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42 Bloggers You Want To Meet In 2015

At this time of the year, I like to give back to my community of bloggers. Every year I meet new fellow bloggers, and at times I see some people just coming and going.

Some however, have stand the test of time, and are still here, year after year.

Along the way, I’ve met some people worth knowing that I wanted you to meet, in case you don’t know them already. But I also wanted to introduce some new folks (for me) that I’ve met recently.

So, without further ado, here we go…

My Oldest Buddy Bloggers

First off I want to mention my oldest buddies, with whom I have built relationships a while back. These 5 ladies and I even have a mastermind group together.  But above all they we are very good friends beyond blogging.

1) Adrienne Smith, whom I met before anyone else, few years ago. Adrienne, is not just a blogger, she’s a dear friend who has been with me during my grief this year. You see, Adrienne doesn’t just blog about things, she does them. She knows how to build relationships. She doesn’t hide behind her blog, she is a real wonderful person. I had the pleasure of promoting her new product recently.

2) Donna Merrill is someone I met soon after Adrienne, and she has been there for me as well for me above blogging. Donna and her husband David, are right there at a drop of a hat if I happen to need them. You rock guys. I also had the pleasure of promoting their products, earlier this year. Donna is a successful entrepreneur teaching people how to build an online business along with her husband.

3) Sue Price is someone I met through a blog commenting group. Sue has also been a big support to me during my bad times this year? She has been the CEO of several successful businesses in the past, and she blogs about business and success.

4) Barbara Charles is someone I met when I first joined a Google hangout group over some 3 years ago. Barbara is a successful network marketer. She knows how to build huge lists, and she blogs about this topic and others on her blog.

5) Raena Lynn, is a pro internet marketer. She went from zero to over the top in a very short time. She is a hard worker who did what she had to do to get where she is now.  She deserves every little bit of her success.  Now she teaches people to make money online.

Some great bloggers that I’ve met two to three years ago 

And whom I’ve seen improve and grow over the years.

6) Harleena Singh, is a freelance writer, who likes me, writes about many different topics including; blogging, social media, writing, family matters and personal development, as well as other topics. She owns a very successful blog.

7) Carol Lynn Rivera owns a web creative service with her husband, Ralph. According to her own words she wears the hat of project manager, consultant, editor, and writer. She’s been in the digital marketing business since 1999. She a great smart writer, and I enjoy reading what she writes.

8) Neamat Tawadrous is a online marketer and a blogger.  She took some time off to learn more about her business, and now she’s back.  Each week she writes insightful articles about what it takes to run an online business.

9) Corina Ramos is the expert about working from home, she blogs about this topic, as well as money matters, and lifestyle.

10) Maxwell Ivey is someone I met when he used to blog about amusement park rides, and who is now known as the blind blogger, but is much more than that, of course.  He’s an incredibly good business man and a wonderful blogger worth knowing.

11) Ryan Biddulph is someone whom I’ve met a couple of years ago as we were visiting the same personal development blogs, and who has grown tremendously since I met him. As you probably know he’s the popular blogger from Paradise.

12) Sherman Smith  is a network marketer and blogger. His blogging style has improved tremendously since I’ve known him. He research his subject very thoroughly and then write about them. His posts are very informative.

13) Kumar Gauraw is someone I met through a blog commenting group, we now both belong to, and as many of you know has been invaluable to me during the process of revamping my site, and migrating all my content under the same roof. Thank you Kumar for all those hours you’ve spent over the phone helping me.

14) Enstine Muki is a developer, and traffic geek.  I’m sure most of you know here know him. He is a very successful and skilled digital guy who has fun blogging as well.

Some awesome bloggers that I’ve met earlier this years

And that have responded very well to my efforts to build a relationship with them. I’m so glad we have met.

15) Don Purdum is a successful business owner who teaches people how to understand and grow their business.  Don is also a blogger and someone who knows how to build relationships online. It was so easy to connect with him, because there’s a read person beyond his blog.

16) Carol Amato is a very successful business lady. She helps entrepreneurs succeed in their business. She  is a blogger and someone you definitely want to get to know. She is so easy to talk to, and very personable. Again, a person beyond the blog.

17) Mi Muba has worked in journalism, and he is very  knowledgeable about ways you can use to make money with your blog. Mi is a faithful reader of this blog.

18) Brittany Bullen is someone with whom I have “acting” and “writing” as common grounds to start with. I think that’s the reason why she landed on my blog first, she had read that I used to be an actress. A great lady to get to know.

19) Jamie Buckley is an author and cartoonist with a personality that comes out your computer screen. He’s got great sense of humor (I’ve always been a huge  fan of sense of humor), and I love how he writes. If you’ve met Jamie once, you didn’t miss him I’m sure. I met him through Carol Amato’s special guest section, and beside the ones that I already knew, he’s been the one that made the effort to connect with me.

20) June Whittle is a writer and editor. Through her I started writing for Hairdressers’ Eyes blog magazine. She also writes poetry. She’s a very talented writer with an interesting story.

21) Andrew Warner is a  very talented blogger who got it, and got it fast. His blog became popular overnight, basically. According to his own admission, he started blogging in his own corner, like many of us, and as soon as he started building relationships with other bloggers his game improved greatly. His blog posts are always great.

22) Mandie Sanders is someone I met through Jaime Buckley. I don’t know how I could have missed her until now, but I did. However,  I’m glad I connected with her. She’s a great writer, and we quickly realized that we have lots in common, blogging, cats, writing, travel, and even some grieving times we went through this year.

23) Deborah Tatnauer is a coach for entrepreneurs. She teaches people to get real about money. She helps people to get clear and focused. We’ve met very recently because of my new website. I can’t wait to know her more. I know we’ve got some common ground we can build on.

24) Kerry Kijewski was introduced to me by Maxwell Ivey. She is also a blind blogger, and she was my first guest on my new blog platform this past Friday. She wrote a beautiful post about Louis Braille.

More bloggers that I have know for a little whileB

But would love to know more, and visit more regularly in 2015.

25) Carol Nicander Mohr runs a very popular technology blog.

26) Lisa Buben blogs about internet marketing, social media and other online success related topics.

27) Lisa Magoulas is  a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner. She blogs about healthy eating and healthy habits. She’s got a gorgeous site.

28) Coach Gladys Cruz is a Certified Life Coach, and a Blogger, just like me. She has an incredible story and is a living proof of how someone with tough beginnings can make it through.

29) David Leonarht, a writer and blogger who has given me the honor of including me in a list along with some other popular and wonderful writers, recently. Thank you, David.

30) Angela McCall is a designer, a blogger and a marketer. A very sweet person as well.

31) Cole Wiebe is a content marketer and a blogger. A nice talented guy.

32) Jackson Nwachutwu is a blogger who has written for some of the biggest blogs out there. Just met him recently and hope to know him more. Great personality.

33) Richard Martin is an internet marketer, and blogger teaching people how to make money online. He knows his stuff.

34) Akaahan Terungwa blog about making money online, and I think he loves to learn from other bloggers too.

35) DeeAnn Rice blogs about blog security, plugin, blogging and other related topic. She’s a very busy lady, and I wish I’d see her online more.

36) Mitch Mitchell is a blogger who owns several blogs. A very busy and talented blogger.

Some bloggers that I would love to get to know more

As long as they do their part as well (can’t do it alone). Either way, definitely worth checking their blogs.

37) Catherin Holt writes about blogging and online related topics. I hope to get more acquainted with her.

38) Erik Emanuelli is a blogger and freelance writer. He sounds just like the people where I’m from, but to this day, don’t know where his accent comes from.

39) Sue Anne Dunlevie blogs about blogging, traffic and making money online. Really would like to know this lady more.

40) Kevin Duncan whom I don’t think he’s really noticed me yet, even though I’ve been on his blog few weeks in a row. Because I think the trick with him is to make it early on his post. I think he’s very busy, but since I am too, we keep missing each other.  He teaches people how to become better bloggers. I hope we could connect some day.

41) Lorraine Reguly, she is a writer and editor. And while I saw her face around a lot, I’ve only started to connect with her very recently, and would love to know her more.

