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Why Should You Always Listen To Your Intuition


It was a rainy day and I was leaving the house to go to work that morning.

I said good bye to my mother and aunt who were here in North Carolina for their regular 3 month stay out of the year.

I remember closing the door behind me, and as I was getting in my car I felt an overwhelming sensation that one of my cats, Sophie, had gone out.  (While my cats were allowed to walk around outdoors  on a leach, I have never let them out on their own).

I knew that she wasn’t out though, because I had just seen her inside as I was closing the door.

So, what did I do?

I did what most of us do when we get a nagging intuition; I just shook it off and left.

That day, my mom and aunt were supposed to be picked up by some friends of mine to spend the day with them.

When I came back that evening, they had not returned yet, but I wasn’t worry because we had expected that.

What did worry me pretty quick though, is that as I came in, Tony (Sophie’s brother) came to greet me as usual, but Sophie wasn’t there.

So I thought that she might have been sleeping upstairs.

I proceed to go upstairs and looked in both bedrooms, but no Sophie.

I could feel my blood pressure rising.

I started calling her name and looking under the beds and even in closets, but still no Sophie.

As I was starting to seriously panic, my morning intuition came back to me.

And at that moment, I finally recognized it for what it really was.

A useful intuition that I shouldn’t have discarded.

But I did. It was too late.

Knowing my cat all too well, I knew after 5 minutes of this frantic search that she wasn’t in the house at that point.  There no way she wouldn’t have showed up by now.

So I went outside calling her name like a mad woman.

Then I started crying and praying, asking God to please give me back my baby alive and well.

I felt so bad and so guilty for not having listen to my intuition that was trying to tell me to “watch out!”

That’s when my mother and aunt arrived home and found me calling frantically for Sophie around the house.

After a few minutes of going round and round and looking everywhere, I found her sitting under a bush on a piece of wood.  She looked scared, because I could tell that she understood that she had messed up and was afraid of my anger.

So I calmed down and picked her up, thanking God like there was no tomorrow.

When I got inside the house I totally lost it and cried like a baby.

I didn’t realize it right away, but my mom and aunt felt very bad, because they understood that Sophie had gone out when they left.

That had never happened before or after, because they were always very careful that Sophie and Tony did sneak out, but that day it did.

Cats are smart and they know who they’re dealing with.  That day Sophie must have known that she could  fool those two older ladies and get out without been seen.

She was right.

They never saw her.

Cats are swift and quiet.

So for the first and ONLY time in her life, Sophie spent the whole day (about 9 hours) outside and alone to her own device.   To this day I’ve felt that she had protected and preserved.

But the most incredible thing of all is that intuitions I had that morning telling me that “Sophie was out” about an hour before it actually happened.

This is something I will never, ever forget.

You see, intuition is our friend.

Intuition is that voice inside that gives us signals that we should always listen to.

If I had  that same intuition today, I would act totally differently.

I would rush back in the house and tell my mom, listen, I’m having this strong intuition that’s telling me that Sophie is going to try to get out, so make sure you see her inside as you close the door. If you don’t make sure you do before you leave.

That’s exactly what my intuition was trying to tell me to do, but I didn’t.

Back then, I wasn’t involved in personal development yet, and even though I had had some strong intuitive messages and dreams before, I didn’t recognize this one, and I brushed it off.

What’s very interesting to me today is that many years later I would learn from two psychic friends of mine that Sophie and I had a strong spiritual connection, and that intuitive message in regards to her was the first proof of that.

Intuitions are spiritual messages from our higher self.


What is Intuition and why should you Listen to it?

In short, intuition is a subconscious feeling that beats any conscious reasoning.

Intuition is a process that gives us the ability to know something without any kind of analytic rezoning.  It’s a bridge between conscious and subconscious.

If you’ve read my blog long enough, you know that if you would compare the conscious mind to the subconscious (or unconscious) mind it would be like comparing the tip of the iceberg (the conscious) to the much larger submerged part of the iceberg where everything really takes place (the subconscious).

The conscious while having its purpose is very limited, while the subconscious is unlimited.

Intuition defies the laws of space and time, that why many people having intuition messages tend to rationalize them quickly with their conscious reasoning.

That’s what happened to me that day.

Since I had seen Sophie inside the house, why was my intuition telling me that she was outside?

At a conscious level it made no sense, so I brushed it off.

What I didn’t know back then is that since intuition is not limited by space or time, there was that awareness about what actually happened an hour later (in conscious conventional time).

As a matter of fact, since intuition is a preventive mechanism, it pretty must systematically warns you BEFORE the event you have an intuition about happens.

Think about it! It would make no sense if it were after.


Are you Listening to your Intuition?

We all have intuition.

Intuition is our own personal compass, not other people’s.

So, when you do have a strong intuition about something it’s YOUR job to listen to it.  Not to tell somebody who’s going to try to convince you that’s not so.

You need to trust your intuition more than you would trust anyone.

When I decided to go to Europe I had first set my eyes on Italy. The plan was to stay there for a year.

At first I was really motivated and all the steps I took to get my passports went perfect, so I knew that I had to go.

But as time went on I realized that I was not motivated to sell my furniture and make the plans that I needed to make.

Then I noticed that I had a nagging feeling about internet access in Italy. Something (my intuition) was telling me that I needed to find out more about the internet in Italy.

Since I had made a contact there, in Rome, where I wanted to go, I emailed that person and asked him about the quality of internet connection.  When he told me that it wasn’t very good and “not a given” as he called it, I had the answer that I needed.

As soon as I received his email, I knew why I had that nagging feeling that prevented me to sell and pack my things.

So, I made other plans and decided to go to France and other European countries instead.  I’ll go to Italy if I can, but for a short time only.

As soon as I made that decision my intuitive warning lifted off and I started selling my furniture, rented my storage, and I’m starting to pack.

Again, my intuition was telling me something, but this time, I knew better than not to listen that inner voice, so I did.

I can’t be in a place where I don’t have 100% secure internet connection, because I’m taking my business with me, so my good little inner voice was letting me know about that.

Isn’t intuition a wonderful tool?

You’ve got to love it!


How to Develop Your Intuition

As I said above, we all have intuition, but it is possible to develop it even more.

There many different things you can do to develop your intuition, but here I’m going to give you 3 simple tips that can do a pretty good job a developing your intuitive power.

Turn off the Chatter in your Mind

To let go of the chatter in your mind, start practicing some breathing exercise.  Go in a park and as you walk, look around you, remind yourself to live in the moment as you inhale and exhale.

I walk outdoors in nature just about everyday. While I do, I make sure that I don’t allow any negative thoughts.  I am totally aware of the NOW, I BREATH and MEDITATE as I walk, and I repeat my positive SELF TALK.

This is a routine of mine that improve my intuition.

Do this as many time as often as you can.


Meditation doesn’t have to take hours.

You can do a very good meditation routine for just 15-20 minutes a day.

There is an abundance of meditation guides on YouTube. But once you get the hang of it, you can meditate on your own as well, even as you lie on your bed before falling asleep.

Meditation will improve your intuition.

Work on your Third Eye Chakra

Your third eye chakra is linked to your intuitive power, your psychic ability.

There is a very simple and easy exercise you can start right now to open your third eye chakra.

Close your eyes look up (with your eye closed) toward your forehead between your eyes (where your third eye is located).

Then inhale deeply, and exhale as you chant the sound oooooommmm until you exhaled all the air in your lung.

Do this 5 to 6 times per session, and you’re done.


I hope you enjoyed this article, and most of all I hope that next time your intuition is trying to tell you something, you will listen.

Intuition is ALWAYS right.

Please, leave your feedback and comments below…


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5 Strategies To Win More business Mon, 23 Mar 2015 12:13:42 +0000   Do you want to win more business? Well, if you are in business, you most likely do. That’s probably why you have a...

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How To Win More Business


Do you want to win more business?

Well, if you are in business, you most likely do.

That’s probably why you have a blog, writing press releases, solo ads, email marketing campaigns and what not.

Yet, most business owners are still looking for ways to win more business.

Actually, wanting to get more clients is a good thing, because it can help you improve your message and the way you portray yourself and your business to the public.

In a way, it keeps you on the edge and forces you to improve.


Winning More Business May be Easier than you Think

If you are craving more clients or customers for your business, because they’re not really knocked at the door, it doesn’t mean that your product or service is bad.

What it means is that there are some important things that you are not doing, or some vital steps that you are not taking.

Entrepreneurs who have plenty of business, have either a well establish enterprise which generates residual referrals and repeat business (those are actually so busy that they can’t even accept any more clients because of it).

