborated with them to make crucial decisions. Train your employees & tell them to get reliable internet access, which is essential to build a robust virtual workplace.

Other recommendations like a headphone, web camera are also necessary to receive all communications. Guide them to verify all inaccuracies immediately to ensure a smooth working place, which will encourage them to boost productivity during the COVID pandemic.

Keep Teams Motivated and Accountable

While there is difficulty in adjusting to this new work environment, keep your employees motivated by creating a structure where they feel a sense of normalcy. Establish protocols where you make yourself available for them and respond to their query promptly. With your communication channels, stay connected, and share documents to coordinate with your team and clients. Schedule a particular time of working hours and make it a routine to ensure discipline in your virtual workplace. Adopt a system to save your work on approved cloud or shared networks, so your job is secure and accessible.

Collaborate with your team on virtual meetings and keep them short and sweet. Get together with your employees to seek updates and track progress on projects and tasks and give them a chance to catch up. Power2Motivate enables strategies to completely rethink the way you’re communicating to engage with them.

Provide Practical Tips to Enhance Individual Productivity

This tip is essential as every employee is dealing with specific challenges at their level. So, please provide them with practical tips at their level to manage work and life balance. Ensure them time to catch-up and take breaks, especially for lunch. Give them an achievable target to challenge them and remain productive, regardless of the events. The practical tips will help them adjust their work schedule in no time and adopt remote working mode quickly.