42) Kelli Cooper, she is the fiancée of Ryan Biddulph, and that’s how I’ve got to know her. She right my alley as she blogs about personal development, the law of attraction and all that good stuff. She hasn’t make it up here yet, but hopefully she will.


There you have it. I hope you enjoyed this.

If there are some folks on this list that you don’t know yet, I encourage you to take the first step and get to know them. Once they connect back with you, make sure you remember how important building relationships with other bloggers is, for all of us, bloggers.

Have a wonderful holiday seasons.


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Louis Braille The French Inventor That Changed Blind People’s Life Fri, 12 Dec 2014 13:11:20 +0000 I  am proud to introduce you to a very special blogger and writer who was introduced to me by my friend Maxwell Ivey, also known...

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Louis Braille Birth Place Coupvray France

Louis Braille Birth Place

I  am proud to introduce you to a very special blogger and writer who was introduced to me by my friend Maxwell Ivey, also known as the “blind blogger.”

Her name is Kerry Kijewski, and just like Max, she’s also a “blind” writer.  

So needless to say that this specific article she wrote for my blog today, makes all the more sense.  And who better than someone like her could have written it?  

So, without further ado, let me leave now and let Kerry take over…


It is my desire to travel to France, but not for one of the usual travel destinations.

Sure, I would love to visit Paris to see the Eiffel Tower. I would love to experience The City of Lights, The City of Love, but there is a town outside of the capital city that I hope to visit.

This town I’m talking about is Coupvray.  It is located 20 miles east of Paris. It is famously known to be the birthplace of Louis Braille.

Why my Interest in Louis Braille?

Louis Braille birth place

I was born visually impaired, so as soon as I was old enough, I didn’t just learn how to read and write, large print. I learned braille.

Braille is a series of six dots, used in different combinations, to form words that are raised and can be felt by the fingers of people unable to read print.

Braille is not another language. It allows the blind to read just like anyone else. Literacy is extremely important to me, and I have always loved the feeling of those bumps underneath my fingertips.

I think in braille dots. I picture words, not always in the print form that I once had enough vision to see, but now in the dots that were invented by a young French man in the early to mid-1800s.

Louis Braille was born with Perfect Sight

Louis was born normal sight, in the village of Coupvray, France in 1809. Nobody could have predicted what he would eventually become renowned for.

His father made horse bridals and leather harnesses, and young Louis liked to play in his father’s shop.

One day, when he was only 3 years old, he got a hold of a sharp tool called an awl and punctured his eye with it. Infection quickly set in, spread, and he was soon totally blind in both eyes.

If such events had happened today, Louis would have never had lost his sight, but in the early 1800’s what resulted of this terrible accident was pretty much inevitable.

I can’t imagine what this would have been like, the pain and the fear Louis must have endured at such an early age, as well as the terror his parents must have felt for their son.

Starting Life has a Blind Young Man

Blindness wasn’t received so well in the early 1800s and all the hope Louis Braille’s parents must have had for their child must have vanished in that one terrible moment.

However, Louis Braille eventually attended school and listened well enough to keep up, until earning a scholarship to the Royal Institution for Blind Youth in Paris.

At this time, books for the blind were expensive and the letters were embossed and made of thin, shaved wire, but they took up a lot of space and were difficult to produce. It wasn’t going to be a practical way for the blind to read.

In 1821 an army captain visited Louis’s school and brought with him a possible way of communication for the blind, a system called Night Writing, a way for soldiers to communicate in the dark and in secret. This system was rejected, but Louis Braille took it and built on it and (in 1829), he would invent the system of six braille dots that would bring words to those who could not see them.

Braille Changed the Lives of Blind People and Mine

“Access to communication in the widest sense is access to knowledge and that is vitally important for us if we (the blind) are not to go on being despised or patronized by condescending sighted people. We do not need pity, nor do we need to be reminded we are vulnerable. We must be treated as equals and communication is the way this can be brought about.”

–Louis Braille (1809-1852)

Louis Braille is no longer here and so it is impossible for me to sincerely, from the bottom of my heart, thank him for all he has given to me.

The only way I can think of to show my appreciation, to pay homage to this man, and the gift of literacy he has given to me and so many others, is for me to stand where he may have stood as a newly blind child.

He must have been afraid to go on and function without his sight, but he persevered, at a difficult period in history for the blind, and he made a difference.

Who knows, I may also make it to Paris to see the lights, the tower, and the place where Louis Braille is now at rest.  In 1952, 100 years after Braille’s death, the French government transferred his body to the Pantheon, In Paris to be placed along other national heroes, except for his hands which stayed buried in Coupvray in honor of his native village.

My aim for my life is not to simply exist, but to go out and fully experience it, to touch and smell and feel the things that pictures will never ever be able to convey.

I want to tread the steps where one of my heroes might very well have trodden, where he may have ventured out and taken his first uncertain steps as a blind man.

I want to wander and learn, to gain insights into the things that truly matter to me, and Coupvray, France is at the top of this list. This is a dream I really want to make true.

Your turn now, please, let me know what you think, and ask me questions if you wish.


Photo by Kou07dou via Wikimedia

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A Look Back At 2014 And Looking Forward To 2015 Wed, 10 Dec 2014 12:52:17 +0000 One thing is for sure, is that I will never forget the year 2014, because it was a turning point for me.  We tend...

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Looking back at 2014 looking forward 2015

One thing is for sure, is that I will never forget the year 2014, because it was a turning point for me.  We tend to remember turning point years all throughout our life, don’t we?

For me, if someone would ask me what were some memorable years in my life, so far, I would think 1987, 1993, 1995, 2000, 2006, 2011, and 2014.

During those  years some very significant events happened in my life.

2014 was a very difficult year for me. But also a turning point.

Handling losses

Losing those we love is the sad side of life.

Life is not always about getting, it’s also about losing.

Whether we like it or not.

But it’s how we react to those losses and what we learn from them that will make us a better person. Meaning that’s how we grow.

I’m not going to go  much into intimate details here, because this is just a blog post.  For more intimate details, you’re going to need to read my upcoming book, sometimes mid-2015.  That’s the plan.

This year, I’ve lost both my mother, and my four legged child, my cat Sophie of 14 years (she died 19 days before her 14th birthday). N

Now for those who don’t have pet, on don’t care so much about them, you may not understand, but for those who do, I know that you do understand.

Since I don’t have anyone in my life, relationship wise (willingly) at this point, and no children either (human ones), I think I wouldn’t be exaggerating to say that with those two loses I’ve lost my world.

Yes, I’ve lost my world as it was before I lose them.

The reason why I haven’t written an article about my mother or my cat, yet, is very simple; I just CANNOT do this at this point. But I will when the time is right.

I’ve known that my mother was on borrowed time since she was diagnosed with Alzheimer late 2006, and my real grieving for her started late 2009 into 2010, when I had already lost her.  However, it doesn’t mean that I got used to the fact that she is now really gone, physically as well.

I don’t care, how old you are, when both your parents are gone, you feel like an orphan.  The orphan that you actually are at that point. No matter what.

Earlier this year, on March 6th to be exact, I’ve learned that Sophie (my cat) had a malignant tumor.  I was told that she had weeks to live, but with all the care, and prayers that this little rascal received, we managed to turn weeks into months. But on August 29th, she gave up.

At that point I locked myself in my bedroom for 3 days with a bag of popcorn and a bottle of liquor, which didn’t do its job at all. Meaning, I wasn’t a bit drunk whatsoever.

My friend Donna, told me that because my body was in such shock and shamble, even alcohol didn’t work on me at that point.

Personal Development was a Huge Help Handling my Challenges

I can honestly say that the main reason why I didn’t totally lost it after months of stress and anguish that this year brought on to me since March, was because of personal development.

My personal development knowledge and training has been key in keeping me together during all these past months of otherwise hell.

Yes, I cried a lot. Every single day, for that matter (still do), and I prayed a lot too, but my insights did help me keeping myself in one piece.

That’s why I can only encourage you to find out more about personal development.

If you want to give yourself a meaningful gift this Christmas season, may be consulting a coach that could help you with your life, could be the best thing you could do for yourself.