Or they have implanted specific strategies that they are applying on a regular basis which keep on supplying new prospects to their business.

To be honest I am myself working at creating more business, and I’m not at the point where I can afford to give away some of my clients, as some other people in my trade pretend to be.

But as I’m learning more and more, I am willing to share some nuggets so you can too implements those tips for your own business.

Also, remember that if you are a business owner who needs good strategic content for your blog that is exactly what I do.

In the meantime here are 5 strategies that can help you generate more clients than you are right now.


5 Strategies to Wind more Business


1 – Tune up Your Writing

Learn how to write better and more valuable content.

What does better content really mean?

Better on its own is a pretty vague term, isn’t it?

You could say, I like better chocolate than vanilla, but that would just be a matter of your own personal taste.  It doesn’t mean that chocolate IS better than vanilla.

We could compare just about anything under the sun and say that something is better than something else.

But most likely that would only be relevant to you. It doesn’t mean that it is so.

However, you could say that you are better at math then I am, because you can crunch those figures much faster and more accurately than I can.

Or yet again, I could say that I’m better at speaking French than you are, because it’s my native language.

So, now the word better, makes much more sense all of a sudden, doesn’t it?

Well, there are better writings style than others as well.

In this case writing better especially means making sure you are using writing rules that apply to electronic devices that people use today to read your content these days.

it also means writing more inviting, more entertaining, more captivating, and more valuable content, so the person that lands on your blog for the first time will want to come back.

The more you understand what better writing is the more they will want to come again.

You want people say things like this to you:

“Great post indeed!!!! I’m so glad to read this article. I found this helpful too. It is such a valuable post to learn good points from. Thanks so much for doing all the hard work to make it easy to understand for all of us. A big thanks to you for sharing such a helpful post with us. Thanks”

“I loved the introduction of this post. I have not come across “telemarketing” association with blog content. But you are absolutely right! When I think of some blogs and their content, they do sound like telemarketers.”

“This is my first visit to your blog. I am very happy Google redirected me to this page. Every line has something to learn from. I have learned many things from this post. You are talented no doubt. I am waiting for a lot more good posts from you.Thanks”

When you’re getting more and more comments like these, you know that you are on the right track. But what exactly do you have to do, so people will love to read what you have to say?

Here are few pointers:

a) Short Sentences

I’ve said it many times before, but in case you missed it, here it is again.

Always remember that people are lazy in nature, so start your article with sort sentences.  Especially my  first 3-4 sentences are rather short.


Because the purpose of a sentence is to lead to the next.

If your first sentences are too long, people won’t want to keep reading, they will want to move on to something else.

So, help the lazy reader (that we all are) to hop from one sentence to the next by writing short sentences as much as you can. Especially at the beginning or your article, but keep this trend all throughout the article still.

b) Introduction

Make your introduction interesting. Start with a story if you can.  Take the reader for a ride as they swallow your introduction one bite after the other.

Make them WANT to know more.

Make them want to know where you’re going with this.

They are very thirsty for good information, tempt them in your introduction, so they will keep reading.

This technique can be learned, by the way.

Try it and see what a difference it can make.

c) Value

Pretty and short sentences are great, but of course that doesn’t excuse you from adding value.

Your introduction is the appetizer, but now you have to give your visitor the plat de resistance.

That’s where value comes in.

No matter how well-crafted your introduction is, what makes it more valuable is the value that you add after that introduction.

The value is your content, your topic, how you discuss it in your article, and how it will help the reader/your potential customer.

I have been writing about content quality for a while, but be sure to check some of my recent posts on the topic, such my posts titled how to write magnetic content for you target market and what is descriptive writing and why should you use it.


2 – Identify What Matters to the Customer

Once you’ve understood your basic writing rules that will rock your blog post, article, press release and everything you write for the promotion of your business, you need to use that content wisely.

What will help you tremendously in your writing is identifying what matters to your customer.

People will want to do business with you if you are addressing their needs and wants, not just because your business exists.

I am not going to expand too much on this today since I’ve recently written extensive posts on the topic of communicating with your potential customers the smart way on my posts titled, why is your blog not attracting your ideal client and How to convey the voice of your brand.

Give those articles a read if you need help with better identifying with your customers’ needs.


3 – Ask for Referrals to your Current Customers

Another way to win more business is by asking referrals to your current customers.

An interesting thing about referrals is that if you don’t ask for them, there is a 50% chance you won’t get any.

How do I know?

Because I often noticed that when I have asked for references, people were not necessary thinking of giving me any, unless I asked. Even if they seemed to be glad I did.

If you do a good job, and people know someone that could benefit from your products or services, they will refer you to their friends, and relatives. If you don’t ask, they may not.

They don’t know your situation. They don’t know if you’re booked right now. There could be many reason why they might not give you referrals.

So, don’t assume that they will refer you to other potential customers, unless you ask for it.


4 – Expand your Business

If you have a product or service, think about expanding by adding to what you already have.

Think about adding another product or service that will complement what you have, if it applied to your business.

Adding something to what you’ve already created is always easier to do, and mostly likely will be taking much less time to create.

For example, you could use your blog content or you email marketing content to create a special report or even a book that you could either sell or use as a promotion tool.

If you don’t know how it’s done, ask me.


5 – Raise your Prices

If you are still new in business, you might be surprised to hear that keeping your prices and fees low is NOT the best way to win more business.

On the contrary.

Too low prices can make your service cheap in the eyes of the potential customer, and they might not trust that it’s a valuable service.

Raise your prices and win more business by promoting it well, and providing quality.

Raising prices is a wonderful strategy to get more business.

It works like a charm.

I know for a fact that freelance writers and coaches that are charging low fees are not at all the ones who get the most clients.

On the other hand, those who do charge higher fees, have plenty of business all year long.


 photo 704b3fac-993d-46cf-a712-c2e625b86705_zpsjkzhc0x4.png

So, your turn now. Please, leave your comments and inputs below…

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Thank you to Sue Anne Dunlevie for having included me in her post 21 Experts Reveal Their Biggest Risk That Paid Off.

Thanks you to Enstine Muki for asking me to be his featured blogger last Thursday.

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Rape Drugs And Prostitution – One Blogger’s Journey To Success Wed, 18 Mar 2015 12:08:39 +0000   You may have thought that my guest today would fit my writing category, but the reason she she’s here on my personal development section...

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A Story Of Rape Recovery And Success


You may have thought that my guest today would fit my writing category, but the reason she she’s here on my personal development section is because she’s got an incredible story to share that could be so inspiring for many of you.

She agreed to share it on exclusivity on my blog.

So, before I let her tell you her story here is my custom quote for her…

Take a strong talented woman who’s been through hell and back with success at the end of the tunel, and you get Lorraine Reguly!


My life has not always been easy.

Nor has it always been pleasant.

Instead, it’s been filled with a lot of struggles, obstacles, and pain.

Some of it might have been my own fault but a lot of it was not. I know that now.

Pinpointing where it first went wrong is easy.

I was 14. And a virgin. And I was raped by a man over twice my age.


Rape Changes Everything

I was brought up in a fairly strict Catholic family, and I was taught to save my virginity for the man I was to marry, whoever he might be.

That choice was taken away from me in June 1985, two months before my 15th birthday, when I had a fight with my father, and ended up running away from home, jumping out my bedroom window to do so. I had an exam the next day, and so I packed my study notes in the biggest purse I owned, along with my make-up and other personal belongings. I didn’t intend stay gone forever, but I also had no clear-cut plan for the upcoming days either.

After exiting my window, I threw my purse to the ground and shimmied my way to the edge of the roof. Carefully maneuvering my body so that was only holding onto the rooftop with my hands, I took a deep breath and let my body go limp as I let go. I landed in a heap, unscathed.

I gathered myself and my purse and ran for all I was worth, down the block, towards Winston Hall, the apartment building where a few of my friends lived – and also where my mother was working, in the variety store in the basement, which she owned.

I ended up at Brian’s house. I was friends with both Brian and his younger brother, Paul.

Brian, I learned, had plans to spend the night at one of his friends’ house, camping in tent in the back yard. I asked if I could join them, and did. His friend – I can’t for the life of me recall his name – lived near a cemetery that was on a bus route, so I’d be able to catch the bus to school the next morning to write my exam. All was going well until the boys were caught with a girl in the tent . . . and I was forced to leave the property.

It was about eleven o’clock, extremely dark, and I had nowhere to go. I had little money and bus pass, but the bus on that route had stopped running.

I dug around in my purse, found my phone book, and called an older friend — Lorne — of an older friend — Debbie — whom I had met at Debbie’s apartment. He had given me his number and told me to call him sometime.

