Hire an Orange County Public Adjuster

orange county public adjuster
orange county public adjuster

It is the job of an Orange County public adjuster to evaluate property loss on behalf of a policyholder and also helping such policyholders in filing their insurance claims. An Orange County public adjuster is a licensed professional who is working for individuals and businesses.

Additionally, they can also help you by getting the most out of the policyholder’s policy coverage.

These public adjusters are hired by policyholders to perform many of the same functions, but they serve as advocates for the policyholder during the appraisal and negotiation process of an insurance claim. They will serve as representatives of your financial interests.

Public adjusters will use their experience and expertise in the insurance industry in order to make sure that a policyholder’s claim is being properly handled.

Duties of an Orange County Public Adjuster

There are now 45 states in the United States plus the District of Colombia which is actively regulating and requiring a licensing of Public Insurance Adjusters. The 45 states, including the District of Colombia, have already either created their own set of regulations and policy requirements or have adopted some of the forms of the Public Adjuster Licensing Model Act that was made by the National Association of Insurance Commission (NAIC).

A public adjuster acts or aids in the negotiation, or settling first-party claims that are being covered by an insurance contract. Public adjusters are advertising their services and looking for employment as a public adjuster. They also advertise their services for hire, solicits business, or represents themselves as a public adjuster. They are also dealing with losses, advising the policyholder, or the investigation, of first-party claims of an insurance policy.

Orange County Public Adjuster – History and Experience

Working on behalf of the insurance company, working on the lowest amount that they are legally obliged to pay. But, by hiring an experienced Orange County public adjuster, the policyholder finally gets the chance to have someone on their side who will be fighting back against their insurance company and they will also have someone who will be able to provide them with professional expertise in order to achieve a fair settlement for the loss suffered.

Three Types of Orange County Insurance Adjusters

There are three different main types of insurance claim adjusters that you should know and they are the following:

  • The Staff Adjusters

The staff insurance adjusters are hired by the insurance company and they often work within the company itself.

  • The Independent Adjusters

The independent insurance adjusters are the freelancing contractors that are then hired by the insurance companies in order to deal with policyholders’ claims.

  • The Public Adjusters

The public insurance adjusters are making sure policyholders, and not the insurance company who hire them for their services, can benefit.

Out of all the three types of insurance claim adjusters, only the public adjusters are the ones who have nothing to do with the insurance company since they do not work on behalf of such insurance company, but for the policyholders themselves.

Policyholders are directly hired in order to work on their claim and to make sure that such a policyholder will be able to receive the correct and fair amount of money from the insurance company.

The first thing that a policyholder should do is to decide if they are going to need the services of a public adjuster. If a policyholder decides to hire their own adjuster, then that public adjuster is going to be the one who will go through the insurance policy meticulously and look at the damages suffered by the policyholder’s property.

The public adjuster will then evaluate the situation in order to determine the costs that will be needed for the repairs and replacements that are being caused by the accident or the disaster. The adjuster will be responsible for entering the negotiation process with the insurance company so to maximize the settlement for the policyholder’s insurance claim.

Each of these public adjusters has different levels of experience and expertise, so it is important that the policyholder will be able to hire someone who is an expert on the particular category that such claim falls under.