I don’t know, just saying.

Reminder: I offer a 30 minute free consultation over the phone

As I’m writing these words, I am actually helping a couple of people whose lives have been in shamble for a very long time now, and where emotions have been and still are in total control of their lives.

Lately, I’ve realized how much people need help.

But I totally understand that, because I have been there.

it’s just that I have finally managed to be way more in control of my life, and my emotions.

Does that mean that this year was a breeze for me?

Oh gosh, no. But I still remained in control.

No need for doctors, pills or antidepressants.

All I needed was that bottle of alcohol to numb the fresh wound, but I’m way too much in control to even let that become a habit (smile).

I considered myself lucky to know some things that have helped me keep myself in check, and no matter how much grieving I went through and still going through, I’m not lost in the dark.

As a matter of fact, I’m helping people who don’t even know how fortunate they are.

Big Plans for 2015

When your life changes as drastically as mine did this year, you definitely start looking at your life and start asking questions such as, what keeps me doing what I’ve been doing these past few years?

Well, I know what kept me put these past few years, but right now, I have nothing, no reason at all to stay where I am.

At this point, I can actually pack and go anywhere I see fit.  And that’s what I’m going to do.  I decided to take a whole sabbatical year in Europe.

No, it’s not going to be France, even though, sure I’ll be going to France, probably next summer, but the target that I set for myself to settle in for a year, is Italy.  In Rome, to be exact.

For me it’s actually also a spiritual trip, because Rome was one of the cities where my parents spent their honeymoon as they toured parts of Italy.

People say that Rome is full of the spirits of old times, for me it will be double dosed.

For me, this is a spiritual full-circle type thing.  Maybe not something everyone would understand, but certainly something that has meaning to me.

Change is Good

For sure, losing my mom and child wasn’t good for me. It never will, but I know that they will never leave me.

As you can see, if you’ve been visiting my personal development blog in the past, the blog has got a new home, and that’s also part of my new beginnings.

It will be much easier to travel with one blog, than with three, and gosh do I have some nice goals in store for you guys when it comes to the content that I will deliver in 2015.

So, stay tuned.

I hope you’ll enjoy the change and the progression of things at my place.

I hope you also will be able to reflect on this past year of yours, and think about how you could make the next one better.

Let me know about your plans in the comment area below, or whatever you’d like to share as you reflected on my words here.

Reminder: I offer a 30 minute free consultation over the phone


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Introducing My Brand New Website Design Mon, 08 Dec 2014 13:18:02 +0000 I am very happy to introduce my brand new website to you today. It’s finally up and running after three and some weeks of work....

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New Website DesignI am very happy to introduce my brand new website to you today. It’s finally up and running after three and some weeks of work.

Special Thanks

First off, I want to thank Kumar Gauraw for his hard work on my site.  For answering all my questions over the phone and through emails. And for making sure that my site is safer than it has EVER been before (so excited about that one. Even if I gave you my password you still wouldn’t be able to login).

He he he… as my friend Donna would say.

I also want to thank Don Purdum for advising me and helping me making the best choice for me site. Actually his advice met the vision that I have had for this site a long time ago.

Thank you Don, your tips were invaluable.

My Apologies for those who were Bombarded by Emails

I also wanted to apologize to you if you are one of the people who received a bunch of emails from me.  Those emails were actually not purposefully sent, of course.

It was just a glitch during the merging of my personal development blog under its new URL.  For some reason, Commentluv started to shoot emails to everyone that had ever commented on that blog.

It wasn’t my or Kumar’s doing.

So, my apologies if you received a handful of non-solicited emails.

Finally a New Site

Few months ago, when I wrote about my intention to redesign my site and combine my 3 blogs together, I received a lot of comments. Some of which advised me that it would be a mistake, because of my blogs being of 3 very different niches.

I understood that, believe me, I did. And I also know that everyone giving me feedback were in my corner.

That’s why I hesitated to do this for a very long time in the first place, but as time went on, I realized that having 3 successful blogs was only possible if all I had to do was blogging and promoting my posts all day long.

Especially the promoting part.

Unfortunately, considering what I have on my plate already, that’s just impossible for me.

so my only other option, was to give up two of my blogs, but I really didn’t want to do that.

Thankfully, though, a handful of people did tell me that it was possible to merge my blogs together, and that it had been done many times before.

Needless to say, it was very nice to hear.

So, today, if I may, let me give you a tour of my new site as a welcome launch for this new baby.

Taking a Tour

The home page

I have been wanting a home page for the longest time.

Well, it’s finally done now. I have now a beautiful home page that you can visit right here.

Most people won’t land on it when I’ll be promoting a new post, since they will be landing on the post page (just like this one), but for anyone Googling my name, for example, chances are that they will land on my home page, and be able to see what my site is about at a quick glance.

I am not going to start worrying about if they’ll like it or not.  If they don’t they can leave.  As far as I know we’ve made it the clearest and cleanest we could.  Kumar and I had long discussions over the phone to make the best possible.

As a matter of fact, Kumar told me that I may be the only one out there having my services presented this way. And he meant it in a good way.

The Logo

The first thing you’ll see is my brand new header with my new and first logo ever.  No brainer here, and actually pretty unique logo at the same time.

As I researched the “SN” logos that already existed out there, not only did I realized that they weren’t that many (love that), but none of them even resembled my own design, and I bet their logo cost them a small fortune.

Mine did not.

There are actually many talented people, over at fiverr that will do a fancy logo for anywhere from $5-$15. Now, there is nothing risky with that, even if it doesn’t turn out that good.

Why you shouldn’t spend too much money on a logo?

Because, it’s just a little logo, not a big deal. Plus, remember that maybe a year from now, you may want to tweak it a little or totally redesign it, so why should you invest $200 or more in a logo?

In my own case, I see no reason to spend that kind of money on a simple website logo.

I think that’s a waste of money, and I’d rather save it for things that I really want or need for my business.

Three Main Categories

Right under my name on the header, you can see three simple words: Writing – Success Coaching – Travel.

That’s were all the fuss was about.

How can you mixed writing, coaching and travel all at once under the same roof (site)?

Well, easy.

Just like that.

We did it.

I don’t think it’s that shocking, do you?


Right under that, you can see 4 simple tabs.

Home – Writing and Blogging – Success Coaching – European Travel.

Whoever lands on my site, doesn’t have to be confused or disturbed, they can click or not click on whatever other tabs are available to them.

That’s as simple as that!

One thing is for sure. It’s ALL written content.  So in the end, it’s also ALL about writing.  All my 3 categories promote my writing skills, don’t they? And one of my two services is about WRITING.

Simplified Name/Titles

During a conversation that I had over Skype with Don Purdum, he reminded me that using jargon is never a good idea, as people may not understand it.

That’s why my “understanding your subconscious mind” has gone away and has become a much easier to understand “success coaching.”

Those two words are easy to understand. No ambiguity for anyone with a few brain cells.

My France Travel and Food blog became European Travel, because as you may or may or may not know, Europe is where I will be living for a while, very soon.

But I won’t say too much about that for now.  Just so you know that I won’t be writing ONLY about France but other European countries as well in a few months from now.

All I can tell you is that it’s so going to inspire my WHOLE writing experience.

The Slider

Ah, a slider.

I wanted a slider for the longest time, just like a little girl wants that latest Barbie doll.

What can I say!  Just something I’ve always liked and wanted for my site.

Well, now it’s done!

Featured Services

Under the cool feature services section I included my latest free eBook that you can get by putting your name and email address .

Then I included my two business services that I offer to paying clients, namely my writing service and my life coaching service.

Latest posts

Well, this section is pretty much self explanatory, the visitor will be able to see  a small selection of the latest posts of all 3 categories, and click on whatever they see fit.  I think that’s a pretty cool display too.

Right now, you can see that the images are not of the same size, but since from now on all my images will be of the same size, in just a few weeks the home and category pages will look better.


My categories were a shamble, to say the least, because when I started blogging all those years ago I had absolutely no clue what a category really was, so I had way too many of them and some didn’t make sense at all.

