How to Staff for Your Blogging Business

Blogging is a term that didn’t exist 20 years ago. As a matter of fact, the first bogging platform that allowed people to create “a blog” launched in August 1999. However, it was still going to be Read more

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make money writing

Make Money Writing: 5 Tips For Aspiring Writers

Writing is a skill and talent that can be honed through practice and hard work. And if you want to make money writing, this will apply. As with any skill, you can earn from it not only experience but Read more

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blogging evolution

Blogging Evolution: Why Bloggers Need to Be Up to Date

Bloggers around the world all have one thing in common.

They think content is king.

There is no doubt that a successful blog needs to churn out original posts on a regular basis. Readers want an experience that blows Read more

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From Blog To Professional Business In 10 Easy Steps

If you love writing, expressing your creativity, and connecting with new people, blogging is an attractive hobby. But what happens when you want to turn that passion into a fully fledged business venture?  

Many bloggers before you have Read more

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Write blog post people yearn to read

How to Write a Blog Post that People are Yearning to Read

If you write in a clear, concise and easy way to understand, people will love you for it.

But to be able to write in a manner that people will want to read your blog post every time you Read more

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Writing for your readers

Why You Should Never Write For Your Blog But For Your Readers

It used to be a time when writing for your blog was enough, but those days are over.

Is that a shocking statement to you?

Are you still writing for your blog?

Is there any other way to write Read more

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How to Blog for Business Results

How To Blog For Your Business To Achieve Positive Results

Some business owners have got the wrong impression that blogging for their business simply means to jot down anything on the blank screen, and that it will do the trick to attract more customers or clients to their business.

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