I phoned from the pay phone near the bus stop and explained my plight. He was in bed and didn’t feel like driving across the city to pick me up, so he instructed me to take a taxi to his place. He said he’d pay for the cab, too, and also give me a ride to school the next day.

I thought I was saved!

I was wrong. Boy, was I ever wrong.

When I got to Lorne’s house on Clayte Street, he paid the fare, as promised, then led me downstairs to his bachelor pad, where two large dogs greeted me. It consisted of a bathroom, a tiny kitchen nook, and a living room separated by a half-wall divider from a space that held his double bed and a couple of dressers. Even though it was nearly summertime, it was cold in the basement. The dogs didn’t seem very friendly, either. Perhaps they sensed I feared them. I’ve never liked big dogs, only small ones.

After noticing a couple of cushions on the couch, I asked for blanket, intending on hunkering down in the living room for the night. Lorne insisted I sleep in the bed with him. I didn’t want to, but he claimed not to have an extra comforter, and was adamant that there was enough room in the bed for both of us.

Feeling indebted to him, I complied, thinking we were simply going to get some shut-eye.

After getting settled, I tried to sleep, but it eluded me. It was hard to fall asleep in a strange place, in a strange bed, with a man who was practically a stranger to me. Debbie had refused to house me for the night, not wanting to jeopardize the future – I was her babysitter but I thought we were friends, too. Because of our friendship, I trusted Lorne.

Big mistake.

I found that out during the next hour.

First, I felt hands on my body. Then, a husky voice in my ear, as Lorne pulled me closer to him. Then kisses on my neck and face, searching out my lips.

Disgusted, I pushed him away. I protested his advances. I told him I was a virgin. He didn’t care. If anything, that turned him on even more.

He kept at me, and forced me into submission. I fought him every step of the way, but I wasn’t strong enough to protect myself. He covered my mouth with one of his hands as he disrobed me with the other, using the weight from his torso and legs as leverage.

He tried to make me give him oral sex. I’d never done that before. Heck, the only thing I had done up to that point was kiss a boy! I nearly threw up.

I was in tears, crying, as it dawned on me what began happening next. I was not only losing my virginity, but I was being raped, forced into intercourse against my will. I felt pain . . . and wetness, which I later discovered in the bathroom was blood from having my vagina ripped open.

Throughout most of the rape, I struggled, protested, and cried. I grew tired of fighting him and began praying for the whole ordeal to be over. Eventually, it was. Physically. Mentally, I was scarred for life.


Rape Replay

That evening has replayed itself over and over in my mind for years.

I will never forget that night as long as live, no matter how much I try to. And, trust me, I’ve tried.

I often wonder:

*What if I fought harder?

*What if I protested more?

*What if I didn’t run away from home in the first place? How would my life be different?

There are a lot of “What ifs.” Unfortunately, I’ll never know an alternate outcome.


Rape Shapes Your Future

Being raped changed my entire life. I no longer thought sex was the ultimate joy two people could share. My focus was lost, and I became severely depressed. I tried to commit suicide, but failed. I ended up quitting high school four times, each semester for two consecutive years.

I turned to drugs and promiscuity. These were my coping mechanisms. At age 16, I found a boyfriend, who was an alcoholic. I ended up pregnant.

I told my mom, too. I also told her I was considering having an abortion.

My mom then told me a story about Maureen. She dated one of my uncles, and I loved her dearly. I wanted her to become my aunt, too, but she got pregnant and had an abortion at my uncle’s behest. Ultimately, she married someone else. They wanted kids of their own. Because of what my uncle forced Maureen to do, however, she became unable to bear children. My mom explained that this was a risk I was going to be taking if I had an abortion.

I didn’t care. I never wanted kids anyway. Well, not totally true — I wanted twin girls. But what were the chances of that happening?

So I went ahead with the abortion. The day I had it was the happiest day of my life.

The guilt came later, and I often wonder if I killed not one but two babies.

Given Maureen’s experience, I didn’t think I’d ever get pregnant again.

When I was 17, I learned I was pregnant again. I decided to keep my half-Spanish baby. All I could think about was Maureen and how unfair it was that she couldn’t have a baby, but I could.

My son, Julian, made me grow up — fast!


Motherhood Changed Me Yet Again

When I had my son I was living on welfare. I wanted a better life for us than that, so I returned to school.

I graduated high school from a special program for single mothers, and earned numerous awards and scholarships. I was also accepted into the program of my choice and then attended university for 5 years, obtaining a B.A. and a B.Ed. (Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Education).

I moved away to work, and taught high school for three-and-a-half years. I was unhappy with my life, so I resigned and moved back to my hometown, returning to prostitution, which paid better than teaching did.

Two years later, I was then in an accident in which I nearly lost my right leg. I had major surgery to save it. Unfortunately, the accident caused my leg to become slightly deformed, and it will remain that way for the rest of my life.

I was already in a major depression, and this only added to my grief.

My suicidal thoughts returned. I was hospitalized for three long weeks. I was such a wreck that my son moved out and disowned me. For 3 long years we didn’t speak or see one another. During the first year, I used drugs again as my coping mechanism, and I ended up smoking crack for ten months. Losing my son was worse than being raped!

Yeah, my life has been rough. Like I said before, some of it was my fault, some of it was not.

I could’ve made better choices. I could’ve been a better mom. I could’ve done things differently.

Coulda, woulda, shoulda.


Getting It Together

In 2011, I got my shit together after one of my close friends moved away.

I stopped doing drugs.

I stopped hooking.

I started spending time with my parents.

My life was back on track.

I was no longer taking prescription medication for my bipolar disease, either. I didn’t need it. Getting off the drugs made that much better!


An Illness Re-unites Me and my Son

Then, one day, I got REALLY sick. I threw up for about twelve hours. The next day, my stomach hurt, but I thought it was from puking so much. By the following morning, I was in excruciating pain. I couldn’t get comfortable. I could barely move. It felt like I was dying.

The pain I felt was worse than being raped. It was more painful than my leg surgery. It was worse than losing my son. I didn’t know what was wrong, so I called 911, and was brought to the hospital.

After ten hours of testing, the three doctors I saw couldn’t find anything wrong.

Finally, they determined my appendix had burst, and I was rushed into surgery after being given the option of taking antibiotics and being sent home!

The doctor warned me she might have to cut me wide open. I instructed her to do whatever she had to do to save my life.

I spent six days in the hospital, and had an epiphany while there, after speaking with a 76-year-old lady, who was my “roomie” for two days.

I didn’t want my life to end. I wanted it to begin!

Most of all, I didn’t want to die without saying “goodbye” to my son.

So I hunted him down. I found out where he worked (he was still in the same city, thank God!), and I wrote him a letter.

He didn’t reply. After a month of waiting, I called him.

That phone call was tough, but it was a start. It lasted forty-five minutes. He wasn’t convinced I had changed, but he gave me the benefit of the doubt, and we talked every couple of weeks from then on.

Then we met for dinner. We became closer and closer again.

This re-connection process began in October of 2012.


How My Son Prompted Me to Succeed

In December, I asked him what he wanted for Christmas.

He told me to take that money and buy myself something I needed. So, even though I bought him several gifts, I also picked one up for myself: a book called The Writer’s Market.

(I had written a book in university and my prof encouraged me to publish it.)

In January 2013, I began a free blog, to get my name out there. I discovered I love blogging. Some of my early blog posts hit the number one spot on Google Search. I then learned about SEO, and how to be a better blogger. I even wrote an e-book, 20 Blog Post Must-Haves. Then I learned about self-publishing. I began earning money by freelancing, too.

In February 2014, Wording Well (my freelancing writing and editing business) was born. In June 2014, I independently published a book of short stories dealing with topics of identity, drugs, abuse, friendship and death — Risky Issues.

I’m currently working on Letters to Julian, and have already begun my autobiography.

I am living proof that you can go through hell several times over and still come out on top. All it takes is commitment to change, a bit of hard work, and persistence to succeed.

Now, clients seek me out. Bloggers want to feature me. I’m viewed as inspirational. My name is out there. Because I’ve learned so many new skills, I’ve added more services to my list, too!

And my son is proud of his mom once again.

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How To Write Magnetic Content For Your Target Market Mon, 16 Mar 2015 12:16:33 +0000   Have you ever answered a phone call and found yourself talking to telemarketer? Most of us hate that. Don’t we? But why do...

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How To Write Magnetic Content


Have you ever answered a phone call and found yourself talking to telemarketer?

Most of us hate that. Don’t we?

But why do we hate having to talk to a telemarketer?

Because we know that all they are interested in is selling us something.

They don’t care about who we are, and what we really need. Their only goal is to sell us whatever it is they are calling about.