So, since I kind of hate this type of work, I actually asked Kumar if I could actually pay someone to reorganize my categories for me, and he said he knew some people that could do just that.

All I had to do is tell them what categories I wanted to keep, and where to put the ones that I wanted gone.

So, now, if you look down below you can see that I actually have less categories for all the 3 blogs together than I used to have for one alone.

I love that and I’m sure my readers will too.


The footer is not done, yet, because I’m waiting for an item still in the oven.

But I’ve been wanting a footer just like the one I will have soon, for a very long time.

New and Better Hosting

While I was having a discussion about hosting over the phone with Kumar, he told me some very interesting and educating things about website hosting.

For one thing, let me tell you that this man knows about hosting. Just discuss hosting with Kumar Gauraw, and you will understand what I mean.

He explained to me what it really means to share your site on the same hosting server as another zillion people.

Well, it could actually turn out to be a treat to your website (he told me a scary story).

Does it happen every day?

No, of course not, but when we host our blog on multiple user servers we do take risks that we are often totally not aware of.

Just like I was.

He also explained to me how some people are actually using dedicated servers when they really don’t need that much, and thus wasting their money in the process.

I also learn from Kumar about some potentially dangerous situations that people put their site into, because of the lack of understanding of the hows and whats of hosting.

I tell you, I have no doubt that Kumar knows about hosting.  No wonder he often writes about it on his blog, and owns his own hosting company.

Needless to say that I trust my site with his service. And I’m so glad I am not hosting my new designed website on a multiple user server anymore.

The service that I have now, is just fine for me. Not too much, and not too little.  Plus it’s taken care of by someone who knows what he’s doing.


So, here you have it guys?

I hope you will enjoy my new look going forward.

By the way, the site should be faster now too, and whatever problems you might have run into when trying to comment ( I know few of you did on the old one) should be done away with.

Please, let me know what you think in your very much appreciated comment!


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How You Can Build A Blog Community Mon, 24 Nov 2014 12:56:17 +0000 I was going to wait until my new site was ready, to post again, but you know how it is, at times things take...

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Build a Blog CommunityI was going to wait until my new site was ready, to post again, but you know how it is, at times things take longer than expected, and since I’m told that it’s OK for me to add content to my blog while it’s being transformed, I decided to write this post today.

I’m sure most of you know that my friend Adrienne Smith has launched her brand new product last week. A tutorial that is meant to help us – YOU – to be better bloggers, by learning how to build a community around your blog and help you rise among the greats.

I consider it a privilege to have been one of the few who had an early in-sight of Adrienne’s product and was able to participate just a bit with one of my skills, so it’s a no brainer for me to promote this baby today.

After all, that’s what building a blog community it’s ALL about. Isn’t it?

You blog – you create valuable content for your potential readers – and you form relationships with them over time.

In turn, when you come up with a product, you WILL, one way or another NEED someone else’s help, talent and skills, to help YOU out.

None of us can do it all. It’s impossible.

So, that’s when you realize how important it is to have built an online community that can help and support you when you need it. But this can happen ONLY when you’ve helped and supported others first. That’s what Adrienne is teaching with this tutorial of hers.

So, what will you find in Adrienne’s tutorial?

Build A Blog Community at Adrienne’s Smith 101

Well, I won’t beat around the bush here, the best way you’ll ever find out how to build a blog community following the Engagement Super Star herself, is by getting her tutorial that you can find right here (affiliate link). As any good product she’s backing it up with money back guarantee, just in case you didn’t think it was helpful to you.

Now, I have to say that it’s so much easier to promote someone’s else product than your own, because you have much less reserve doing so when it’s someone else’s, since you don’t feel that you’re tooting you own horn.

Who Needs Build a Blog Community?

Is your blog a bit dead? Do you long for more comments? More traffic? More interaction and discussion around your content? More social proof? More sharing of your content? More stardom?

All in all do you wish your online business would grow way more consistently and concretely?

If you’ve answered yes to all or even just a couple of these questions, then Build a Blog Community is for you. Go grab it and start making some serious improvement with your blog right now!

It’s the Right Time!

I know that with the New Year approaching for many of us it’s that time of the year where we start thinking of a few things we want to change and improve.

So, my guess is that’s it’s the right time of the year to learn how to build a better and stronger community that’s going to help you grow your business. Don’t you think so?

How if you started the new year with all the tips and tools you need to bring your blog and online business to the new level? Would that be great? Only, YOU can answer this question, so I leave it at that.

Think about it and decide what you want for you, your blog and your business for this new coming year, and act accordingly.


I hope you enjoyed this short review. For more specific information about what you’re going to get, click the image above, and read them from the sales page itself.

If you have any questions I can answer for you, I’ll be glad to do that, but in case you are not aware of this yet, Adrienne herself will be more than happy to answer any question you might have as well.

In the meantime, Let us know what you think right here in the comments.

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What is Smart Strategic Content Marketing? Mon, 27 Oct 2014 11:46:01 +0000 What is smart strategic content marking? Are you using it? By the way, I think that I came up with the term. I should...

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Smart Strategic Content MarketingWhat is smart strategic content marking? Are you using it?

By the way, I think that I came up with the term. I should trademark it because I’m pretty darn sure someone will want to steal it from me.

I was actually surprised to find NO content with this great keyword phrase.  How cool is that!

Content Marketing Used to be Everything but Smart

As a freelance writer, I remember the days when content was pretty much trash. Yes, that’s right. My work itself wasn’t trash, but the type of content that my clients wanted me to write for them was.

They used to want lots of fluff, keyword stuffed content that had one reason to be there, and one only; rank high on search engines. What’s even more amazing is that back then it seemed to work pretty good for many. Maybe because those guys managed to find people who were very motivated to buy their product while they didn’t mind the low quality content.

However, this doesn’t work anymore.  Not by any mean.

The potential customer and search engine, both, have become much smarter, and the days of the lazy, lousy, fluffy content marketer are over.  For those who value quality it’s actually good news.  For the others, they’ve had to recycle themselves or get lost.

Today, content needs to make sense. It needs to be smart, valuable and attractive.  If you can’t create such content, it’s going to be hard for you nowadays.  And to be clear, I’m not necessarily talking about writing skills here – even though it can’t hurt – but I’m talking about using smart strategies to create content as you’re using it to promote yourself and your business.

So, let me dissect my headline here and explain what I mean by SMART, STRATEGIC and CONTENT MARKETING.

What is Smart?

Smart means that you need to use your brain when you create any type of content.  In other words, use common sense.

For example, a blog comment is content, right?


I’m not only referring about articles on your blog here, I’m talking about any type of content you’re smart enough to create the right way (or stupid enough to do the wrong way, depending) before you attach your name to it.

When you comment on a blog post using just a couple of sentences that add no value what so ever, or worse even when your comment is completely irrelevant to the post (I see that every week on my blogs) you are not being smart about your strategy to say the least.

If you’re still using content marketing this way, you’re either very outdated, or you have no common sense.

So, wake up and smell the roses. This is almost 2015 now, and you need, you absolutely NEED to know better by now.  No excuse.

Smart content marketing means you don’t do convenient, you need to do smart.  You understand that you need to give before you can receive. You understand that you write for the benefits of others before your own, because that’s how it works.

So even in the case of a blog comment, you’ve at least tried to understand what the blog post was all about and you’ve given it some thoughts before sharing your comment.  You could input ideas, ask a question, give your point of view, etc.  There are many ways to be smart about it.

It’s the same thing with your blog.  Your articles can’t be just fillers anymore. Those days are long gone.  You need to write smart and usable content that people are actually looking forward to.  It may not always be the easiest and more “convenient” thing to do, but you’re not the one that needs to be pleased here, because if you do, your business simply won’t grow.

You need to write for the reader – the potential customer – not you.

That’s smart content strategy.

A clear and simple example I can think of is the long email I sent to my brother the other day.  I could have sent it in English, right? It’s faster and it saves an average of 2-3 words per sentence to write in English as opposed to French, but what good would it do when I write to my brother?  None. Zero. Nada.  Because my brother doesn’t speak English.

Do you get my point here?

