Going back to France after 15 years

How Does It feel To Go Back Home To France After 15 Years

When the plane touched down on French soil at 11:28 AM in August 20, 2015, I smiled and I said to myself, happy birthday Sylviane!

Yes, it’s been 15 years since I was last on French ground, almost to Read more

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10 Interesting Facts From France You Should Know

Why is France named France?

France was founded by the Franks.  The name France comes from the Latin word “Francia” which means the land of the Franks.

However, before that France was called Gaul and people from that country were called Gaulois. Of course, the name Gaul has totally disappeared except when referring to historical facts during the time France was called Gaul. France was called Gaul under the Roman Empire until the early Middle Ages.

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