Well, if you don’t like telemarketers, why do you do the same thing with your online content on your website or blog?

Maybe the reason why you’re not able to attract your ideal client is because your site/blog sounds like a telemarketer, rather than a smart business owner who can solve his or her potential customers’ needs.

So, how do you stop sounding like telemarketer who doesn’t care about his customers and become someone whose potential customers will fall in love with?

Well, it’s not that hard…

By twisting your content in such a way that they will get the message that while you are a business owner looking to generate an income with your customers’ business, you do have very high ethical standards and want the best for them.

Because you need to remember that at the end of day, people want to do business with you for them, not for you.

If your content is all about you and how great your product or service is compare to others out there, but you’re forgetting to address the needs of your visitors, by showing them what you can do for them, there is no reason why they would choose you over any of your competitors.

Here are some pointers to help you write magnetic content for your target market, and show your potential customers that you are a real human being behind your business, and why they should want to do business with you.


Listen to the Needs of your Potential Customer

A couple of days ago I made a phone call to a storage company in my neighborhood, because I going to need some space to pack the essential of my belongings before flying to Europe for a while.

What I liked right way about the person I was speaking with was his good listening skills.

He understood right away what I wanted and even told me that I needed something smaller than I thought.

He shopped around for me (online) and sent me to the best money saving facility in town, and reserved my spot until next Saturday without me making any down payment, and before I make my final decision.

This guy is very good at what he does, but it all started, because he’s a good listener.

In order to attract customers and clients, the first thing that you need to do is make sure that you listen to them well enough, so you’ll know what they need.  If you do this you’ll be better able to offer the perfect suggestions to them, and they will love you for it.

The best way to create content on your blog that will show to your potential customers that you’re a good listener is by watching closely the comments and suggestions your receive on your blog, and the questions that you may be getting through emails.

Pay close attention to those and address them on a regular basis in your business blog content.


Provide Quality and Value

No matter what you are selling; a physical product, a digital product or a service, what’s going to keep you in business is the quality of your work and how much value you provide.

Even if your business has been in existence for years, but suddenly the quality you’ve been providing so far was going down the drain, it wouldn’t be long before your customers realize that and leave you for one of your competitors while making sure they tell everyone around why they are leaving you.

So, quality is a must.

But how do show that through your content?

You show that quality and value is of importance to you by giving free advice that people can get just by landing on your blog.

Don’t worry, you do have plenty of valuable information that you could write about without giving your business away.

This is an excellent way to provide quality and value to your potential customer or client.

And if you don’t know how to do this, remember that I can do it for you…

I write in a way that people will fall in love with your product


Solve a Problem

The base of any business is that they solve a problem.

As long as your business solves a problem for someone, you will have business.

For example, with my freelance writing I solve several problems for my clients and potential clients.

  • I can write epic content for you
  • I can write in a way that people will fall in love with you product
  • I can write on schedule so you don’t have to worry about missing a week
  • I can make sure your article includes the right keywords
  • I can make sure that the potential client can clearly see the value that you’re bringing to them
  • I can make sure that your blog posts don’t ever sound like a desperate telemarketer
  • I can make sure that your article is speaking to your specific marketing avatar
  • I can pull a thousand word article in 15 minutes. After that is all about editing the first daft.

These are just a few things that I do as a freelance writer which solves my clients’ problems.

What problem do YOU solve?

Always make sure that the message is clear about what problem you solve for your potential customer. You don’t want to attract the whole world to your business, but you do want to attract specific individuals who need your specific products or services.


Offer Stellar Customer Service

Your job doesn’t end once you get a new customer or client. Far from it.

You have to be willing to offer stellar customer service, making sure that you are available to help your customers along the way by answering their questions or addressing their concerns.

An outstanding customer service is going to be your best bet for repeat business, and referrals for more business.

Customer service starts right at your blog.

Make sure that you have your blog comments enable, so people can not only ask questions but even communicate with each other as well as learn from replies to other comments.  The comment area of your blog works pretty much like a forum, and it’s very valuable to your online presence and your business as a whole.

Needless to say that you have to reply to the comments on your blog in a timely manner. If you can’t do it yourself, then it’s important that you put someone in charge of that.

This is how you can show your first time visitors that you are serious about customer service, answering questions and concerns as well as giving advice when necessary.


Offer Guarantees

The reason you always hear things like “we’ll give you a 60 day guarantee” in those infomercials or at the bottom of those long sales pages is because potential customers and clients love to have a guarantee that what they’re paying for is worth their money, and just in case it doesn’t work out they can get their money back.

Whatever business you’re in you are not always going to be able to guarantee everything, right?

But you are going to be able to guarantee some of the things you provide.

For example, I can guarantee you the 8 listed items above as writer, but I can’t guarantee you how many clients my article will bring you, or how many customers you will be able to get with such and such blog post, because those are things that are impossible to guarantee.

It’s the same thing with your own business. You’re not going to be able to guarantee what’s impossible to guarantee, but you really need to make people feel at ease by guaranteeing what you can.


Your Turn…

So, what do you  have to say about all that?

Are you a business owner who could use some help writing magnetic content for your target market?

If so, let me know.

Or lead the conversation bellow…

I write in a way that people will fall in love with your product



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Life Is A journey Are Your Satisfied With Yours? Wed, 11 Mar 2015 12:35:28 +0000   You know what they say, right? Life is a journey, not a destination, When you’re younger you may hear those words, but they...

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Life is a journey are you satisfied with yours

You know what they say, right?

Life is a journey, not a destination,

When you’re younger you may hear those words, but they don’t really mean anything to you.

I mean really…

If you’re 20 years old and you hear this statement, what does that mean  to you?

As you grow older, however, you start seeing the picture.

You start seeing that life has different stages.

But what does this all mean?

So, let’s talk about that today.

By the way, if you want to find out if coaching is for you, remember that I offer 30 minute free consultations.

Stage One – Childhood

You’re first stage in life is when you’re a child and where everything you’re allowed to see, think and eat is basically given to you by the adults around you.

At that stage there is very little room for expansion of your true self, in a way.

In my case, I can’t even complain, for someone my age growing up between the 70’s and early 80’s I had a pretty cool mother, who rarely said no to me, except for a few things of course.

But for the most part, I was fortunate with the mother God gave me, and I thanked him on a regular basis.

Yes, even as a child.

Because I always felt that she was just the right parent for me.

Actually, it may be because of the way I was raise that I develop the free spirit adult that I am today, and that allowed me to get acquainted with things such as the law of attraction, the subconscious mind and all this food stuff, that some people may call “new age”, but which is really knowledge that helps you grow in life.

As you probably know by now, if you’ve been following my blog, the way you were raised has probably affected your subconscious mind quite a bit. That’s inevitable, no matter who you are.

Unless you were raised by the perfect parent, you are going to have some positive beliefs, habits, and other directions in our life, and some not so much so.

That’s why we all need to grow in one way or another. And that’s why most people can really benefit from coaching.

Stage Two – Adolescence

Then, comes those few adolescence years.

Those are the shortest ones (or the less numerous ones) but they are very important as well.

When you’re an adolescent you’re not a child anymore, but you are still very fragile, because you’re not an adult yet either.

Actually until age 16 your subconscious programming is still very active, so to speak, and some of the things that you are going to learn or things that are going to happen to you, good or bad, until around that age, will pretty much stick around for the rest of your life as well.

Adolescence is a fragile time, and a key moment in our life, but unfortunately not one where we are strong and mature enough for the most part.

This is a time in our life when our reasoning is not the best, by any mean, and this is a time we often look back on later in life and say, what was I thinking?

Well, it’s because, as an adolescent we don’t do much thinking. We tend to do thing and think later.

This is a time where we need good parental guidance, more than ever before and after, in our whole life.

If you are a parent, you really need to be conscious of that.

Stage Three – Young Adulthood

Young adulthood is where you are going to get your higher education, start your career, get into what you love, hopefully, and go from there.

But this is what I would call best case scenario.

It’s not the case for all of us, far from it.

It certainly wasn’t mine.

As a matter of fact, this is the time where you’re going to see many trials and errors, and where errors might outnumber the trials.

We can only wish we had the brain of a 40 year old when we’re 20, but that just doesn’t happen that way.

When you’re 20, you’re 20, and you are going to make the mistakes that 20 year old people make.

However, many of those mistakes are part of the journey. They are inevitable and even necessary for your learning and maturing.

This journey can easily last 10-15 years.

However, this is an excellent time to consult a coach if you feel that you need guidance in any way.

Stage Four – More Mature Adulthood

Then, one day, you’re turning 40, and if you are like many people who have turned 40 before, you are going to feel a shift.

