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Are you a Business owner looking for someone to write on a regular basis for your blog to promote your brand and business?

If so, then you’ve got to the right place!

My freelance writing service is all about what can I do for you.

So, please, take the time to really let me know what you need and want.  Below I have a contact form where you can detail what you want, but if you feel more comfortable emailing me or calling me over the phone here is where I can be reached.

Email: [email protected]

Phone Number: 919-453-7698

Please, note that I do not write “cheap articles”, therefore, I do not write low price articles that you can find in low cost labor gig sites.

However, if what you want are knock out articles that your target market will love then, you’ve got to the right place. 


This is what you can expect from my services…

I can create eBooks with your blog content 

One of my specialties is to create eBooks with your already existing content. Your blog(s), brochures, reviews, etc.

If you have dormant content somewhere and would like to use such content to promote your business or even make extra money with, I’m the right person for you.

Search Engine Optimization 

I will do keyword and topic research for you.  I will analyse the best keyword tactics for your specific article.

You may or may not know that Google acceptance of keywords has changed greatly over time, so keeping in touch with this is crucial for the success of your article with search engines such as Google as well as others.

Article Rights

Your article will belong to YOU 100% as soon as I receive full payment for it.  All rights to the article will be passed on to you. No exception.


The time it will take to do the work for you, will depend entirely on the project at hand. But you can expect 2-5 days for an article (depending on length and complexity), and 3-5 weeks for an eBook depending on the same things.

This is the average time.


I am really focused on pleasing, every single client, so I’ll do revisions until you’re satisfied. How about that?

What Topics do I Writing about?


I’ve written about travel, child care, gardening, diets, healthy living, electronics, technology, social media, marketing, social issues, family, personal development, writing, personalities, addictions, and more.


I charge between 0.15 to 0.25 per word. Based on difficulties and challenges of the job.

 Please, specify your…

  • Topic (blogging, marketing, personal development, health and wellness, social issues, France, etc).
  • Type (article, blog post, web content, eBook, etc).
  • Length (approximately how many words you need)
  • Budget (amount you are willing to invest in the project)

This doesn’t have to be set in stone type information, but it’s a start for me to understand what you want.

Please, give me as much details as possible in the form below:

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