Improving Customer Service Team Spirit with a Hosted Call Center Solution



Call centers are hectic and high stress. Customer service representatives tend to feel isolated and overworked, leading to unusually high turnover in the workplace. Several things contribute to this beyond dealing with upset customers most of the day. There’s also the perception that if they can’t handle a customer’s complaint themselves, they’ve failed. Employees working at a call center frequently feel they don’t have anyone to share their achievements with; the pace is too hectic, and everyone is focused on their own customer service issues. Lack of guidance and support from higher-ups is also often cited as a reason customer service reps don’t feel like they’re part of a team with the accompanying support.

A hosted call center like the ones provided by Votacall is a significant first step in creating a more cohesive, supportive environment for your customer service reps. Creating a more interactive, team-focused environment motivates your call center employees and creates a more profitable, successful organization.


Activity Tracking

With a hosted call center, you can use proprietary software to track everything from the length of calls to success rates in resolving disputes or problems. This information is valuable for both training new employees and helping seasoned employees improve their response time and resolution techniques. Managers can also track call volume, resolution times, and average wait times. All of this information is vital for managers, who can use it to restructure schedules, suggest time-saving resolution techniques, and determine whether they need to hire additional staff.


Internal Messaging

Hosted call centers utilize platforms that allow customer service team members to message each other internally, making each individual part of an organic team. If a rep is an expert in handling certain situations, others can quickly reach out for guidance or support. Team members can also share good news, tips, and successes, empowering team builders during hectic, stressful days at work.



Managing a customer service team can be a full-time job, but none of us can work 24/7. Using a hosted call center offers flexibility and availability as a team lead or manager even when you aren’t physically present. No customer service rep likes to say, “I’m sorry, but there isn’t a supervisor available,” to an angry customer. With a cloud-based call center, your team can reach you anywhere, any time, if there’s a problem. You can handle a crisis immediately before the situation escalates. Knowing their manager has their back and can be reached if needed allows your customer service team to confidently handle sticky situations, knowing you’ll have their back even when you’re away.

Consider a hosted call center solution for your customer service reps if your company for happier, team-oriented employees and satisfied customers.