In not so many words, you are not going to take the crap you’ve been taking thus far with the same ease.

You are going to feel something like, OK, that’s enough with that.

It’s called midlife crisis.

Yes, it’s real.

Have you had a midlife crisis?

I know I did.

My life did take a drastic turn right around 40.

This midlife crisis is not imaginary, and it has a reason for existing.

It’s because by the beginning of the second part of your life, the spiritual YOU is becoming bigger, than the physical you.

That is why most people feel a shift at that time.

They start realizing, and feeling things differently…

  • Maybe you’re not accepting some things that you were accepting before.
  • Maybe you’re deciding to take your life in a new direction.
  • Maybe you’re feeling like you are going to explode if you stay in that relationship or job.
  • Maybe you’re starting to feel like, you’re too old for this now, but in a good way.

By the way, that midlife crisis doesn’t necessarily happen exactly at 40. It can happen anywhere between 40 and 50 years old I would say. It depends on the person’s evolution and growth.

When you feel that shift, it’s actually a good sign.

It’s the sign that you are growing right on the clock.

It’s part of the journey.

This is probably the BEST time to consult with a coach, if you feel that you are ready for something new, something better or something different at this point.

Where are you in your Life Right Now?

One thing that I always say is that I wish that I knew at least half of the things I know now, when I was in my twenties.

I feel that it would have saved me lots of headaches, and heartaches.

But I also know that whatever happened to me when I was in my twenties and thirties made me who I am today.

But I could certainly have used some wise guidance, that you don’t really get from your parents, because they are not experts in success, even though they tried their best.

No matter how old you are, and where you are in your life, right now, you might beneficiate from someone who could guide you.

When I was in my early 20 I remember reading my first personal development book, because even though it took another 15+ years until I started to really get involved with personal development matters, I was already showing signs of a thrust for truth, so to speak.

But back then there was no access to internet yet, and life coaches where not as easy to find as they are today.

But truth be told, if I had had access to the type of information that we have access to today, I would have loved to consult with someone that could help me and maybe answer some of the questions that I already had back then.

So, what about you?

Where are you in your journey right now?  Are you satisfied with it?

If you are, that’s great, but if you are not, then there is plenty of help and resources you can access to today.

For one thing, you can start by filling up the form below, and get my 7 day coaching eCourse.

You can also leave your questions and comments below.

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Your Content May Not Be King – Discover Why and How to Create Epic Content Mon, 09 Mar 2015 11:46:09 +0000   This is the second Monday of the month, which means that it’s guest post time. Today, I am very proud to introduce you to a wonderful...

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Content May Not Be King


This is the second Monday of the month, which means that it’s guest post time.

Today, I am very proud to introduce you to a wonderful guy, which some of you already know.  

Here is my custom quote for my guest today!

Take a smart, motivated, and dedicated business man who knows what business is in, and you get Don Purdum.


Do a search on Google for the term “content is king” and you will find thousands upon thousands of websites and blogs proclaiming this truth to the ends of the earth.

But I have a sad truth for you… content may not be your king.

In fact, content may be your worst enemy. It may be the very thing that is keeping customers away.

How can that be? It doesn’t make any sense. If I write it they will come; right?

Not necessarily! In fact, they may not come at all.

Content is only king when someone values content as king. Otherwise, it’s just words on a screen that no one is reading because the quality of the content is not keeping up with the demands of the time in which we live.

Long gone are the days you can throw up 300 word articles about your business or how great your product or service is; and then just expect people to fill out the forms or call you just so they can give you their hard earned money.

That’s a mindset that is still getting a lot of business websites and blogs in trouble.

What people want and need today is vastly different than what they wanted just twelve months ago.

I’ll tell you the secret if you really want to know what they want.

They want to know that:

  • You understand them and can communicate to them that you care.
  • That you are competent and know what you are talking about.
  • You can help them with an issue or problem they can’t solve themselves.
  • You can give them what they want or need.


This seems like such common sense doesn’t it? But if it is why aren’t businesses doing it?

Businesses that blog and bloggers that blog for money seem to only care about one thing and it’s obvious; they care about making money.

Is there anything wrong with making money? Not AT ALL!

In fact, I want us all to get wealthy doing what we love and are good at doing.

But people don’t buy from us because we want them to!

They buy from us for their own selfish reasons and there is not one thing wrong with that either. It’s our job to find out what that is and then communicate that we understand them, care about them and want to do something for them.

What business owners, entrepreneurs and bloggers have forgotten is that they don’t have businesses that exist for them; they have businesses that exist for those whom they serve. It’s not about you, it’s about them.

So if it’s not about you; why are so many businesses creating content that spends so much time talking about themselves and how great they are?

Let’s talk about how to create content that is king and that will allow others to talk about us so that we don’t have to talk about ourselves.


How to Define Content that is King

The best content in the world puts an emphasis on others. So many bloggers and businesses that blog are good at writing but not necessarily good at communicating. Communicating well means you are very clear and concise about your business.

If you ever feel that you are at a loss of words to tell someone what you do then you are not clear.

If you notice that you are sharing your business or you’re telling someone what you do and they are zoning out or they walk away and don’t talk to you again, or if people are spending very little time on your website or blog when they find it; you may not be clear.

Clarity is your friend but when you don’t have it all you really have left is confusion and confusion is the enemy of clarity.

It’s not about having something to say it’s about having something meaningful to say.

If you’re going to create content that is king then it has to mean something to those who consume your content.

You have to create epic content that relates to your prospects and customers:

  • What needs or problems do they have?
  • What are some reasons why people need what you offer?
  • Tell stories and use examples of how you can help them.


A few months ago I was approached on LinkedIn by a person who is starting a youth expo for sports leagues.

I listened intently at our first meeting as he explained how frustrated he was by the lack of response he was getting.

It was really obvious to me that if he does this right he could be sitting on top of an incredible business where sponsors will pay top dollar, vendors will pay for access to the audience, and the audience will pay to attend.

The concept is genius and virtually no one is doing it!

He said to me:

“Don, I don’t get it. I have a tool that can help every sports league make more money to help more kids play organized sports who can’t afford it. But I’m not getting any responses.”

I said to him; “It seems compelling and interesting. If I were a President of a youth sports league you would have my interest. What are you sharing?”

When we were done and I could show him my notes, he could see that we talked about virtually everything but funding sports leagues to help kids.

We talked about:

  • Childhood obesity and solving that problem.
  • Frustrated parents who have kids with physical problems due to inactivity.
  • The effects of inactive kids in education.
  • Coaching clinics to improve a coaches coaching skills.

It wasn’t until 30 minutes later we talked about kids who want to play sports but their parents cannot afford for them to play.

All the other things were good, but they are not the core message of his startup and these things were confusing to his audience.

How do the four items above relate to helping youth sports organizations with the funding issue? They don’t and that was his problem.

Now, I concede that these all important but they are not the focus of his organization. They may be part of the expo as a benefit during the event to help draw in a crowd, but they are not the expo’s purpose.

My friend knows he has a great product, he just wasn’t clear on how to message it well; until now!

Five weeks later has clarity and focus so that he can (in order):

  • Talk to a large local indoor sports facility about hosting the expo in an inspirational and persuasive manner as he seeks a venue for the event in the spring of 2016.
  • Start networking with area youth sports leagues to get to know them and share how he can solve this one major problem for them.
  • Begin advertising and marketing the expo both online and offline through the leagues.

If he had continued going down the road he was headed, he would have crashed hard and failed miserably.

Here is my question for you:

Are you really clear about your business and how your website visitors, blog readers, podcast listeners, video watchers, etc., understand how you make a difference in their world broadly and specifically for them?

If you have put the cart ahead of the buggy of course something bad is going to happen. Yet, that is what is happening all of the time to a lot of businesses who are marketing online (fyi, it has the same effect offline).

If you want epic content that others perceive is king, then you must start learning how to get into the heads of your readers, prospects and customers and give them a reason to consume and engage with your content; and you must give them a reason to buy from you!

Your content is only king if your readers think it is! If people really want your content then to them it is king. How do you evaluate it and know if your content is king or not:

  1. Is anyone buying from you? That’s the most important metric!
  2. Is your traffic growing and do you have a healthy blend of new visitors and returning visitors?
  3. Are you creating a culture where people can engage with you through your comments and ask questions?
  4. Are you networking with influencers online in your industry or field and are they regularly engaging with you and your content?
  5. Is your content being shared on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google+?
  6. Can you clearly see in your analytics where some articles are spiking high in view over other articles?