Many folks that are not smart about their content marketing strategies are doing just that. They’re writing in their own little language that only THEY understand, and because of that they are failing miserably.

So, come out of your little bubble and start writing smart and for the reader first. Then, and only then, will your potential buyer pay attention to you.

What is Strategic?

Many marketing strategies that used to work yesterday don’t necessarily work today.  Content strategy has changed as well.

That’s what I like to call; smart strategic content, which means to have substance in what you’re sharing, no matter what form you use to share it.  It could be an article, a video, a post in a forum, a comment on a blog, even a tweet.  Your content needs to be valuable and cater to the needs of the consumer/potential customer.

If you’re using a good strategy, you could get absolutely mind blowing results.  If you don’t you’ll probably get nothing.   Here are 3 examples that comes to mind and which will help you see my point, I’m sure.

Two Good and One Bad Examples

Don Purdum

Don Purdum is a very talented and smart marketer, plus he’s got a nice personality which is an asset in business nowadays.   In other word, he’s got a great strategy.

Here are few examples of what he does:

He writes incredibly good content that makes sense and that really helps the reader understand how business promotion works in today’s world.

When you first come to his blog, he doesn’t ignore you. He replies to your comment and acknowledges you. And in case you’re thinking that everyone does that, let me tell you that they don’t.

Chances are that if you come to his blog he will come visit yours as well, and if your content doesn’t suck it might even share it.

He may even chit chat with you in response to a photo you’ve posted on Facebook.  It’s a great way to acknowledge a new follower/friend.

This guy knows how to market. His strategy works like a charm.  Once you’ve met Don, you won’t forget him.  He comes out as a nice guy, not a full of himself king of blogger.

Yes, even something as simple as being nice should be part of your strategy if you’re smart and if you’re in business selling something.  This could go a long way.

What type of blogger/marketer are you?  Do you try to connect in a smart way with your readers?

Adrienne Smith

Adrienne Smith is an incredible relationship expert (even though I know she doesn’t like the term) but she really is, and very soon she will have a product to prove it.

Adrienne’s got an incredible community at her blog and many members of such community have become very good friends of hers, and ready to help her when she needs it.  She’s experiencing this right now.  She’s told me how flabbergasted she’s been by the kindness and help she’s been received.

I told her that she gave free, so she’s receiving free. This is not something we can make up and fake, it’s actually part of the laws of the universe.

Giving, that’s Adrienne’s strategy.

I know she’s given to many people and she’s given to me personally as well, and that’s why she receives exactly what she needs right now.  Knowing how to give while you are trying to build a community and sell a product online, it’s a smart marketing strategy.

Mister X

Mister X is actually also a real person, but I’m going to keep his name anonymous to protect the guilty.  You see, Mister X, is talented, but he’s rather selfish, impatient and a bit lazy too.  He had the idea that just because he created a product, people would want to grab it instantly.  Turns out that he was wrong.

Yes, his product has a market and he was told by quite a few people that it was an excellent idea, but he wasn’t smart about his marketing strategy.

He refused to follow the advice I was giving him, which was in short doing what Don and Adrienne (any many others) are doing.  I was telling him to go out and build relationships with other entrepreneurs and potential buyers.  I was telling him that he had to give before he could receive. I was telling him to create a blog to make himself more visible and available to others, etc.

I was telling him all that good stuff, but it fell on deaf ears, until recently that is, because he got tired of falling flat on his face.

So not too long ago he decided to join a group where he heard that he had to give first before he could receive.  He finally got it. But it took him two years to do so. What a waste.

You see, Mister X had a very bad strategy to market his product, and his strategy didn’t work.

Don’t be like Mister X. If you have a product (a digital product, a service, a blog, etc…) don’t be selfish, don’t by lazy and don’t be impatient.  Use a smart strategies to promote yourself and the results will follow.

What is Content Marketing?

To take my own example here, content marketing could be the sum of all the posts of this blog.  But that’s not all. Content marketing is also all your blog comments, your tweets, your Pinterest and Google+ blurbs, and other forum posts…

Content marketing is any type of content you attach you’re name to. When you post those horrendous photos and videos on Facebook and make me want to look for the unfriending button, that’s content marketing too. So, please, do yourself a favor and be smart about the content you’re putting out there.

Your content marketing should help, encourage, inform, educate and inspire people, not repel them.  If you create anything else, you’re wasting your precious time, and you should be doing something else.  When I get comments that tell me how I am doing, I know that I’m on the right track. What about you?

Here are some of the cool comments I get on a regular basis for my content on this blog:

[box type=”spacer”]Hello Sylviane Nuccio, I’m very happy to find this Beautiful post about Effective Guest Post. I’m very thankful of this post which teach so many valuable things in all over Guest post[/box]

[box type=”spacer”]Sylviane, These are great tips on how to submit a proposal to guest post on a “mammoth” blog. This is a topic that I honestly haven’t given much thought to but (as someone who receives numerous submissions daily) I can recognize that your advice is spot on.[/box]

[box type=”spacer”]Hi Sylviane, Your 5 points are awesome and unique, you know at times it will seem as if everything about blogging is not real, but reading through your post here has rekindled the fire in me; though I am not tired yet but your post activated something in me.[/box]

[box type=”spacer”]What a fantastic post!!!! I love that you write from your experiences and from the heart. That’s what makes you such a unique blogger and writer and it’s easy to get to know you. [/box]

[box type=”spacer”]Hi Sylviane, You’ve embodied each tip beautifully during your recent difficult times. Kudos to you for that.[/box]

[box type=”spacer”]Hey Sylviane Brilliant post! First off, I must mention that it’s my first time on your blog and I was wondering where the heck I have been online all these while not finding you…[/box]

Your Turn

So, how are you doing with your OWN content strategy? Are you being smart about it? Are you building a community of readers, followers, friends? If not, it maybe because you’re not applying the good examples in this articles.

OK, your turn now, let us know what is your content strategy if you’ve got a smart one!

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How To Keep Motivated To Blog Week After Week Even When Life Is Difficult Mon, 20 Oct 2014 12:07:43 +0000 So, how do YOU keep motivated to write on your blog week after week even when life makes it difficult for a while? Keeping...

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How To Keep Motivated To Blog Week After Week Even When Life Is DifficultSo, how do YOU keep motivated to write on your blog week after week even when life makes it difficult for a while?

Keeping a blog going means to write an article once a week (at least), but at times events in our life such as grief, illness, and other situations can make writing difficult, because writing on our blog each and every week demands concentration, research, commitment, and efforts that we may not be able to provide during such time.

This is what I wanted to discuss today, because I can tell you that at times, events beyond of our control can take the motivation away. It did me.  And I’ve always tried to use my own experience to come up with topics for my own blogs.

Back in January I’ve written a post how to blog in the mist of havocIn August I wrote a post about how to deal with overwhelming emotions, and  how a Toastmaster’s Club can help you in your professional and personal life, and more recently I wrote about grieving.

All in the mist of times when writing was hard for me to do, because my mind, feelings and emotions were all over the place, even though, must I say, I do practice meditation on a regular basis.  I dare not think what it would have been if I didn’t.

So, needless to say that at times we can lose interest, even if only momentary, and keeping up with our blog posts and other writing assignments if we are a freelance writer, can be tough to say the least. We are only humans and when life throws hard stuff at us, the challenge can be rough and our energy and motivation can go away.

Here are 5 tips that I’ve been applying to myself to be able to keep blogging as much as possible in the mist of my challenges.  I hope that they can help YOU too.

# 1 – Give Yourself some Time to Heal

“It has been said that time heals all wounds. The truth is that time does not heal anything. It merely passes. It is what we do during the passing of time that helps or hinders the healing process.” – Jay Marshall

I love this quote because I find it to be SO very true.

However, you are may need a bit of time to be able to do anything at all.  If you’re someone who doesn’t even need such time, then all the better for you.

Since most of us do, the advice I want to give you here is to first and foremost not to force writing if what you’re going through really needs some time to heal.

For me, for a couple of weeks it was impossible to write or read at all. I just wasn’t able to do either. Even my walk was slow, everything came to stop. This is called the first steps of grieving, and you’ve got to let yourself of the hook for a while if and when that happens to you.

