Your Personalized Custom-Made Meditation Video

Your very own custom-made affirmation rampage meditation video.

You can order your own personal custom-made affirmation rampage meditation video right here!

When you order your own custom-made meditation video, I will be speaking with you one on one over the phone or through chatting apps to ask you specific questions about your specific desires and needs.

Based on our exchange I will write the script of your video, and send it to you so you’ll have the final say about every single word that will appear in your personalized affirmation rampage meditation video.

My work will help manifest your own dream life, specific person, money, career, health, and more. see some examples below:

custom-made meditation videos
  • Gain self-confidence, by releasing all negativity, rebuilding self-worth, healthy self-esteem, and getting to know who you really are.
  • Attract a specific person, by building a solid self-love image, reconnecting with your inner and outer beauty, and rebuild your self-image and self-worth. Understanding that you are the source of love, and develop that love within you to where your personality will overflow with love of yourself and reflect it on others.
  • Improve relationships¬†by developing the skill of being present, releasing negativity from past relationships and trusting your inner advisor, the God in you.
  • Attract abundance, by developing an abundance mindset while destroying the lack mindset. ¬†Rebuilding your trust in the abundance that is available to you. Understanding that money is energy made of the same energy as you while getting closer to the God within.
  • Achieve your personal goals, by releasing the fear of success, releasing the fear of failure. Releasing fears in general, and allowing the natural flow of conscious manifesting.
  • Get healthy, by connecting with your TRUE self (your God-self) and rebuilding your faith on your God-given powers to be, to become and stay healthy.
  • And much more…

15-Minute Custom-Made Meditation Video: $35

30-Minute Custom-Made Meditation Video: $50

45-Minute Custom-Made Meditation Video: $95

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