Don’t fall for the line that content is king. It’s not all king as we know, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be if you’re willing to work on your business and learn the things that make great content from your readers point of view.

The best businesses in the world of all sizes know what business they are “really” in and are very, very clear about whom they are and how they serve their audience.

Are you clear?

I would love to hear your thoughts and engage with you. Please interact with me in the comments below and let’s have a conversation about it.

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Dual Citizenship What You Need To Know If You Have 2 Passports Fri, 06 Mar 2015 13:43:13 +0000 We’re standing in line at the French custom at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris. There are two lines. Once has the sign French...

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Dual Citizenship Using 2 Passports

We’re standing in line at the French custom at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris.

There are two lines. Once has the sign French citizens, the other, Foreigners.

That’s how my husband and I (now ex) ended up in two separate lines.

I got in the French citizen line, and he had to go in the foreigner’s line.

I waited for him on the French territory side a good 15-20 minutes before he appeared.

That experience alone taught me to ALWAYS make sure to travel with my French passport wherever I travel, not only to France, but to any European country.

But this is only a fun true story to illustrate how cool it is to have a passport from the country you’re going to,  but there are more serious reasons why it’s handy.

In this post I want to give you some guidance about how and when to use your passports, so you will always be better off, rather than getting yourself in a mess, because you don’t know what you’re doing.

But first let’s clarify a few things for those who don’t know about this yet.


Having two Passports (dual citizenship) is Totally Legal

I know it may sound strange to some people, but having more than one passport is totally legal.

I am a French citizen and an American citizen, thus I have 2 passports.

Both my French and American passports were about to expire, so I had to renew them both at about the same time.

I had to fly to Atlanta, GA this past November to renew my French passport, and I renewed my American passport this past month.

Even though my French passport was actually made in France and sent back to the US, it took about the same amount of time for me to get my French passport as it did my American one.

I thought that was really interesting.

So now I’m all set, and I can fly to Italy or any country of the 28 European countries that are part of the European Union headache free.

What does this mean for anyone who has an American passport and a passport from any of those countries?

Well, in short it means lots of freedom and much fewer hassles.


6 Benefits of Dual Citizenship and Carrying 2 Passports


1 – Fast Check Points

As my little true story illustrated above, with two passports, you’re bound to go through check points much faster.

It’s actually pretty cool to hear the clerk say “welcome home” both when you enter your European country and when you get back to the United States.

It makes it so well worth it to have to pay for two passports instead of one.

However, there are few important things to remember, if you’re carrying two passports in your handbag.

  • Never travel abroad without both your passports.
  • Always show the passport of your home country in that country.
  • Remember that you are not two people. You are one person with a dual citizenship. Governments are able to know anything about you by name, birthday, and birth place. Not by citizenship.

2 – Citizenship Benefits All Over Europe for EU Passport Holders

As a holder of a European Union passport, you are totally free to stay in any of EU (European Union) member country, as long as you want without the need of a visa.

No visa or working permit application to fill out, and no questions asked.

In my case, for example, even though my European passport is issued in France, I can work indefinitely in Italy, Spain, Germany, Ireland, the United Kingdom, and any other country of the European Union.

Isn’t that cool?

Not only that, but with that other passport of yours, you’ll be able to open a bank account,  potentially get health insurance benefits and even education, if you chose to do so.


3 – Freedom of Choice (as long as you’re smart about it)

Having two passports let’s you choose which passport to show at any given time. But here is the EXCEPTION…

Each time you leave and enter the United States, just remember to show your American passport.

Remember to always show that home passport in that home country.

Show the same passport if you fly from the US to a foreign country you do not have a citizenship in , such as a country in Latin.

For example, if I fly from the US to Mexico, I’ll show my American passport in the US as well as Mexico.

But on the other hand, if I go to Europe, once I’m in Europe I’ll show my French/European passport.

Even though you are ALSO an American citizen, if you show your European passport on the American soil, they won’t know that, and they will ask you for your visa.

Or worse even, like it happened to French friend of mine, you show them your French passport, and you say, Oops, I’ve shown you the wrong passport, and you get that American passport out of that other pocket, and flash it under their nose.

No, you didn’t?

Well, yes, my friend sure did.

So, what happens now?

Well,  they find this strange, so they pull you to side, or even take you to a room where they are going to ask you a bunch of questions, until they realize that THEY are the idiots, and that NO, you’re not a criminal.

Hopefully, by then you did missed you flight.

This type situation does happen at times.

And it certainly did happen to someone I know. So make sure it never happens to you.

I ALWAYS remember that I NEVER have to tell the American clerk that I’m French, and I NEVER have to tell the French clerk that I’m also American.


Because it’s not even relevant to them.

So be smart, and you’ll be fine.


4 – Multiple Embassy Choices

If you were to be in a country that is foreign to both your passports, you’ll still have at least two embassies you could go to if you needed refuge, or if you needed to go there for any reason.

Just use the correct language for the embassy you choose.

As soon as I entered the French Embassy/consulate in Atlanta, it was French speaking all the way.  And when I asked that woman if I had to put the date the French way or the American way, she looked at me like I was an idiot.

Oops my bad. I agree it was a stupid question.

For a fleeting moment I had forgotten that I was on French territory.

Oh well, it can happen when you’re in Atlanta, GA.

5 – Safer

In Some countries, Americans can be a target, while a European may not. If you happen to go to a country where Americans are not always welcome, you can always use your other passport.

This is one reason, I’m so glad I was born in a country that allows you to keep your original citizenship, no matter how many other citizenships you may acquire.

Actually, the French government totally disregards the fact that I’m American.

As I like to say, once French, always French.


6 – Avoid the Reciprocity Fee

Reciprocity fee is an entry fee that some countries around the world (usually non-European countries) are charging Americans citizens to enter their country.

The reason they do this is because the American government makes it very difficult and costly to them (their citizens), to enter the United States, so it’s give back time for them.

If you have another passport than your American one (such as a European passport), it would be in your best interest to use that passport instead to avoid that fee which can be around $150-$200 per person.


Remember – Be Smart when Using your Multiple Passport Privileges

The rule of thumb when you travel with 2 or more passports is to shut your mouth.

Not because you’re doing something wrong – YOU ARE NOT – it’s 100% legal for anyone holding passports from countries that recognize dual citizenship status, but you can’t assume that the airport clerks are knowledgeable on the matter.

You’d be surprised, but a lot of times they’re not.

That’s why my friend spent like an hour in that room, being questioned like a criminal, just because he had shown two passports instead of one.

It’s only when they finally got the information that you would assume they were trained and knew about, that they let him go.

There’s only about 1% of the world’s population that is traveling with two passports. It’s not the most common thing, even in airports, so chances are your little airport clerk is not one of them, and hasn’t read this article yet.

Bottom line, they don’t know.

Having dual citizenship is an extreme privilege,  and I am so thankful to be one of those few in this world to have that. But if you’re like me, you need to remember those things.

And as long as I know what I’m doing, I know I’ll be OK, enjoying my citizenship(s) to the full.

So, be smart and be prepared.

Bon voyage.

But before you go, leave your comments bellow!

I know how to use my knowledge and put it in beautiful words for your business blog!



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Are You Responsible For The Way People Act Towards You? Wed, 04 Mar 2015 13:14:23 +0000 Have you ever trusted someone who turned out to be not so trustworthy after all? Have you ever thought you knew someone so well,...

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Are you responsible for the  way people act towards you

Have you ever trusted someone who turned out to be not so trustworthy after all?

Have you ever thought you knew someone so well, but yet they did something you’d never thought they would do?

Have you ever had a friend who turned out to be not so much of a friend at all?

Have you ever given at lot of yourself to someone, only to get kicks in the butt as pay back?

Have you ever felt unappreciated?

Have you ever fell in love with someone who didn’t even notice you?

Have you ever experienced any of the above?

If you have, take heart, you’re not alone.

I can say that I have experienced ALL of the above and some, at one time or another in my life.

But this is called life.

We all experience good things and bad things.

But we wouldn’t be able to appreciate the good if we didn’t know what bad is.

So, even amongst the bad experiences that we go through, there’s always a good lesson at the end of the day.

But at times that lesson can be well hidden, or it may be years until you get it.


The reason why I wanted to write about this topic today, is that last week I was given an answer that was game changer to me.

All of a sudden, it was as if someone had taken a tick veil from in front of my eyes.

It was exciting. It was mind boggling. Yes, it was life changing.

But whatever the case may be, there are a few important facts that you need to keep in mind when it comes to how people act towards you, because when you get that, you will already feel so much better.


3 Most Important Things to Keep in Mind

The first most important thing you need to understand is that not everything is your fault.  Because what people think of us, and how they act toward us, is none of our business.