Don’t feel guilty about it, just take the time you need to heal. No matter what it is.

If you have someone, either guests or a writers that you pay to write for you for a while that’s great, but if not, just explain to your readers that  you’ll be out of the loop for little while.  I know they’ll understand.

#2 – Be in Love with what you do

“The only way to do great work is love what you do”. – Steve Jobs

I love this quote from Steve Jobs. It says it all here.

At the end of the day how soon you’ll get back to writing on your blog will depend on how much you love it.

As much as we read all the time that we need to write for our readers – and it’s true – unless we love what we do, it’s going to be very tough to get back to blogging if we experience some shipwreck in our personal life.

If you love what you do, in this case, blogging and writing, Loving it will actually contribute to your getting better.

So, how do you feel about blogging? Do you love it, or has it just became something you’ve got to do? If it’s the fist option, you will get back, no matter what.

#3 – Don’t Isolate Yourself

“Isolation is a dream killer.” – Barbara Sher

This is so true, indeed. I know for a fact that in the case of grieving, for example, the first thing you want to do is isolate yourself. At least, this is true for many people and it’s true for me too.  But eventually you are going to need to get back in the world again, and it will actually help you get better.

I know one thing, it’s the moments that I’m alone that are the hardest for me. At least when I’m out there my mind is occupied so it forces me to function better.

As bloggers, reading other blogs and writing for our own takes us out of this isolation, and it helps us keep going.  It doesn’t have to be perfect, as long as you’re doing it as much as you can.

#4 – Keep on Reading

“Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.” – Joseph Addison

If you’re at a point where you still can’t read much, at least try to read 5 or 10 pages a day of something that motivates you. And reading will, as this quote says, exercise your mind in a positive way.

The beauty of reading is that even if we consciously forget what we’ve read, subconsciously it’s still there in our mind and that material will come back to mind when we’ll need it the most, so we can use those ideas to help us inspire our writing to keep our blog going even during hard times.

#5 Write about what you’re Going Through

“Words are a lens to focus one’s mind.” – Ayn Rand

Writing about what you’re going through is not only therapeutic, but can help you keep the writing going and help you keep up with your blogging obligations.

Even if you don’t have the will to write about any other subject for a while, you may have to the will to write about your pain or challenges. So take this opportunity to keep your pen going and help yourself with your writing/blogging this way.  It will help you recover faster.

Here is a smaller resume of those 5 points in video and music. Enjoy!


Let me know what you think of all that down below in the comment area! Your feedback is very much appreciated.

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How To Learn To Focus On Abundance? Thu, 16 Oct 2014 11:54:25 +0000 You know what all personal development coach say, don’t you? What you focus on is what you will attract. Because what you focus on...

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How to Focus on AbundanceYou know what all personal development coach say, don’t you? What you focus on is what you will attract. Because what you focus on expends.

This means that if you don’t have enough of anything that you truly want in your life right now, it’s because you’re focusing on lack and scarcity rather abundance.

It’s as simple as that.

And, please, don’t say that you don’t do that, because we ALL do that to a more or less degree.

So, the point is that if you’re broke right now, chances are that you’ve spent a lifetime on focusing on lack.

get some guts and admit this to yourself to start with and you’ll feel much better.  Take this as a start for a new beginning.

If you’re an online business owner or any type of entrepreneur and find yourself not at the level you’d like to be right now, it’s because you have some kind of limited beliefs that keeps you back.

How do I know? Because I have had and still have such beliefs that I’m working on right now. Now I have no excuse for not knowing about them, so at least the mask has been lifted in my case. But what about you?

No matter what beliefs you have that keeps you back can and will be removed if you truly want it.  I’ve got rid of dozens of negative beliefs during the past 8 and half years of my life. If I could, you can too.

Why Most of us are not Trained to Focus on Abundance?

Well, the answer to that question is easy.  We can only learn as much as our teachers know, and our teachers usually are our parents, school teachers, professors, and other tutors, friends and acquaintances.  Unfortunately, probably most of them, if not all of those people didn’t know anything about abundance and how to attract it.

The other day I was speaking to a lawyer who I could tell knew nothing about abundance, and lawyers are people who at least make decent money, right? My point is that if even a lawyer doesn’t know abundance, you mom, dad and teachers probably didn’t either.

Actually, for the most part, people who are in authority such as parents or teachers teach their very own limiting beliefs to the children they are responsible for, that’s why we ALL have limited beliefs. Most of use weren’t raised by Napoleon Hill, if you know what I mean.  That’s why most people walking around are NOT trained to focus on abundance at all.

Abundance vs. Scarcity

The opposite belief of abundance is scarcity.  As a matter of fact, there is very little room for any gray area in this case. Truth be told, if you don’t believe in abundance you probably believe in scarcity.  Most of us are focusing on lack and scarcity without even realizing it, and that’s why this stuff can be so sneaky.

A very common statement that you hear or read about a lot, which is a sign of scarcity is “there’s a lot of competition.”

A lot of freelance writers, for example, use that statement. They say things like “it’s tough, or it’s challenging to find high paying clients, or good clients because the completion is tough!”

Even if you tend to believe such thing, refrain from reaffirming it, by SAYING it.  As Louise Hay says in her book The Power of Affirmations, a statement is an affirmation, and each time you say…. (fill the blank)… you’re are affirming it.  So, please, give yourself a favor and refrain from saying things like:

  • There’s a lot of completion
  • There isn’t enough…
  • It’s difficult to…
  • It’s very challenging…
  • I will never be able to…
  • I could never…

You do get the point, right?

All such statements are a SIGN that you believe in scarcity rather than abundance.  People who practice abundance NEVER say things like that.

What about you? On which affirmations do you focus on the most?

How to Test Yourself to See if you Focus more on Abundance or Scarcity?

The best way to determine if you focus more on abundance than scarcity is by asking some honest questions to yourself.

  • Do you think about the bills that need to be paid with a pit in your stomach or some type of worries attached to it?
  • Do you feel envious or even jealous of those who seem to have more?
  • Do you feel that you never have enough, even though you do?
  • Do you have fear of losing what you have?
  • Do you think more of rainy days, than abundance days?

Asking yourself such questions should help you to honestly figure out where you tendencies are.  If you find out that you’re more inclined towards lack and scarcity than abundance, don’t despair, there’s still hope for you as long as you’re willing to do the work.

Remember, you’re not alone. We all come from a lack and scarcity upbringing, as I’ve explained it above.  So do a true test for yourself and see where you stand in this area.  Once you know, you can go from there.

How Can you Focus on Abundance if what you have is Scarcity?

Now, I know what you’re thinking.  You’re saying how can I focus on abundance when what I see is scarcity?

Well, it’s an exercise that you can start practicing today.  Like any exercise that’s new it will feel weird and maybe hard at first, but the more you repeat it, the easier it will get.

As you beginning this exercise, the goal is to become AWARE of your mindset – become conscious of where your focus is – and turn it around. That’s why you need to ask yourself the questions that I mentioned above, first.

If you feel a resistance that’s preventing you to focus on abundance, a good way to get there is by looking back at a time in your life where you had abundance or at least more of it.  If you think back, I’m sure that you can find at least one time somewhere in your life were you didn’t feel like you were lacking.

So here we go…

Exercise to Attract Abundance

Sit down or lay down. Close your eyes and roll them upward like you’re looking at your forehead and breathe slowing 5 times.

This will put your brain in Alpha state which induce relaxation, visualization and creativity.

Then go back in time and see yourself with as much details as you can at that moment in your life where you felt like you had plenty and were happy.

Take your time to feel it fully with as much colors, sounds and emotions as you can.  Stay there for about 5 minutes using all your senses as much as possible.

Once you’ve got that down and well, move over to a place you WANT to be. See yourself having or doing something you really want to have or do, and use the same process you did to visualize your story of the past.  Try to put the same feelings of abundance, joy and happiness you did before, except that this time your story is not a story of the past, but one you’re totally making up.

The same as your true story, see the colors, hear the sounds, touch and feel. The more senses you use the better the results will be.

If you do this exercise for money. See, smell, touch, count and feel money.

At this point, your conscious mind will know that this story is made up, but as for your subconscious mind it will make no difference at all, and that’s when your exercise will be a winner.  That’s why visualizations work, because the subconscious mind, while hundreds of times more powerful than the conscious mind, knows no difference between a past story and a future “made-up” story.

As you probably already know if you’re reading this, what your conscious mind believes has no value in this case, it’s what you’re putting in your subconscious mind that has value.

Keep doing this exercise for about 10 minutes a day and see how you’ll start to swift your focus from lack and scarcity to abundance.  This exercise works, but only if you practice it seriously each day until you start feeling and seeing results.

So, now that you’ve read about it, go do it!

In the meantime, let me know what you’re thinking or if you have any question in the comment area below.


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8 Steps Or 2260 Words To Help You Find High Paying Clients For Your Freelance Writing Business Mon, 13 Oct 2014 12:03:28 +0000 How can I Find High Paying Clients? This is definitely one of the questions I get the most. While a small number of freelance...

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How To Get High Paying Clients For Your Freelance Writing BusinessHow can I Find High Paying Clients?

This is definitely one of the questions I get the most.

While a small number of freelance writers have found their own specific ways to land high paying clients for their writing business, many more are still scratching their heads wondering how the heck they will ever be able to make this work.

Is that the sign that you’re not a good writer?

No, the fact that you land clients or not, in most cases, has less to do with your writing skills than your marketing skills.  If you don’t know where to go to meet potential clients or introduce yourself to them, you’ll find it hard to every land a high paying writing job. It’s all about finding ways, or even finding A WAY that works for you.

Maybe the real secret to finding clients for your freelance business is to use your own brain and imagination and come up with ideas that no one had thought of before.  But most of all, whatever you do, you need to keep doing it over and over. Never give up. Keep doing it until you get results.

The main reason why many freelance writers fail is because they just give up or slow down when they should simply keep going.

This said, in response to all the emails I’m getting asking me how to land high paying clients as a freelance writer, I’ve put together a few tips.  And remember, I’m just like you, I’m still trying things out, but here are few things that I’ve learned.

Step #1 – Polish your Portfolio

Just like a well written resume will help you get the job you want, a well written portfolio will help you get the clients you want.  A portfolio is not everything, but it certainly is a very important starting point.  Even freelance job boards will ask for your portfolio that you can either write up or upload. If you don’t have one, it will work against you. So, let’s start here.

  • If you don’t have a portfolio ready yet, you need to create one. If you don’t have the content to create your portfolio yet, it’s time to go to work and create it.  For example, you could request guest posts on other blogs by pitching blog owners you know. If you have no idea how to write a good pitch, check this previous blog post that will give you a step by step.
  • Another easy thing you could do to create a portfolio is selecting a few good article directories and start writing some knock out articles for them, so you could feature them on your portfolio page.
  • You could also create short reports or eBooks that you could give away or even sell for a couple of dollars on Amazon, and request that some friends give you positive reviews. Of course, you don’t want to bribe good reviews without putting the work first, so those reviews will be honest and true.

These are just few examples you could use to create your portfolio, if you don’t have one yet.

I know this calls for work, but if you want to land good clients, your portfolio is the place where you need to start.  Once it’s done, it will be there to stay, and all you would have to do is update it as your writing career grows. The more it will grow the easier it will become to get more clients.

Step #2 – Look where the Money is

Now, it’s very important that you look where the money is. If you have a blog like me, don’t expect your blogger friends who write their own blog posts to hire you to write for them. Most of those bloggers are just like you – trying to build their own business – not looking to spend money on someone to do what they do fine themselves. The readers of your blog, for the most part, are NOT your target market.

So, why do I need a blog in the first place, you might wonder? Because your blog is your showcase for potential clients, the ones that will look for your writing skills and want to hire you if they like what they see.  It’s also the place where you are going to have your contact information, your portfolio, and any other bells and whistles you might use to attract potential clients.

However, don’t expect them to just drop in your inbox just because you do have a blog – for the most part, they won’t.  What you’re going to do is go after them, and show them your blog as proof of what you do.

Start figuring out where you could find the companies that have the money and willing to spend some of it for their content.  There are out there. Those guys are the opposite of your blogger friends, they don’t want to write, because they’ve got other things to do.  What you need to do is look for them. that’s what I call, look where the money is.

Since they won’t just start to appear in your inbox on their own, there’re a few things you need to start doing.

Step #3 – Job Boards

Truth be told, companies that are spending big bucks on writing orders are rarely to be found on job boards, but it doesn’t hurt to check them out on a regular basis, just in case.

Even though it’s not going to happen every day that you’ll find someone willing to pay you $150 for an article on job boards that still can happen at times.

Some of those job boards require you to register for free, some have a registration fee, and some don’t require any type of registration at all.  The more job boards you join, the better, as long as you use them wisely which means to get good writing deals.

Here is a handful of job boards you should look into:

Elance free); Lingjob (free);  PaidOnlineWritingJobs (Not Free);  Flex Jobs (not free). There are many more out there, of course.

In your job board hunt you should include freelance writing groups such Facebook and Linkedin Groups.

Step #4 – Look into your Junk Mail

Yes, that’s right!

I don’t know about you, but I receive lots and lots of junk mails. Did it ever occur to you that maybe, just maybe, those guys don’t write their own emails, but would rather pay someone to do it for them?

Let’s note here, that what I refer to junk mail is not necessarily what ends up in your actual spam folder; I’m talking about the marketing type emails you’re getting in your inbox each day.

Start reading those emails (most of which you probably opted for), and see if you can spot some weaknesses in the writing.  If you find that you could have done a much better job, why don’t you reply to the sender and explain how you could help them with their email marketing?

Even if the email sound find, what don’t you contact them anyway to let them know that you could write their email campaigns for them.

No, it’s not going to work every time, but you might be surprised.  I know about this tactic because I know some people for whom it has worked, and I will give it a try myself.

Step #5 – Spend Time where your Potential Clients Hang out

Whether you write about health and fitness, technology, travel, technical writing, or anything else, try to find out what forums, social media, or any other platforms your potential clients hangout.

There are plenty of niche Facebook groups, Linkedin goups, and other forums for any type of businesses or business owners who might be looking for writers for their newsletters, email marketing campaigns, site/blogs and so forth.

Remember, your goal here is not to find your peers, but your potential clients, so when you look for those media platforms keep this in mind, and introduce yourself as a specific niche (their niche) writer.  However, do not spam them. It’s like anything else online these days, you need to first build a relationship with them and slowly introduce what you do to.

Step #6 Check out Hard Copy Magazines

When it comes to writing, most freelance writers think online work, but do you know that there are still hard copy magazines that are looking for new talented writers?

Believe it or not, those magazines don’t always find good talents easily, because they actually don’t really make any effort to look for them, but more like expect them to knock at their door (which they do).  Remember that very big clients don’t hang out on job boards or even advertize their writing opportunities, but they might welcome a well written pitch as well as some proof that can back it up.

Here are two types of magazines you should look into.

  • Trade Magazines

Trade magazines, also called business to business magazines, are the easiest type magazines you could write for.

To start with, there’s an incredible amount of trade magazines in just about any niche under the sun.  Such magazines can pay you anywhere from 10¢ to about 75¢ per word.  Yes, they do pay less than custom magazines, but they tend to make your life easier and they are more likely to become repeat clients.

Do some research on trade magazines, learn about them, pick a few and send them a pitch.

  • Custom Magazines

A custom magazine is a publication that is used to market a business to its customers. It could be a chain store, a bank, or any business dealing with consumers/customers.

Custom magazines are more likely to require more of your writing skills and be pickier with your writing style/quality, but they tend to pay more from about 50¢ to well over a dollar per word.

Important Tips about Magazines

Before you send your query to any magazine offline or online, you need to remember few important points.