The second most important thing is that as long as you’re trying to do your best out there, you don’t have to worry about what other people think or do.

And the third most important thing is that as long as you do not fully understand what your subconscious mind projects onto other people’s mind, it’s only normal that you’re not going to understand why people react the way they do towards you at times.

So, the quick answer to the question, are you responsible for the way people act towards you?

I would say, yes, and no. Let me explain…


Not Everything is your Fault

While I’m a strong advocate of taking responsibility for our results, as well as the law of attraction.  And let’s not forget the fact that  I’m more than convinced that we attract (unconsciously) most of what comes to us, we are not responsible for EVERYTHING that happens to us.

I don’t know if it’s because we entered the month of March, but I’ve done a lot of deep thinking this week.

The month of March has been really tough on me.

How tough?

– My father died on March 26.

– My mother died on March 31 (this past year)

– My 4 legged child. My lovely cat, Sophie, was diagnosed with cancer this past year, on March 6, just as I was lying in bed for a whole week with some type of flu that lasted the first 9 days of March.

So, I guess it’s only natural that this first week of March has been a bit difficult for me, emotionally.

But, you see, none of these were my fault.

I had no control over any of that.

If anything, each of these terrible events made me stronger, and even made me feel my strength through my grief.

But I can’t BE or FEEL responsible for any of that.

Because not everything that happens to me is my fault.

How does this apply to you?

Don’t feel that you are responsible for what happens to you all the time, consciously or subconsciously. 

Some things happen to you to make you stronger, and some things happen to others that you happen to be related to and love.  Thus it’s bound to touch you.

But whatever happens, happens to be their story, their life, their death, their moving on…

Not yours.

So, you need to remember that not everything is about you, and not everything is your fault in any way, shape or form.

At times people are going to act a certain way towards you, and you will have nothing to do with it. It could just be them.

At times, they may have the problem, not you.


Don’t Worry So Much

Don’t worry so much about what other people think, do or do not do.

It took me quite a while to learn that, but you can only be hurt by someone as much as you let them.

And by the way, I’m not just saying that. I’m an expert at it.

How expert?

Because I’ve been in a couple of very difficult relationships. The kind of relationships that if you didn’t dig your strength from the inside, you’d probably have to take drugs to ease the emotional pain. Or simply become totally nuts.

But I never did.

Because I believed in my inner strength.

Not only I have a strong personality, but I KNOW that I’m strong.

For one thing, as someone who believes in God, in a Higher Power, I just know that God wouldn’t have let all the things that I went through happened to me, if I wasn’t strong enough to take them.

Interestingly, my mom always used to say, “God doesn’t give you more than you can take.” I don’t know how far back this saying goes, but it ‘s definitely a true one.

I feel that if God let those things happened to me, it’s because I could take them. And not only that, but learn and grow from them too.

Now, today, I’m convinced that I attracted those type relationships because of some subconscious issues, but yet again, that doesn’t make me responsible for the way those people acted. The way they acted towards me was their problem, not mine.

What does this mean to you?

If you have had or still have a tendency to attract Mr or Mrs wrong, it’s not your fault.  No one is responsible for being treated poorly by their husband, wife or anyone else they may be living with.  You don’t need to feel that you are being punished in any way.


You are Attracting Some Situations by Default

When it comes to how people act and react towards us, beside the fact that some people will just be jerks no matter what, we tend to attract the type reactions that we “subconsciously expect.”

As I was saying earlier on this article, I have had two tremendous revelations about me lately from a clairvoyance session I went through (and make sure you don’t misunderstand the word “clairvoyance here).

While I’m not going to talk about any details on this today, I found out that I have been giving some of  my power and energy to other people around me who actually used that power against me.

For those who may be puzzled at this point, I need to tell you that I’m going through a serious emotional, spiritual and even financial shift in my life right now, and that’s why I’m getting some incredible information about me that are pure Aha moments for me.

I am going through some serious game changers. A total turn around.

And this revelation I’v got, was probably the MOST powerful piece of information I was given in my whole life.

I’ve meditated on it this whole week, and it simply changed my life. But I want to make sure you understand that I didn’t get to that point overnight. It took some spiritual and emotional growth to get here.

Now you’re wondering why I am so sure that God is on my side?

You bet he is. I have no doubt about that what-so-ever.

But the thing is that because of some subconscious programming that I’ve been carrying around my whole life, I caused (by default) some people to act a certain way towards me.

Even though it came from my own subconscious mind, my own energy and emotions, it wasn’t my fault.

What does this mean to you?

If you don’t get help, you may never find out why things and people seem to be the way they are around you.

If you are looking for someone to help you this way, I may just be that person.

If you want to learn more about that, why don’t you contact me for your 30 minute Free session?

In the meantime, you can leave your questions and comments below.


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4 Marvelous Places Where You Can Find Writing Ideas Mon, 02 Mar 2015 14:58:48 +0000 It’s hard to write outstanding content, week after week, isn’t it? Yes, I know. I mean, even if writing comes easy to you, it...

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4 Marvelous Places Where You Can Find Writing Ideas

It’s hard to write outstanding content, week after week, isn’t it?

Yes, I know.

I mean, even if writing comes easy to you, it doesn’t happen on its own. Does it?

– You have to make time.

– You have to be inspired in some way.

– You have to sit down and come up with at least 1,000 words for a blog post these days.

And writing something that makes sense is simply not enough. Your article has to be original, valuable, memorable, attractive, easy to understand… You name it.

That’s a rather demanding task, don’t you think?

That’s why writing blog posts week after week is not easy.

As a matter of fact, it’s challenging.

The blogger’s life is tough.


Don’t underestimate yourself. You are one of those people who needs to write all the time for their business.

You just don’t give yourself enough credit, like other type writers do. And maybe you’re not recognized enough for what you do.

But let me tell you.

What you’re doing week in and week out is not easy. Because writing occasionally is nothing, but writing all the time… it’s HARD.

But there is hope…


4 Marvelous Places to Find Writing Ideas?

This being said, let’s pretend for a moment, that you know about those 4 marvelous places where you can always find writing ideas.

What are they?

Well, they are the subject of this article today.

So, make sure you read and save it for later (just in case).

Did you think they were 4 physical places?

Well, sorry if I mislead you for a moment, but those places can be found anywhere you live, anywhere you go, and at any time of the day or night.

Those 4 places are ALWAYS available to you 27/7.

Because they are:

  • Your knowledge
  • Your memory
  • Your observation
  • Your imagination

So, let’s analyze them one by one carefully.


Your Knowledge

Knowledge can include two things.

  • Knowledge is what you already know about your field, your business, and other things. It’s your database.
  • Knowledge is what you learn when doing research.

Whether you are a college student, a business owner, or a stay at home mom, it doesn’t matter.

Your knowledge is huge.

Give yourself some credit.

But, where do you start using your knowledge to find writing ideas?


Take a notebook, and start writing a list of what you know.

It’s time to scrutinize your knowledge database, and without over thinking too much, just start writing down areas where you have knowledge.

It doesn’t have to be done in one day. Actually it shouldn’t. These thing takes time.

Keep that notebook handy at all time, and write down snippets about what you know as it comes to you.

You don’t have to be an expert in any of them.  Simply take notes of them as they come.

For example:

  • I’m not an expert in SEO, but I have some f knowledge about it.
  • I’m not an expert in child rearing, but I have some knowledge about it.
  • I’m not an expert in gardening, but I have some knowledge about it.

Do you see where I’m coming from here?

That’s why you need to keep this notebook handy and fill it up over the coming weeks, months and even years.

Don’t underestimate note taking of this sort, because more often than not such notes will be responsible for writing ideas. They can inspire you to write…

  • Complete articles
  • Introductions
  • Examples
  • Conclusions
  • Analogies.
  • Lessons
  • Illustrations…

… And more.

Your notes about knowledge will be handy to find ideas to write about.

Anytime you are facing with the blank page, wondering what to write this week, all you have to do is look into that precious notebook, and something is bound to spring from those notes and translate into an article that will be useful to your readers.

Then, it’s up to you to use your writing skills to turn your article into great content for your business.

 I write epic content for business owners

Your Memory

Now, I hear what you’re saying; isn’t my knowledge the same as my memory?

No, it isn’t.

Of course your knowledge is part of your memory, but your memory, in turn, may have nothing to do with knowledge.

It’s just memory.

  • It’s something you went through.
  • It’s experiences you had.
  • It’s stories of your life.

Good things, bad things, anything…


But what does memory have to do with writing, you may ask?

Well, a lot.

Memory can be used pretty much like knowledge.