  • Read the magazine for at least a couple of weeks before you send your pitch, so you’ll have a feel for the writing styles that they like.
  • Be a story teller. There are many good writers out there, but what those guys like is the ones that know how to tell a story, not just write perfect grammar.
  • Learn to pitch like a pro. Those guys receive lots of pitches, so the better yours will be the more chances to grab their attention.
  • Learn to hunt for contact information. Don’t’ expect their contact information to fall on your laps. At times you may need to use Google, Bing or Linkedin to find editors or publishers information in order to send your queries.
  • Writing for your little blog and writing for magazines are two different things. At times I have people leaving me comments full of errors and misspells telling me that they are writing for pay or want to, but as I read their hard to understand 5 line comment, I can’t help but shake my head.

If you want to be paid big bucks for your writing, you can’t afford to write anything else but well, and great would even be better. However, I’m not saying this to try to discourage you; I’m saying this to tell you that it’s going to take some work, but if you do take the time to apply yourself it will pay off in the end.

Step #7 Networking with other Writers

You might have gotten the idea that if you’re a writer, it might be a mistake to hang around other writers that are looking for the same type of gigs you’re looking for, right?

Well, if you think that way, you’d be wrong. The best freelance writing tips I’ve ever learned about, I’ve learned them from writers themselves.  You’re always going to need to hang out with writers to learn more about writing jobs.  And where do you find writers you can mangle with? On networking platforms where they hang out.

So, join facebook and linkedin writers groups, as well as forums, and learn from other writers.

They’ll give you tons of tips to find writing gigs.

Step #8 YouTube

Have you ever thought of using YouTube to find potential clients that could use your writing skills?

If not, you’re missing out.

YouTube is like a search engine of its own.  If you were to do a specific niche search on YouTube you would probably find some type of companies or business owner advertising on YouTube by way of videos.  Needless to say that those companies attach their website and/or contact information under the video.

Why not contacting them and offer your services?

I’ve done that with positive results.

Those companies may or may not need you, but if you don’t try, you certainly will never know.  If you do try this venue for finding clients, do it on a regular basis, not just once and then give up.

It’s just one extra way to look for and find clients that would pay you to write for them, but one that may surprise you.

The End

OK, I guess that’s it for now.  My guess is that if you truly apply what I’m suggesting here, you will get some positive results. But remember, don’t give up after just a few tries. Write down a plan of action and repeat it over and over. At the end of the day, that’s what’s going to make a difference for you.

In the meantime, please, let’s hear what you have to say in the comment area.

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How To Captivate Your Audience Mon, 29 Sep 2014 12:21:32 +0000 You may have read, in a previous post of mine, that I’ve joined a toastmasters’ club recently, and this past Wednesday I was scheduled...

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how to captivate your audienceYou may have read, in a previous post of mine, that I’ve joined a toastmasters’ club recently, and this past Wednesday I was scheduled for my first speech, called the ice breaker.

As I was preparing for my speech, I observed how a speech structure resembles a blog post structure.  In both cases you need to captivate your audience.

There are two ways you can captivate an audience, one is by speaking to it, and the other is by writing to it, but in both cases the same rules apply.  So, in this post, I wanted to discuss some of the points that make  a strong blog post.

As a matter of fact, a speech and an article are pretty much the same thing. If you were to write your speech entirely and read it out loud, or if you were to read your article out loud, both should make sense to the listener. If not, you’ve got some more left work to do.

In This post, I’ve put some tips together that can help you make your writing more interesting so you can captivate your audience.

 A Clear Opening

Every good speech and ever good article or blog post should start with a clear opening. If you are not clear about what you are going to discuss, or if you start too weak, you may lose your audience before you even had the change grab it.

Now, how do you start strong you might ask?

You start strong by creating an interesting, attention grabbing onset that will captivate your audience’s curiosity right from the get go.  If you manage to do this well, your audience (your readers) will be all ears and eyes, and they will want to know more.

Evaluate your Audience

A great opening calls for an evaluation of your audience. Whom are you speaking to or writing for?

In my speech, since the theme was “helping the audience get to know me” the logical and most attention grabbing idea I found, was to tell them that I was born and raised in France, and setting the stage from there.

I knew that this would be a perfect introduction to my speech because I live here the US, but if I were to give that same speech in my own country of origin, you can bet that I wouldn’t have started this way, now would I? Thus the importance of evaluating your audience and adapting your opening accordingly.

[box type=”info”]Just any introduction might not work with just any audience. Always make sure you know your audience when preparing your opening/introduction.[/box]

Use Appropriate Opening Tools

While there are no set rules to create a strong opening, there are few concepts that work well on any type of audience.  Here are a few of them:

  1. Ask a question – one that relates to the topic you’re going to discuss.
  2. Use an appropriate quotation – one that will skillfully introduce your topic.
  3. Give an adequate example – chose an illustration that will introduce your topic well.
  4. Make a visual comparison – both in speech or in written form you can use an image – a visual- that will introduce your topic in a very captivating way. In writing that image could be a metaphor.
  5. Create an adequate story – You can create a little story that will introduce your topic and captivate your audience from the get go.

Draft a Chronological Setting

When things are organized chronologically, it makes your topic so much easier to understand and follow through. Whether you’re speaking or writing, chronological order always works best.

When I opened my speech, which was about “me” I started where I was born and raised, then I went on to drama schools I attended, then I went on to mentioned my work as an actress, then I went on to why I moved to the US, then I mentioned my work as an internet marketer and freelance writer until now, all the way to the reason why I’ve joined a toastmasters’ club.

I didn’t go back and forth losing my audience and myself.  I had a perfect chronological setting. As a result my evaluator wrote; “great organizational skills” in my evaluation book.

[box type=”info”]Think of a movie. If the story wasn’t told in a chronological manner, there would be no movie to start with.[/box]

Draft the Body of your article

While drafting the body of your article, you could choose 3-10 steps or subheading. The number of subheadings you will decide on will depend on how long you want your article to be, how much information you want to include under each subheadings, what type of audience you’re writing for, the style of blog post or article, as well as your own preferences and style.

In other words, there is no specific rule as for how many subheadings you want to include, and how long or how short you want your article to be.  You may have heard of a blogger named Kevin Duncan who has written an 8,317 word blog post. At the same time, you’ll also find successful bloggers who write rather short posts.

It’s not so much about the length of your article, but more on how well constructed it is, and if you’re passed along the information you have in mind well.

If your blog post is long, but half of it is only rambling, or it’s got a 500 word introduction, than where is the value? On the other hand, if your blog post is long because it’s like a mini manual full of juicy tips, than all the better for you, and your readers.

[box type=”info”]Always keep in mind that no matter how long or short your piece is, your audience needs two main things; a) understand your point and b) enjoy what they are reading at the same time.[/box]

Make Sure your Article Flows

The main thing that needs to happen in order to keep your audience motivated and captivated is to make sure that your article flows.  The rule number one rule to make sure of that is to proofread – but not to correct misspellings in this case -proofread with flow of your story in mind.  Only when you know that you have an article that flows well, should you worry about the little mistakes and miss-spellings.

To make sure that your article flows make sure that you’ve got the following points covered:

  • Select an appropriate outline that your audience can easily understand and follow
  • Make your message (your article body) is clear to your audience by choosing the main points and subpoints carefully
  • Create a strong introduction and conclusion

[box type=”info”]Always use appropriate transitional words. Remember that those little transitional words are very important for the flow of your article.[/box]

Your Conclusion is Important

Both in speech and in writing, conclusions are important. Your conclusion is in a way the sister of your introduction, except that instead of being your first opportunity to convince your audience it’s your last opportunity to do so.

You could use your conclusion to reinforce your idea, and leave a lasting impression.  You could conclude with a summary of the main points of the body of your article, and/or motivate your audience to take some specific actions.

Just like in the opening, you could also use a question, anecdote or quotation that will help you close your article perfectly.

In my own conclusion here, I would say that there is a method to captivate your audience, and if you follow such method, you will be able to create articles that work every time, no matter what your topic is and no matter how long or short your story is.

[box type=”info”]Always pay close attention to the unfolding of your story when you write your blog post. No matter what you write, there is a beginning, a middle and an end, and all of it needs to make sense.[/box]


Happy writing and story telling! Your turn now? Let here what you have to say on the subject. 
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