You can use your memory to spark an article idea, or even a book idea.

Memory is one of the best friend of the writer, no matter what you write.

We have an amazing brain that stored everything since we were about 2 years old.

And if you know how to reach into your subconscious, you can even go before that, but I digress.

Let’s say you have an easy access to your memory that starts at 2-4 years of age. That’s some database right there, if you ask me.

Everything is in there…

  • What lesson you learned
  • What makes you feel good
  • What makes you feel bad
  • Experiences you could use for your topic at hand
  • What could support your point
  • What you could use to illustrate your subject
  • What you could use to spark your writing in any way, shape or form

Take that notebook and write down those “memory chunks” that will take you there any time you need it.

When you’re searching for writing ideas, read through your memory notes.

I use my memory database often, to come up with writing ideas.

Our memory database is a great helper, but it can only help if we use it.

The best way to use it, is to have it written down somewhere you can look into when you need it, because even though it’s in your head at all times, it may not be available, unless you SEE it at the time you need it.


Your Observation

You know what is the first thing they teach you in drama school?

Well, you might not have been in any drama class before, but I’ll tell you.

The first thing they teach you in drama school, which will serve you as THE BEST acting tool, ever, it’s to learn to observe.

And by the way, that includes your 5 senses.

  • What you see
  • What you hear
  • What you touch
  • What you smell
  • Even how and what you speak


If you become a good observer, you can actually improve your memory, and attention to details quite a bit. That’s why I have an excellent memory and a HUGE attention to detail skill.

Yes, observation will help you come up with marvelous ideas to write about. It will help you with prompts, introductions, topics, and so forth.

– You could be observing someone at the cash register in a store, and come up with ideas.

– You could be observing birds flying overhead, and come up with ideas.

– You could be observing how someone speaks, how something feels to the touch, and how it smells, and come up with ideas.

Not only for writing novels as you may be thinking, but useful for bloggers to write interesting, and original articles, just like your readers are asking for.

So, just as you did with your knowledge and memory bank, you could jot down whatever it is that you observe that is worthy of note taking.


 I write epic content for business owners

Your Imagination

Now, this one may be the hardest one for what we call left-brain people.

The reason for this is that if you are more of a “left-brain” person you tend to be more logical, orderly, analytical, and systematic, than if you are a “right-brain” person which tends to be more creative, imaginative, artistic and spontaneous.

Now, I’m not going to pretend, and if you know me a little bit, you probably guessed by now. I am more of a right-brain person.

So, here I’m talking more to the left-brain person.

One thing you need to remember is that while we, as individuals, tend to be more one or the other, we most definitely all have a FULL working  brain, (at least I hope) and we can, at any time, fetch from that other side of our brain that is less familiar to us.

One thing that you need to remember is that when you were a baby, a toddler, and even a small child, your right brain was way more active than your left brain. No matter how left-brain a person you are now.

So, if you are a left-brain person as an adult, you may want to relearn how to exercise your right brain more, with 3 easy exercises that will help you.


3 Exercises to Train the Creative Side (right side) of your Brain (your imagination)

1) Try to use your non-dominant hand as much as you can throughout the day

For example, comb your hair, brush your teeth, eat, do your cleaning, use the mouse of your computer, turn on the lights, jot down notes… with your non-dominant hand for a few minutes each day.

Try to do as many tasks as possible using your non-dominant hand for a while, and see what happens after a while.


2) Walk backward

Do this exercise once a day.

Make sure nothing is behind you, and walk backward for a minute or so.

Then if it’s safe, walk backward with your eyes close.

I do a lot of walking in parks, and I always try to find a safe place where I can walk backwards for 2-3 minutes.

This is an excellent exercise to train your right brain.


3)  Squatting

Now this is a fun little exercise that will help develop your right brain in my ways.

Align your feet about 20 inches apart.

Grab your left earlobe between your right thumb and right index finger.

Grab your right earlobe with your left thumb and left index finger.

Then bend your knees in a squat position, and stand back up.

While holding your earlobes with opposite hands, squat and stand, back and forth for 2-3 minutes.

Do this once a day for 3-5 minutes at the time.


I hope you enjoyed this article, but most of all, if you feel that you could use more great ideas to write about on a regular basis, take note of this and apply those tips.

If you take this seriously and really do this, you will come up with better and more original articles.

It’s your turn now. Let people know what you think about this in your comment below.


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 photo b90171f2-d3ad-4ab1-bfa4-6faa2f3b57c4_zpsw6l3j7ke.png
Thank you to Don Purdum for inviting me to guest post on his blog.

Thank you to Andrew Warner to ask me to contribute to his blog post.

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Giving Back To 12 Inspiring Bloggers Fri, 27 Feb 2015 14:57:51 +0000 I was rewarded the Very Inspiring Bloggers Board award few weeks ago,  and since I’ve accepted it, it’s my turn to give back to 12 inspiring...

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12 Very Inspiring Blgogers

I was rewarded the Very Inspiring Bloggers Board award few weeks ago,  and since I’ve accepted it, it’s my turn to give back to 12 inspiring bloggers, and to tell you 7 things you (didn’t know) about me.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to accept his award. I won’t take it personally.

I wasn’t sure in which one of the three categories of my blog I should post this, but since yesterday I was without power for the better part of the day, I kind of got behind with my scheduled post.

So I thought that this was the perfect time to take my turn to spread this award that I received and give back.


It happens that Lorraine Reguly from Wording Well mentioned me as one of the bloggers who has inspired her.

As Lorraine said in her own awarding post, rewards may not mean much for seasoned bloggers, (but frankly, it should, as no one should think so much of themselves).

Rewards and recognition are ALWAYS good in my book.

So, I accepted that reward which meant that I had to follow the rules, and in turn, tell you the rules of this game.


If you accept this nomination, you are asked to follow the rules attached to the Very Inspiring Blogger Award wish are the following:

  • Thank the person who nominated you by linking to his/her blog.
  • Display the award logo somewhere in your acceptance post (right-click and save it to your computer, then upload it to your blog).
  • Reveal 7 things about yourself.
  • Pass on the award to others by nominating 12 people, linking to them within your post, and then notifying them about their nominations (which can be done through email, a blog comment, or social media).

By the way, since I’ve receive a similar award a two and half years ago, from Harleena Singh, so I’m going to mention different bloggers than I did then.

And since Lorraine mentioned my as a former actress, I thought that it would be fun to mention 7 things around that part of my life.


7 Things From Former Actress Sylviane Nuccio

  1. I was once in the arms of one of the most famous French actor (of his days and until now) If you’re not from a European country, you may not know his name, but if you are, I’m sure that  Jean-Paul Belmondo will be very familiar to you.
  2.  I was once in an elevator with Tom Cruise. It was in New York in 1994.
  3.  I was in the acting business for 9 years of my life. From 1986-1995. I was in several plays. I appeared in one movie, and did two commercials. The movie and commercials were  in Paris, France. The plays were in both in Paris and New York.
  4.  I’ve got to make up with a handful of handsome unknown actors for acting purposes.
  5.  I’ve worked with two very famous French actors, Michel Galabru and Bernadette Lafont, between the late 1980’s and early 1990’s.
  6.  I’ve worked with several less popular, yet known and working actors over my acting years. I still get to see them once in a while when I watch French movies.
  7. I belonged to an Off-Off bilingual Broadway theater in New York City in the early 1990’s.

There you have it. Some things I don’t really ever tell anyone these days.

Now I want to pass this award along to the following bloggers (and remember you don’t have to accept it).

My Dozen “New” Inspiring Bloggers

  • Don Purdum for being the inspiration behind my new site that I love so much, and the knowledgeable business man that he is.
  • Kumar Gauraw for helping creating this site for me, and being such a valuable helper.
  • Deborah Tautnauer for being such the knowledgeable and smart business woman that she is.
  • Neamat Tawadrous for her entrepreneurial spirit and growth in her business while giving great advice through her blog.
  • Andrew Warner for being the talented blogger that I’m so glad I met lately.
  • Jaime Buckley for being the wonderful and fun writer that he is.
  • Fabrizio Van Marciano for being another knowledgeable and great blogger I met lately.
  • Mi Muba for teaching us everything we need to know about blogging, and making money with it.
  • Kerry Kijewski for being an inspiring blind young blogger who is following all my posts.
  • Carol Amato for being the knowledgeable and smart business woman that she is.
  • Enstine Muki for being the smart network marketer that he is.
  • Maxwell Ivy for being the blind inspiring blogger and entrepreneur that he is.

There you have it!

I followed all the rules,  and awarded some great bloggers, which for some of them I met just this past year.

Hope you enjoyed and now comment.

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